Can we get together if we eat together?

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The temperature dropped some time ago, so the circle of friends was getting excited again. Some people said that they wanted to eat warm chicken pots at night, and some people said that they would go to hot pots in groups. I can't help feeling that whether it's cold or hot, everyone's life isCan't do without eating.

So All-Youth Youth Hostel sang in "A Hearty Joke and a Long Daydream": "Who comes from mountains, lakes, and seas, but lives in the kitchen and love day and night."

The kitchen and love are connected. This point is clearer to us than the older generation.

However, life is full of variety, and the variety of cuisines is also tens of thousands. People who want to live together for a lifetime must have the same taste. Otherwise, one will prefer white rice, and one will only eat big steamed buns. One will love steaming pork stew.Vermicelli noodles, a French dinner that is expensive but not full; a seafood zephyr pizza with a fascinating variety, and a donkey meat burning on the street ...

I am afraid that in the past, I will be separated after a few days.

Zhang Xiaoxian said: "Eat fish, find a companion. Every time he eats fish, he will considerately scrape off the best fish and clamp it into your dish, so that you can mix rice. This is the man who loves himself.. "

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Yuan Shikai and his aunts are a harmonious eating group composed of food.

On eating, Yuan Shikai is the first person in the Republic of China. His taste is similar to Cixi, but it is more refined than Cixi. A clear stewed duck. Yuan Shikai eats antler-fed duck and chicken soup stewed duck, which is better than Cixi.

A man who loves to eat like this also eats food. His aunt, Jiufang, is mostly good at cooking, and Su Cai, Tianjin cuisine, Korean cuisine, etc. are all important.

Among them are three-room aunt Mrs. North Korea, so kimchi is also a Yuan family's preparation. His favorite five aunts are from Tianjin. Even if the dishes are cooked well, they will often innovate dishes. Naturally, they are loved by Yuan Shikai and Yuan Shikai loves it.The fried pork with chives and braised pork came from her hands.

In this way, it ’s easy to satisfy the love of food. Mixing love on the dinner table with slow-boiled stew and stir-fry seasoning can taste every bite.

Assuming that some of the aunts are not interested in cooking, even if they are in the door, they will naturally be neglected. After all, the husband's biggest hobby is eating, at least multiple common languages ​​are not?

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The last emperor Pu Yi and Empress Wan Rong can be called a pair of puppets. Their hobbies are so similar that they match up everywhere. In addition to learning English, playing tennis, taking pictures, cycling, leaving the Forbidden City to study in Britain, they alsoThere is a common hobby, which is eating papaya, which is western food.

And Shu Fei Wenxiu, who entered the palace early, did not like Western culture so much, including Western food.

But Pu Yi and Wan Rong love to eat, so their meals are often: two dishes of daily breakfast, three servings of dinner and Chinese food. Puyi eats western food with Wan Rong for breakfast and dinner with three people.Chinese food. Gradually, Wen Xiu, who did not like western food, returned to the palace to eat by himself, and Pu Yi and Wan Rong have since become more energetic when eating Western food.

But Pu Yi seems very dissatisfied with Wenxiu ’s behavior. When foreign chefs came to the palace, Pu Yi gave a mean expression: "Teach the people of Shufei Palace first and the eunuchs of the Imperial Tea restaurant to studyServe on the table. "

In the blink of an eye, in the summer of 1931, Wenxiu fled from Puyi's house and sent him a lawyer's letter. She wanted to divorce the emperor. This was what was known as the "Lady Princess Revolution."For the Puyi of the Forbidden City, it is undoubtedly a shame and shame. This is probably the same as the humiliation when Shu Fei was ordered to learn to set the table and serve food.

Because of the love of Western food, Pu Yi and Wan Rong became a pair of sultry, but the lady who could not eat together was like a banished exile in a threesome, born of hate from love, and ended in torture each other. Visible, Eating together is an indispensable flavoring agent for life.

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Confucius said in "Book of Rites": "Eating and drinking men and women, human desires exist."

That is to say, in human life, there are two major events: diet, men and women. And when these two things collide together, accidentally wipe out the hormones of love.

The heroine played by Zhou Dongyu in the movie "Like You" is a funny and auratic creative chef, while Takeshi Kaneshiro is a rich and handsome handsome who is in charge of a multinational economy. He is critical and critical, and loves

A witch soup made Jin Chengwu like the dishes made by Zhou Dongyu, so the slips began to fly in the air, and they were fighting in the air. Jin Chengwu's menu was only understood by Zhou Dongyu. Zhou Dongyu's words were all used by the dishes.Interpretation. This pair of men and women who are not at all tuned together, just because of the food has become emotional.

Favorite clip is Takeshi Kaneshiro, in order to find out Zhou Dongyu, let a young lady go knocking on the door and asked: "Which three do you want to eat lobster?" Zhou Dongyu answered without thinking.

So Jincheng Wu successfully found her home and ate the seafood rice made by Zhou Dongyu. Later, Jin Chengwu, who never ate with others, finally fell in love with eating with her, and fell in love with her.

One is willing to do, one is willing to eat. In this way, Zhou Dongyu changed food with Jincheng Wu, changed his arrogance and rudeness, changed his loneliness and indifference, changed his steel principles, and food is love and redemption to them., Is a collection of all beautiful and warm.

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Writer Zhang Jiawei once shared a real story. A young guy from Panjin, Liaoning, who is about to graduate from the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy in Paris, will encounter a person who eats his head and eats Hesse in front of him.The girl, like a typhoon, swept the delicate side dishes he prepared. He was very depressed at the time, "how did she catch what I made and eat it?"

What's the end of the story? They are together. This is a love story between a Beijing girl and a Panjin guy in Paris because of a French meal. Later, they opened a dumpling shop in Paris to sell Chinese pasta.

What is life? Those who have harvested a happy love and marriage and fell in love should be like this, simmering in front of soot and wok, so understand that life is a difficult but sweet thing,The food I make nourishes your stomach and eats it bit by bit into the truest look of life.

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There is a girl in the circle of friends, and her boyfriend is eating properly. Every day after work, he takes the boy to eat different dinners, hot pot, beef miscellaneous pot, field snail chicken, Japanese style questions, Western food., Barbecue ... they eat sea and drink every day, the dishes are new and ask her: "Is it really good for you to eat like this? Are you not afraid of getting fat?" She said, "It's also beautiful to get fat together.Love him and take him to eat delicious food. "

Think about it, after a busy day of work, filling up the empty stomach with food and love, how to say is a great joy in life. Sometimes even a mouthful of tomato egg noodles, eat with loved onesI think it ’s the best in the world. How do you say that fashionable statement on the Internet?

"I like you better than cut fruit, snacks on the weekend, the bite of iced watermelon right in the middle, the salted egg yolk flowing with oil, half of the sausage in the noodle soup, and three rolls of snowflake fat sheep in the hot pot,Cherries on the cake, and crab cream filled with cracked crabs, and milk froth on Xingbingle. "

If you like you, I will give you the best.

Life counts but counts, but food, clothing, shelter, and food are the best part of life.

Speaking of which, the mother ’s WeChat group sent me a hot lunch made by my mother. At this moment, I wanted to go home for dinner. Life may be really difficult, but only love and food can live up to it.

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What's your favorite food in cold weather?

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