In the Ming and Qing dynasties, China was immersed in the glory of the ancient empire. Jiangxi, as a major agricultural, industrial and commercial province, is doing its utmost to fulfill its task. The existence of the sea ban policy has enabled Guangzhou to obtain a nearly monopoly trade port status. Jiangxi's productsFor example, Jingdezhen porcelain with bright white color continuously flows from Guangzhou to the world through the Ganjiang-Datuoling Channel. Jiangxi Yuwei has been there since the Tang and Song Dynasties.

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丨 Three rivers and five lakes, control the Jingjing and lead to more and more 丨

Many people of insight are full of indignation against Jiangxi ’s decadence. He also commented on Jiangxi and said: Jiangxi customs are old-fashioned, as stupid as soil. And his evaluation of Hunan is “Civilization is new.”".

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Fortunately, people will always find their own way, otherwise Chinese civilization will not continue to this day. Since modern times, difficult economic transitions and frequent wars have made the social situation in Jiangxi fall every day. Landlords increase rents, industrial and miningThe harsh environment makes life very difficult for the people at the bottom. They are the most determined group to fight for the establishment of a new China in the future.


More importantly, anyone who knows history knows that the Red Army of Workers and Peasants created the first rural revolutionary base in Jinggangshan. From then on, the revolutionary policy of "surrounding the city in the countryside and seizing power by armed forces" was gradually implemented, and finally there was a new China. Jinggangshan,Just in Jiangxi.

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To this day, the area around Poyang Lake is still a golden area in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The city area around Poyang Lake is also regarded as the core growth pole for the rise of the central part. Drawing / Paprika

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The Nanchang Uprising fired the first shot of the revolution; Jinggangshan created the first revolutionary base; Ruijin established the Chinese Soviet Republic ... Jiangxi's land is full of red marks. It is difficult for us to empathize with their experience:A group of people of different origins and experiences, even their clothes are different in color, even in their hands

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Navel orange in Gannan, the most famous star fruit in Jiangxi. The mountains in Ganzhou are dominated by Quaternary red soil and the soil layer is deep, which provides excellent conditions for the establishment of navel orange orchards.

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Jiangxi surrounded by "Three-sided Mountains". Drawing / Paprika

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Mountain once hindered the pace of Jiangxi's entry into the mainstream of civilization. It has become a witness to the turn of Jiangxi's rise due to human efforts and transformation. At this time, it has also become a shelter for protecting and supporting Jiangxi people, and even all Chinese people.People have such a complex of leaving the land.

Nanwudang Mountain in Longnan County. The "North Wudang" in Hubei is famous in the world, but the "South Wudang" in the south of Jiangxi Province is very low-key. The scenery here is equally magnificent, with beautiful Danxia landforms. Photography /Lin's Margin

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Changes in Administrative Divisions of Jiangxi Region during the Qin and Han Dynasties. Drawing / Paprika

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Jiangxi during the Republic of China undoubtedly attracted the attention of the whole country. Jiang Jieshi favored Jiangxi and often flew to Nanchang for office work. Lushan was also identified as the summer capital by the National Government. It was also in Lushan that Jiang Jieshi was the highest in China at that time.The leader, issued the "Lushan Statement", formally responded to the Japanese invaders, and issued a call to all Chinese people: no matter whether the land is north or south, young or old, all have the responsibility of defending the soil and fighting against Japan.

Wugong Mountain. Xu Xiake, an ancient geographer and well-known donkey friend, has a poem saying: "Thousands of peaks, Sapphire jade, and Wuling are comparable to Wugong Mountain." Wugong Mountain was once named Hengshan and Lushan in the history of the three famous mountains in the south and was crownedKnown as "Hengshou Luwei Wugong." Photography / Feihong Taxue

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Overlooking the wetland landscape of Poyang Lake. Picture / Picture · Creativity



Unearthed cultural relics from the tomb of Hunhou in the Western Han Dynasty in Nanchang, various gold cakes and horseshoe gold glitter. Photography / Li Ruoyu

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Jiangxi's sense of existence is very weak today, so it also has a very middle-second name-"Akalin Province."

