400,000 annual salary grandpa aunt: Are you growing up or getting old?

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In recent days, I saw a news that a PhD student of Huazhong University of Science and Technology received a 200w annual offer from Huawei just after graduation and was also scrambled by Tencent, Huawei, and Alibaba.

This doctoral student is a 14th-level graduate student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. During the interview, he said that his phone call had been exploded in recent days, and giant companies have thrown "olive branches" to him, and some also provided housing. InterviewsIn the most, he said: Thank you for your hard work.

Some netizens under Weibo leave a message: They all say that it will be difficult to get a job this year. I am earning 8,000 a month, working for 5 years, and want to change jobs. I have submitted numerous resumes, and they do n’t return, and some people have been robbed of 200w when they graduate.Yes, it's really sour, I regret that I didn't work hard enough.

Actually, the hard work of life is not here, it is there.

We often feel “I ’m too hard”. Indeed, society is cruel, but the hardship of life is always fair. When one pursues stability and ease in one place, he always has to use hardships and hardships in another place.come back.


It is more terrible than the painful life of pain, the loss of pain

I once heard a friend who was studying medicine talked about that in the human body, the liver does not have pain nerves, so early liver disease, because it does not cause pain, often leads to delays.

Why isn't it human? What is more terrible than hard work is that we don't know the challenge is coming. We often put ourselves in a gentle drum, but we don't know that the cruel reality is already rough.

I have a classmate who did not continue to college after graduating from high school. Instead, he worked at a local high-speed toll station through a family relationship, eating in a cafeteria, having a dormitory, wearing uniforms, and eating and living without spending money.The work content is also simple: stop the car, charge, release, and their attendance system is two-day shifts, two days off, equivalent to a half-year holiday in the year. Live a life of envy.

But some time ago, because the popularization of intelligent technology replaced artificial labor, he was fired. When people reach middle age, they lose their former "iron rice bowl", and other technologies will do nothing, except for small businesses.Other options.

Life, sometimes like a huge beast, bulky, slow response, you see it in the distance, don't care, but you don't know this guy weighing a few tons is scraggling with his feet, angryBreathing air, ready to rush at you and knock you over.

A lot of times, we always think very well. As everyone knows, the reality is very cruel, and we always give us a loud slap. Many people are beaten, but many people do n’t wake up because of this.

Milan Kundera said in "The Unbearable Lightness of Life": We often feel the pain and hardship of life, and have seen countless times the distortion and deformation of life under various pressures.The most earnest desire.

However, we missed another kind of fear inadvertently—the calmness without expectation and no effort is actually consuming life's vitality and spirit.

In life, it is more terrible than painful life. It is so easy to put yourself in a gentle drum, just like a liver without pain, until the disease is immersed, and still confused.


Are you growing up or getting older

A while ago, Ali raised a salary of 400,000 years and recruited "Taobao Senior User Research Specialist". The key point is that he must be over 60 years of age. What kind of uncle meets the recruitment requirements?

60 years old and above, harmonious relationship with children, a stable middle-aged group circle, has a greater influence in the group square dance KOL, community neighborhood committee members are preferred; 1 year of online shopping experience; love reading psychology, societyStudy books; passion for public welfare and community undertakings; have good communication skills, good at thinking in other places, be able to accurately grasp user experience, and quickly locate problems.

The final result was that 10 uncles and grandmothers successfully joined Ali. Among them, the 83-year-old grandma is Tsinghua Xueba, she is a dozen square dance KOL, and often organizes offline activities; 62-year-old Grandpa Zeng not only doesPPT, also proficient in Photoshop.

There is a classic line in the movie "This killer is not too cold": You are growing up, and I am just getting old.

Aging is never a physiological concept. Deterioration of body function and fading is only external. Stopping accepting the ever-changing world is the beginning of aging.

Either face a job or face life's changes. Are you constantly advancing with the times and growing constantly, or just sitting and eating, waiting for the limit?

We do n’t have a time machine, and life ca n’t be backed up with Ctrl + Z. “If only ...” it ’s just a virtual tone in English.


the right way or the easy way

I have interviewed an 82-year-old lady. The first sentence she said to me was, young man, let's add a WeChat. During the interview, the old lady's expressions were clear, her thoughts were clear, and her expression was smooth.It's hard to believe that she is over 80 years old.

Her son told me that the old lady would usually Taobao and Meituan at home.

After retiring at the age of 55, she began to learn English and violin by herself. At the age of 74, she went abroad to perform a violin performance with the Sunset Red Art Troupe and was able to speak fluently in English with foreigners.

Continuously trying new things and always maintaining a strong learning ability is the biggest reason why an old lady looks exceptionally young.

As in "Harry Potter", President Dumbledore said: Most of the choices we face in this world are not "the right way" and "the wrong way", right and wrong,In life, we are more "the right way" or "the easy way", correct or simple and lazy!

Yeah, we know that we must continue to learn, we know that we need to try new things, we know that we need to be disciplined, we know that we ca n’t just lower our heads and pull our heads to look at the road, but we are lazy, weary, and instruct us to give up"The right way", choose an easy, pleasing way.

The age of 26 to 35 is a difficult time in life-taking on increasing responsibilities, holding a salary that does not match the workload, difficult weighing careers and feelings, and reluctantly building connections ...… But as long as you choose the right path, you can always carry on, because, as some people say, "God will only give us a pass."

As ordinary people, we may not be able to change the direction of the tide, but we hope that when the tide of the times comes, we will still be able to run desperately, rather than being the one washed away. Life has never been easier, butWe want to become stronger.

Life is indeed difficult, but as I saw a while ago: make the circle bigger, slow down the speech speed, relax the mind, take care of life simply, hide the story deep in your heart, and the things at your sideDo a little better, now you will have what you want in the future. When you gleam yourself, you will never be afraid of the cold again.

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At what instant did you feel the cruelty of the times?

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