Investors and National Games: Buffett is like a bear, he is very powerful, Soros is like an eagle, whatever means is used

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Bear and Eagle game.


In the fall of 1994, there was a rumor on Wall Street that four huge human head statues will be newly built on the cliff opposite the US President Hill.

These statues are used to commemorate the financial tycoons. The investment managers have argued over the last two statues, but they have no objection to the first two.

The first belongs to Buffett and the second belongs to Soros.

Soros eventually heard the rumors and smiled, "You may never find two such different characters again."

Buffett and Soros, both born in August 1930, their birthdays are only 18 days apart, but the world they will travel through is black and white.

Buffett lived in Omaha, a small American city where he used to be a gold digger's paradise, casinos and bars everywhere, and the city was full of flow and prosperity.

Buffett sells gum at the age of five, sells golf at the age of eight, walks around the city at the age of eleven, and sells forecast horse racing tables.

His childhood toys were stock paper tapes obtained from his father who was a stockbroker. The paper tape spread all over the floor, and he grew up on countless symbolic data.

At the age of 12, he used his accumulated pocket money to buy the first stock in his life and sold it for $ 5.

The stock has since quadrupled. He has added a knot in his life ever since.

In Hungary, miles away from Omaha, Soros had a completely opposite childhood.

He is a Jew, extremists have hung two bodies in front of his house, leaving a note: This is where the Jews are.

After the start of World War II, his father prepared a fake identity and 11 hiding places for him.

Young Soros walked through the streets full of corpses, tossing between different cellars.

His only happiness is that the family plays cards in the cellar, and the bet is candy.

He wins and eats the loot, but his father wins but never eats. He started to understand that the gist of gambling is to keep a bet.

At the age of 17, he was forced to make a living in London, England.

Besides reading, he worked as a dishwasher, waiter, pool lifeguard, and plastic model factory worker. He was fired because of the wrong wig.

He was on the street in London, hopping on the bus, and behind him was a mockery, saying that the British knew how to line up, and the hunk just jumped off the car, his tone was full of superiority.

He has no time to worry about these, and is busy cheating the aid agencies to get two relief funds.

"In order to survive, I have to lie or lie. As long as it doesn't hurt others, morality may have to give way to survival."

And Buffett, who is the same age as him, is living in the sun at this time.

At the age of 20, Buffett was admitted to Columbia University's School of Business. He studied under investment masters, lectured hard on chasing girls, and entered a well-known New York company after graduation.

In 1956, 26-year-old Buffett returned to Omaha and opened his own investment company.

In the first letter to the investor, he said that he had bet his wife and children in their entirety, and did everything possible to reduce the risk, and hoped that the investor would look beyond 5 years.

In the same year, Soros, 26, was taunted by a supervisor for absenteeism, and came to New York across the sea with a rage to find a chance.

He is full of anger and unwillingness, and vowed to make enough 500,000 dollars in 5 years. Soon, he became a trader on Wall Street.

With his familiarity with the European market, Soros has become one of the few traders who can do overseas speculation.

The code telegram came across the ocean. Because of the jet lag, he stayed up all night, his mind was full of crazy numbers.

Bear and Eagle, officially on the American economic stage.

Buffett is like a bear. All investment styles are stable and heavy, focusing on the long-term and vigorously.

In a bear market, he bought stocks frantically. In a bull market, he went shopping, watching a baseball game, and playing golf leisurely.

Soros is like an eagle. He uses all means to pursue profit. All means are tools. There is no right or wrong.

His fund was called Double Eagle Fund, and later it was renamed Quantum Fund.

He deliberately set up the office in a block away from Wall Street, unwilling to share the same idea, disdain.

The most prominent place in the office is slogan: I was born in poverty, but I must not be destitute when I die.


Bear and Eagle, start to use their own logic to find the rules behind the world.

On October 19, 1987, the US stock market suffered a Black Monday, the stock index plummeted 22%, and Buffett's market value evaporated by $ 324 million a day.

The company was in a panic. Only Buffett was calm. After a few months, he started buying Coca-Cola stocks in large quantities.

Coca-Cola fell all the way, he bought all the way. By the spring of 1989, he had bought a total of 7% of Coca-Cola stock, valued at 1.3 billion US dollars.