Fishermen in Poyang Lake harvest. Picture / Picture · Creativity

It is true that Jiangxi has never been the central core of the country ’s political power. In the entire ancient history, apart from the battle of Poyang Lake between Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang, there were few wars that shaped China's political situation. As an inland province, Jiangxi wasSurrounded by provinces, it means that it has disappeared into the sea.

Jiangxi has left many amazing moments. However, in our consciousness, the first reaction is not to put those familiar labels on Jiangxi.

Wuyuan is drying corn, wax fish, and peppers in a farmhouse. Wuyuan has actually been one of the six counties in ancient Huizhou. It was not under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi for the first time until 1934. Photography / Li Ruoyu

When everything comes to peace, Jiangxi is quiet again. It seems that it is difficult to see Jiangxi appear in our vision now. She rises and falls with the rise and fall of China, insisting on thousands of years of cultivation and heirloom, and the requirements of modern societyIt seems out of place.

As time goes by, we are all saying that Jiangxi has no sense of existence, but this does not mean that she really does not exist. We are really not familiar with Jiangxi. If we understand where Jiangxi came from today, we will find many expertsBelongs to her wonderful.

In the geographical division of China, Jiangxi is often divided into the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This region is interdependent with the vast plains that are rich in water and soil. It is rich in ancient times, and Jiangxi is no exception.

Rape flower field in Wuyuan. Photography / Lu Zheng

Jiangxi has a lot of red soil. Paddy soil and yellow soil suitable for cultivation only account for about one-fifth of the province's land area. This is not an excellent condition for agricultural development, but Jiangxi Province still has the reputation of being a land of fish and rice.In the ancient times, it became one of the nation's largest wealth provinces.

The land is where Jiangxi's talent lies. It is rich in mineral deposits, such as large-scale, high-quality, shallow-buried copper mines. Jiangxi had a copper mining industry as early as the Shang Dynasty, and it has always been a coinage country in the era of monarchy.One of the bases. The reserves of high-quality porcelain clay kaolin clay have laid a foundation for future development of Chinese porcelain.

"The resorts are not frequent, it's hard to get here again." Jiangxi was left behind by other provinces because it had run too fast previously and lacked stamina. However, this does not prevent us from reviewing her history. It is difficult to force the world. Probably alsoAs the last sentence of the Preface to the Tengwang Pavilion said: Please sprinkle Panjiang, and let all the seas and clouds fall. We can do our best.

Jiangxi Province is surrounded by mountains on three sides, Wuyi Mountains in the east, Luoxiao mountains in the west, Dalingling and Jiulian mountains in the south, and flat Poyang Lake plains in the north. Ganjiang, Fuhe, Xinjiang, Xiushui and other riversThe water system passes through the hills in the middle, and merges northward into Poyang Lake, which is then connected to the Yangtze River.

Poyang Lake in the sunset. Photography / Yin Xixiang

A relatively independent geographical unit is one of the necessary conditions for the formation of Jiangxi Province. With the natural boundaries of water systems and mountains, the territory of Jiangxi Province has been basically fixed since the establishment of Jiangnan West Road in the Tang Dynasty. It has been fixed by Hubei, Hunan, and Guangdong.Surrounded by six provinces, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Anhui, Jiangxi is well-connected and difficult to reach. Many Jiangxi people are even far away from their homeland. Of the 7.86 million permanent residents in Shenzhen, there are about 1.02 million Jiangxi people, ranking third in total.

Jiangxi was born here. It is pure and complex; it is old and young; it makes us familiar and familiar, but also curious and strange.

Jiangxi also had her infancy, and during this period, the isolation caused by the mountain area lasted a long time only through the mountain tunnels to maintain contact with foreigners. In the early days of Chinese civilization, the development of the South was extremely slow.The Jiangxi region, known as the "Wutouchuwei", has such a vague existence that the record about this place is almost equal to zero. Nevertheless, archeological discoveries have already proven that the ancient residents of Jiangxi have developed more sophisticated ceramics early., Farming techniques.

In the Qin and Han dynasties, the Chinese had a set of rough, but fairly complete guidelines for survival, production, and life. However, Jiangxi was the one with the slower response.

