Enthusiastic Daily News | What are the implications of studying the gut flora of Africans?

2019-08-21 | Mr. Zeal |

[Original title] African gut microbiome research: promoting diversity and representativeness

Editor's interpretation: With the deepening of intestinal flora research, scientists have gradually turned their eyes from industrialized western countries to primitive African tribes and farming populations. These studies can not only reveal the diversity of human flora, but also help understandThe role of lifestyle and dietary factors in shaping the flora. A recent review published by Trends in Microbiology summarizes related research and findings. We specially made the pictures in a simple picture to understand, hoping to help you growknow how.


Title: Surveying Gut Microbiome Research in Africans: Toward Improved Diversity and Representation

DOI: 10.1016 / j.tim.2019.05.006

2019-06-06, Trends in Microbiology

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