Mr. Enthusiastic: 7 historical opportunities for the Nuggets' intestinal flora!

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"Why the intestinal flora is so shocking? What are the great opportunities?" After the article was published, a friend said that Mr. Zeal was not bad: one said he wanted to participate in global and national public nutrition and health policies; one said he wanted to meet, At least you have to invest in XXXX!

In other words, what I said is that it can bring inspiration to global and national public nutrition and health policies, not to say that I can get it done; and another issue, my WeChat and phone have burst in the past two days, I can only dodgeI have time to write this article.

So if it ’s not a matter of priority, if you have n’t asked me to discuss cooperation with sincerity, and then I ’m a familiar friend, please try not to meet me recently, try to read my two articles carefully, and give me as much time as possible to write science,Can't I?

Of course, some people may ask, is it so reliable to be so enthusiastic and the business he wants?

Eh ⊙o⊙ ... I can only say, the text is like me, what I write is what I want to do.

As for being unreliable, you are sure to be 喽, anyway, I did write this in BP :

No more nonsense, today I share other publicly available content :

①The enthusiastic Mr. and friends of the upper class

Some say they like the picture above.

I also like it very much, but I prefer the title on the picture. This is not because I narcissistic the title I picked, but because it is the cause that I will go all out in the second half of my life.

This business is a business, but it may also allow me to make my own contribution to the society and the health of customers don't say I am morally haha, I really think so.

Of course, to be honest, I really wanted to avoid using such a big title at the beginning. After all, the company that my little friends and I run now has just started and can't be too small: 5 full-time and some part-time, soI'm going to be exhausted.

Since it is the beginning stage, if you say such a grand matter, do you want to run without even learning to walk? Feeling enthusiastic, a little flickering?

so what?

Riding on the super track of the intestine is our ideal. We are at least on the track!

② A new understanding of the relationship between microorganisms and humans reveals the secret of disease and brings new historical opportunities

N Engl J Med. 2002 Sep 19; 347 12: 911-20.

After finishing the words, we return to the topic.

I will first share two pictures that seem to have little to do with the gut, but in fact they may be extremely close.

Fourteen years ago, the New England Journal of Medicine published the above picture, which shows that humans have worked hard to reduce the incidence of certain microorganism-related diseases in 50 years.

But at the same time, the incidence of some autoimmune diseases has risen sharply :

N Engl J Med. 2002 Sep 19; 347 12: 911-20.

It was difficult to explain why at the time, not even the human genome project was completed at that time.

And the first microbiome project started after 6 years; Professor Jeffrey Gordon and student Peter Turnbaugh of Washington University in St. Louis published the first article that seems to be related to intestinal flora only 2 years laterPapers.

But now people are gradually realizing,

And the immune system dysfunction may promote the gradual rise of autoimmune diseases.

Understanding the changes in our health and disease, happiness, and sadness may be due to a fundamental change in our relationship with microbes, and we may have targeted new health policies, new business areas,Enhance human health and well-being.

③In the hustle and bustle, which products and services will break out

In the previous article, I used the word "hustle and bustle". Indeed, many companies are using the "hot" and "reverse" intestinal flora research to endorse their products and services.

I think there is nothing wrong with it, lactic acid bacteria drinks, yogurt, probiotics, prebiotics, etc. are naturally conceivable by everyone, and can be used to improve the form of the intestinal flora.

But far more than that, as these markets have matured or are maturing, more sexy products or services :

Of course, I personally think that the sexiest of them may not be a certain product, but such one

Starting from microbiological testing, proposing individualized treatment or nutrition programs, then implementing intervention programs, and finally monitoring and controlling the effects of interventions through physiological indicators, a complete closed loop of individualized medical and health management can be formed.

Based on science, the business model, product and service design around this closed loop may be able to shine in the medical and health field.

④New mode, 7 historical opportunities in the new track

This is the subject of today's article. Starting from the closed loop mentioned above, I personally sketched the ecological chain that may form around intestinal health.

Basic research, clinical application, disease prevention, product research and development, raw material production, media communication, mother and child, etc. have many opportunities.

The industry is very new, there are still many opportunities I may not have listed; and because new research findings continue to emerge, each listed opportunity is facing a reshuffle at any time.

Of course, I'm talking about business opportunities. As for scientific research opportunities, it will be even more magnificent. This is not a lot to show.

⑤What sexy companies are there in the United States?

Shiyi has been using his skills to control Yiyi for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, in the field of intestinal tract, we continue to need "Shiyi".

Americans are more than China in microbiome research, and the companies they created are also much sexier than Chinese companies.

The companies listed above, everyone is interested, you can go to research and find out, I feel that the website is better than some Chinese companies.

⑥There may be opportunities for science in the Chinese market full of pseudoscience and even anti-science?

10 pounds in the place ?! My mother, my gut bacteria are only 2 pounds, I can't handle it!

At this time, we need a scientific understanding of the intestine :

Am J Gastroenterol Suppl 2012; 1: 15–21

In China, there are many amazing products that can cure all diseases :

At this time, someone should carry the banner of scientific nutrition and dietary structure to benefit the people :

In China, including some "scientists", they are also ignorant when promoting products perhaps they know it and want to make consumers ignorant and order :

At this time, you need the original Qingyuan :

It should be noted that the above picture only roughly classifies the intestinal bacteria; whether probiotics are probiotic, it is necessary to research and claim at the strain level, but this will not be discussed further.

The Chinese market full of pseudo-scientific and even anti-scientific products may give great opportunities for products that speak true science.

Reliable companies and products must carry the banner of science and truly use science to make their own contributions to improve the health of Chinese people and win consumer recognition.

At present, Mr. Zealous's influence is still very limited, but no matter what he can do now, or one day he has a greater right to speak. When I see pseudo-science, anti-science, flickering people, companies, products, services, I will remind everyoneof.

What is the focus and layout of Mr. Zexin and his friends?

We seem to know more about intestinal knowledge and business opportunities, but the things Mr. Enthusiast and his friends have to do are relatively simple :

Enthusiastic bowel = vertical community professional group + target group + trusted Internet mall

The first step is to be a community, and the second step is to be a reliable mall.

The above picture is what we did on the implementation path. Each product is being explored, and there are some progress. We are really helping users every day, and business operations are gradually expanding.

At the same time, Mr. Zealous is also preparing an intestinal health investment fund. We can't do it ourselves, but we can't do it ourselves, but we will participate appropriately by investing in high-quality companies on the intestinal super track.

Of course, in order to avoid advertisements, and because of the agreement with some investors, I'm sorry to not open up.

special statement

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