Sometimes, I prefer to make friends with people who make things more

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I chatted with a friend who just graduated a few days ago, and she asked me a question with a sad look.

"Did I do too much?"

"Why do you say that?" I replied.

"Eating delicious food must take good photos and share them in the circle of friends. When you have a special day, you must celebrate it grandly. If you encounter sad things, you will send a small composition in the circle of friends. Some friends said that I think these actions are veryWorks, not pleasing. "

It seems that many people have this idea in life.

For example, wedding anniversary, put on nice clothes and go to a high-end restaurant for a meal. What's the use, isn't it to eat at home?

The most practical tableware should be bought. The good-looking pattern can't be eaten as a meal. Why do you buy it?

After all, a meal is going to be eaten in the stomach, what do you do with that thought to take pictures of the plate;

They always seem to think that the approach to one thing is not considered from a practical level, rather than to pursue some meaning that seems useless, that is, to do.

Making friends with such "pretentious" people will only make your life embarrassing and troublesome.

I think I can't laugh or cry.

If these behaviors are called, then I would like to be friends with the person doing it.


People who don't know how to make a work

Too boring

One of the main characters in the movie "Dad 102 is old" is a 75-year-old man.

Unlike his 102-year-old father, his father's life is gorgeous, but this old man will live like a stagnant water.

It's basic not to love going out. People should be old when they get old;

Dad asked himself to plant flowers and immediately raised his hands to refuse;

Climbing up from bed in the middle of the night to sing and so on, is not in line with the routine of an old man, and can't do it or not;

His life is like a machine, step by step, extremely organized, but also boring and plain.

In contrast to our real life, aren't many people the same?

No surprises, no ups and downs, and no special additions to life. Their usual thinking is that it is better to live well, why do you have some?

So, there is no preference, no interest. In addition to meeting the most basic needs of life, you will never find a splash of water.

The days that should have been delicious, live like a dry desert.

In the movie "Angel Love Beauty", the woman who sells cigarettes at the counter is also such a person.

She doesn't seem to be interested in all the good things in life. In addition to sitting at the counter and selling cigarettes in daily life, she is complaining about life.

She has no friends and no lover. Even under the same roof, she does not see her head down, her colleagues are not willing to communicate with her.

We often say that people who are close to Zhu and people who are close to Mo are black. One's attitude towards life can affect another person.

The woman at the cigarette counter, no one wants to live like her, so no one wants to approach her.

You see, people who do n’t know how to make a work are often not very popular in life. Their boringness has largely isolated most people from their own world.


Happy person!

After watching the film "Dad 102 years old" two days ago, I was not much moved by the father and son's emotions that the film mainly wanted to render, but I was really moved by the 102-year-old father's attitude to life.

Even though he is 102 years old, he has never lost his passion for life, but is thinking about how to live in a more creative way.

For example, obviously a hundred-year-old person, but thinking about traveling around the world all day long;

I ca n’t eat cakes, ice cream, and so on, but I stubbornly put them in the refrigerator to fill my eyes;

He also plans to check in at the highest post office in the world, and send postcards to his friends there;

Does it work? From a practical point of view, the behavior of the elderly is really done.

It ’s not just sending postcards, why have to go to the highest post office to send them? They are all 102 years old. They ca n’t eat anyway, why buy them in the refrigerator?

However, the movie immediately revealed the reason why he did this, what else, because of happiness!

Wang Xiaobo said: "Poetic life is not a pretentious creation, but to let myself bring a little style and taste to work in ordinary life, make life a romantic and interesting life, not let yourself live rough."

In the movie "Little Sunshine", the little girl Olivier is a little girl with big glasses, chubby, and a small belly.

Even if the hardware conditions are not good, Oliver always has a beauty pageant in her heart.

In the face of a little girl who seems to have some unrealistic dreams, I think most parents often don't take it seriously, but Oliv's family is dispatched by the whole family, and set off on the road in order to complete the beauty dream of the little girl.journey.

At first glance, this plot is full of idealism, and it is also impractical.

You can think of it again, aren't the hard-won joys and excitements in our lives brought to us by this kind of work?

Even in the rental house, you need a bouquet of flowers every day;

Even if the furniture is cheap and ugly, you must buy a nice tablecloth and carefully decorate it;

Born by mediocrity, but unwilling to accept mediocrity, living in a swamp, but also longing for the sky.

I like those who work because some of them have the desire to struggle for a long and mediocre life.


I like to make friends with people who are more creative

I was idle and bored at home some time ago, and I looked at the photos at home.

Turn over to the photos of the university period, and immediately blossomed.

I remember that my friends in college belonged to those who could do it especially, so the memories left during my college years are also very special.

For example, on holidays, with a small amount of pocket money, you can go and go on a poor trip; on special days, you can call a large group of good friends to go out to eat delicious food.

Recall carefully, I am very fortunate to have these wonderful memories in the most energetic days of my life.

I like a word very much: what does a person come to the world to do? I love the cutest, the best, the best, the most delicious.

Look at the misfortune of Xiang Ling in "A Dream of Red Mansions"

Even if the day is difficult, she does n’t rely on herself to be willing to compromise with the “work” of life. She learns poetry and writes poetry. In the bitter life, does she find a little bit of her sweetness?

People who make a little bit have a strong healing function. They do not want to succumb to a mediocre life and never give up the desire to struggle. This power can not only heal themselves but also affect others.

People are surrounded by the pressure of life and pushed forward by excellent goals. The suffering of life is like a mountain at every stage.

If you are even boring and uninteresting in making friends, your life will be less meaningful.

So, I like this "work", and I also like to be friends with people who "work".

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What is the most “doing” thing you have ever done?

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