The snow scene of the Forbidden City is swiped again! Do you know the names of snow?

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Monarchy of Materialism :

It's snowing again in the Forbidden City.

"Snow after snow ..."


A lot of people hurried to the Forbidden City to watch the snow, but they emptied it.

Because the Palace Museum is closed on Monday.

Snow is locked in the Forbidden City.

It is not only the beauty of Xue that is locked, but also their beautiful name.

Today, along with Wu Daojun, step on the snow of the Forbidden City, and listen to the name given to Xue by the ancients: not the word of snow, but the best, each one is astonishingly beautiful.

Ming Dynasty painter Xu Wei wrote a song "Pear Blossom" :

"Come look at the green branches, and a few cold crisps are unwilling to disappear."

Coldness, metaphor refers to snowflakes.

Perhaps the fairies in the sky are eating afternoon tea, a cup of hot tea, and a bite of snow flakes. The cherries nibbled and fell a little. They fell into the mortal world, onto the dead branches, and ontoThe roof, covered with green hills ... becomes cold.

When it snows, I also want to open my mouth and taste the cold crisp.

What is millet? Millet is also millet after shelling.

What is silver millet? Silver millet.

Poems from Yang Wanli of Song Dynasty :

"Going alone to Yinsu land, one step at a time, Yusha sound."

Slightly thin snowflakes are rising in the sky, just want to ask: "Are you hungry?"

Such a story is recorded in "Shi Shuo Xin Yu".

Snowy day, Taifu Xie called the family together and discussed poems with their children.

Suddenly, there was heavy snow outside. Taifu asked happily: "Snow, what are they like?"

His brother's eldest son, his nephew, Hu'er, said, "It's almost like spreading salt in the air!" His brother's daughter said, "It's better to compare it to blowing catkins."

Tai Fu also listened to music, and compared snowflakes to salt and catkins, which are elegant and vulgar, but also lively and interesting.

Some people compare snowflakes to loose salt, and it is true to think of it. Especially when the north wind rises, it really flies away like a floating wind.

About a poem by Shen from the Southern Dynasty, titled "Xuezan" :

"Unique condensed rain posture, chastity without sorrow."

Raindrops condense together and become snow.

This is probably the most handsome name for Snowflake. The word "Han Ying" also refers to flowers in the cold days, such as plum blossoms and chrysanthemums.

But liken it to snowflakes, it is Fan Zhongyan of the Song Dynasty. He wrote in "Yi Yun and Sentence Taibo Jiaxue" :

Yesterday night, the sky suddenly responded, and there was a cloud of coldness.

Every cut into six pieces, how good the chemical products are.

It is indeed a poet who has led soldiers and fought battles. In his eyes, snowflakes are also heroic and beautiful, and they have a great sense of Mulan.

Tang Dynasty Xu Yanbo's "The Forbidden Garden Xinglin Weiting Should Meet the Snow" :

"Qiong Shu paid attention, and Xuanhua entered the word of Rui."

Xuan, is a white and flawless beauty jade. Xuanhua means white flowers like jade.

Chinese people have loved jade since ancient times. A gentleman like jade is very high.

And compare snow to jade, beautiful.

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Jade Sand, Jade Dust, Jade Butterfly, Jade Dragon, Jade Core, Jade Roe, Jade Flour ...

These names are all named after Yuwei Xue.

I prefer Yusha, Yudie and Yurui.

Su Shi's poem :

The snow is falling, not much, only sand characters.

And Yudie, "Spring Snow" by Hua Youwu of the Yuan Dynasty :

Jade Butterfly, as if you saw snowflakes flying in the forest.

"Qiong Ying and Yu Rui, piece by piece."

Qiong Ying and Yu Rui both refer to snowflakes.

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Qiong Fang, Qiong Hua, Qiong Fei, Qiong Bao, Qiong Yao, Qiong Yao, Sui Qiong, Qiong Fan

"Joan" is the name of Meiyu.

The ancients loved snow, and felt that snow has the cleanness of jade, but it is not enough, and the beauty of flowers.

So, there is "Qiong Fang".

Miyagi Corps returned to Yan Guang, and fell to Qiongfang in the daytime.

—— Li He's "December Music, November"

Sometimes flowers bloom and fall, but Qiongfang can see it every winter.

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With "Qionghua", that is Yang Wanli's "Viewing Snow" poem :

"Every time Qiong spends his days, he will not be fragrant."

It's a good thing, there are 10,000 people in the world.

There is also "Concubine".

"Frost Horn · Xin'an Eight Scenic Spots · Huangshan Snow Mountain" song by Zhang Kejiu of Yuan Dynasty :

"Yun Kaidong House, please stop Qiong Fei dance."

It turned out that Princess Xue was dancing.

Maybe later, when I encounter a girl with the word "Joan" in the name, I know that it is not only Meiyu, but also Xuezhi Gaojie.

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Song Dynasty Fan Chengda wrote one day after the snow :

Rui Yefei has come to Mai Qing already, and is more troubled by the rain.

Ruixue Zhaofeng Year, Snow is the leaf of Xiangrui.

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The "Fenghe Holy System" should be made by Zhang in Tang Dynasty :

"If you want to test the abundance of elephants, come to shake the algae."

Algae generally sway, and it's from the sky again, it can only be algae.

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Cen Shenyou Poem :

Read this poem as a child, shaking his head and thinking that it was really blossoming.

Until I grew up, one day I woke up and pushed the window, and the snowflakes were full of branches, I really thought the flowers were blooming.

I think of Wang Zengqi's words: "Everyone says pear blossoms are like snow, in fact apple blossoms are like snow. Snow is thick and not transparent. What is pear blossom like?-The petals of pear blossoms are made of the moon."

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Snow opens six petals, named after "six."

Nalan Xingde's "Qing Ping Le" cloud :

Yuan Zhen's "Fu De Chun Xue Ying Zao Mei" was :

Flowers often have five petals, only snowflakes have six petals.

Perhaps just because it came from the sky.

But for Cantonese, Xue has another strange name: "dog crazy".

Li Wan in Yang Lili's Song :

Because snow is very rare in Guangdong, it is so rare that dogs bark a few times when they see it.

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In addition, snowflakes also have many good names, such as plain dust, white ash, dry rain, etc., which will not be repeated here.

I just want to be able to travel through the ancient times and play a game of Snow Dangge with the ancients.

When the snowflakes fall, I sing "Snow one by one ..."

Everyone spread their hands and wait for the snowflakes to fall.

A snowflake, whoever falls in his hand, will call the name of the snow, which must not be repeated.

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Today's Snow Palace Tour ends here.

Please pack this bag and cross the Forbidden City together in the next day. Let's watch the snow, listen to the snow, call the snow ...

Today's Topic

If you also travel to ancient times

What poetic thing do you most want to do with the ancients?

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