Nine years later, these stocks are worth $ 13.3 billion, a tenfold increase.

Bears have a long way to go before hunting. Buffett said that many people do not see the future value of Coca-Cola, and patience first in investment behavior.

On Black Monday in 1987, Soros lost $ 800 million and became Wall Street's biggest loser.

He is used to the life of licking blood with a knife, avalanche is a disaster for others and a performance stage for him.

At the end of the year, the Quantum Fund made a comeback with a 14% increase in revenue.

Soros is not satisfied with this. Three years later, he mobilized $ 10 billion and began a long-planned revenge.

He went all out to short the pound and returned to London in a destructive way. Those arrogant, cold, flashy, finally surrendered to his rules.

The Bank of England counterattacked with $ 27 billion in foreign exchange reserves, which did not help.

September 16, 1992, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer announced to television audiences around the world that Britain withdrew from the European exchange rate mechanism, and the pound was forced to float freely. That night, the pound depreciated by 14%, and the quantum fund made a net profit of about $ 2 billion.

Soros has appeared on the cover of The Economist, and is known as "one man and one country."

This is just the beginning of Eagle Predation.

He later expeditioned to Italy, captured Switzerland, and returned Mexico, then the ninth largest economy in the world, to the third world, and the entire Mexican financial system went back five years.

At that time, in major exchanges around the world, when you heard "Soros in !!", all traders would jump crazy.

In 1996, he looked towards Southeast Asia. Under the eyes of the eagle, those bustlings were all empty shells.

Thailand has built many empty office buildings, South Korea has produced cars ten times the market demand, and Hong Kong ’s property market bubble has swelled to the eye.

In 1997, he shorted currencies in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong and other regions, and the four little dragons were robbed.

Before the Southeast Asians have time to enjoy Ronghua, as soon as the car is off the production line, the new paint on the house has not dried, it has lost everything.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir lamented: We have spent 40 years building an economic system, which was ruined by this idiot with a lot of money.

People began to call Soros the "financial crocodile". It is speculated that Soros netted more than 10 billion US dollars in this battle.

Soros remains silent for a long time.

At a hearing discussing whether hedge funds are the number one villain in financial markets, he said that people have forgotten that the bubble was not blown by him.

"I never created a crisis, I just crushed their last straw."


After flying over most of the world, Soros has been like a demon in legend.

It is rumored that he will disturb the market with his mood and anger. Whenever his back hurts, he will throw stocks angrily, causing the stock market to crash.

He clarified in an interview in his old age, it was only because he was always nervous, and long-term tension caused back pain.

After the millennium, he gradually faded out of the investment arena.

In January 2008, he wrote in the "Financial Times" to warn that there would be "the biggest crisis since World War II."

People laughed at him and told the old man that he was alarmist. After the crisis really came, they exclaimed that this was the "Soros curse."

In 2011, Soros, 80, announced his retirement.

He has accumulated $ 5 billion in charitable donations, the most donated person in the world, but in the eyes of the outside world, he is still a speculator.

The year before last, there were 100,000 Americans writing Trump together, hoping that the White House would declare Soros a terrorist and confiscate all his property.

In the year of retirement, Soros left his final feelings about investment :

"The history of the world economy is a serial based on illusions and lies. If you want to gain wealth, you must quit the game before the illusions are recognized by the public."

The eagle is demonized, and the bear is deified.

In 2011, Buffett and the reporter ate at the steakhouse in their hometown of Omaha.

People greet Buffett when they leave. Someone stopped him and said: You should not only run for president, you should be god.

Buffett smiled bitterly, "I think that position is already occupied."

After 77 years of investment, he has become more and more as thin as ice. He has eaten many lunches with others, summed up many laws, but in the end, he increasingly feels that laws are not laws.

On February 24 this year, he wrote a letter to all shareholders, saying that the success or failure of his life was not related to him, he just got on the "American National Windward Car".

Either the eagle or the bear, in fact, just play games with the ups and downs of the National Games.

He often recalls his first visit to China in 1995.

He went from Wuhan to Yichang, and then Padang, and in Shennongxi, 9 trailmen pulled a bamboo raft.

He said: There might be another Bill Gates among those trackers, but he was born here, and his fate was locked on the river bank.

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