The Jiangnan West Road established by the Tang Dynasty is the origin of Jiangxi. Hongzhou, where its governing seat is located, is today Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province. The initiative to open the Dalingling Ridge has given Jiangxi rapid development. You TangIn the first generation, Jiangxi was a strategic place for the Tang government to stabilize the situation in the south. The picture shows the current part of Jiangxi Province on the South West Road of the Tang Dynasty. Drawing / Paprika

At that time, the center of China was still in the Yellow River Basin. The emperor in Jiangxi was far away. At that time, the county system was generally implemented. However, within the province of Jiangxi today, the effective rule of the central dynasty has not been established for a long time. At that time,Within the empire, it can almost be regarded as a marginal area.

This status can be attributed to the geographical environment. The blockage of mountains, especially the existence of Wuling, made Jiangxi almost the limit of the effective rule of the Qin Dynasty. Although the Lingnan region was also strongly conquered, the short life of the Qin Dynasty contributed to the South Vietnam countrySelf-reliance. At this time, Jiangxi is silted.

Dayu Meiguan between the shadows of the Qingshan Mountains. From the opening of the 8th century until the opening of the Guangdong-Hanzhou Railway in the 20th century, it has replaced the status of Meiguan Road, which has always been the main transportation route south to Guangdong. Photography / Chen Yan

Jiangxi ’s agricultural development is not enough to support her rise. Jiangxi ’s agriculture is centered on Poyang Lake. The sediment deposited by several rivers every year is the foundation of agricultural development. However, due to the lack of manpower and technology, Qin and HanThe Poyang Lake District was still a piece of Saitama during the period. Hanyuzhang County had 18 counties, while the neighboring Hunan area now has a total of 47 counties.

Limited by various conditions, Jiangxi is not eye-catching, but can only be said to have occasional glory. The "Teng Wang Ge Preface" mentioned that "the people are terrific, the soul is Xu Chen's couch under Xu Xu", Jiangxi is not developed enough, but there are still XuHe is a celebrity with such a long history. However, the "Han Han Book" said that Xu Xun was "from the lowly region of Jiangnan, and the corner stand is outstanding." While praising him, he stepped on Jiangxi by the way.

In recent years, let us know something about early Jiangxi. Thanks to Haixun Hou, Liu He, one of China ’s luckiest unlucky eggs. He was fortunate to stand out from the royal children and unfortunately caught up with the most famous power minister.Huo Guang. Huo Guang said, "He is in a coma," and Liu He had to remove his butt from the throne of the emperor who was not yet hot.

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Located in the ancient town of Yaoli, Fuliang City, Jingde Town, the ancient name “Kiln Lane” was named after the birthplace of ceramics in Jingde Town. Picture / Picture · Creativity It is the imperial examination system that reversed this situation. When Tang Taizong was proud of the "heroes in the world", he would not have thought of the tremendous impact this continuation of the previous good government would have on China.

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Liukeng Village is well-known for its talents of imperial examinations. In the Song Dynasty, it had the reputation of "one scholar with five jinshis, two scholars in two dynasties, two champions in culture and military, and talents like stars". Photography / Er Dongchen

A few years later, Emperor Liu He was sent to the shore of Poyang Lake in the name of Haixun Hou. He came with 4,000 people from the hometown of Changyi now near Heze, Shandong, and their arrival provided JiangxiPrecious labor and agricultural production technology in the Yellow River Basin. In China, as long as people and land are combined, there will always be wonderful stories to take root.

Goose Lake Academy. The "Goose Lake Meeting" by Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan is a peak in the history of Jiangxi culture. The second "Goose Lake Meeting" by Xin Qiji and Chen Liang left "the man to die like iron."", See the test hands, make up for the crack of the famous sentence." Picture / Picture · Creative

And to the Qing Dynasty, imperial China was like the setting sun. The huge state machine, skilled and lazy obscured daily affairs. The imperial examination system became more and more rigid because of the restraint of autocracy. But there are still countless people who want to sharpenHead into the old bureaucratic system.

Authentic scenery
Jiangxi was not only blocked in geographical space, but also in a cultural sense. In the past, because of the monopoly of the family and the government and culture, it was difficult for the children of Hanmen to get ahead. The situation of Jiangxi ’s backwardness makes fewSince the big family was born here, it lacks the local flag characters.

Jiangxi people ’s dedication to farming and heirloom, at this time tightly tied them to the dying empire. The backwardness of the entire country has cast a shadow over Jiangxi ’s future. And the ruler enjoyed it after closing the country.With the glorious glory of heaven. e-mail: