The Japan Snacks Awards list is released. These are truly amazing. Have you ever eaten them?

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I saw a discussion on Douban before: "Where can I feel happiness in life." One answer mentioned Japanese convenience stores.

When entering a convenience store in Japan, the most enviable thing is the super full range of Japanese snacks and dazzling drinks. It seems that every friend who visits Japan will be trapped in the small and exquisite snack world of Japan.

Eating is always the most soothing, it quietly heals every weary person in our life, so I like to stock up snacks whenever I have time. Too much work when I ’m too tired, soothing myself when I ’m too hungry;While chatting, delicious snacks have the ability to make people happy., a Japanese snacks website, recently released the latest snack awards list, and I found that some of my favorite snacks are going to be hot!

Near the Spring Festival, it is also a good time to stock up on snacks. Let's take a look at the list of Japanese snacks in 2019 which are worth planting!



[Ice cream department]

Haagen-Dazs Almond Caramel Cookies Ice Cream

The first place on this list is from Haagen-Dazs, you must not have imagined how delicious this almond caramel cookie ice cream! A small box, sold in Japan for 300 yen, equivalent to RMB 19The price is much more touching than domestic prices, such as 711 and family-owned convenience stores.

After opening the package, the filling is full, the caramel filling is accompanied by crispy almonds, and you can chew the flavor of the cookie with a bite. The taste is varied and it is worth trying.

[Biscuit Department]

Tohato Salty Butter Cookies

The snacks most often stocked in the home must have a place for biscuits, which can be fruity and relieve their mouths. The Tohato salty butter biscuits that are second place are very suitable for eating with tea in the afternoon.

Tohato's biscuits stand out for their crispy texture, with a mellow buttery taste, cleverly balanced with salt, not greasy and salty, and separately packed, and easy to carry daily.

[Cup noodle department]

Nissin Food Cup Instant Noodle

When it comes to instant noodles, I have to mention the Japanese company Nissin who invented instant noodles. It has a relatively familiar name in the country called "Hewei." This time, Nissin's original flavor cup noodles won third place.

The most classic original flavor, rich soup flavor, compared with other brands, the seasoning flavor will be less, there are really prawns visible to the naked eye. Cup noodles are very amazing food, you will miss it for a long time, sometimesAt home, I'm hungry late at night.

In addition to the top three, this list is also selected according to the category of snacks, subdivided into candy, chocolate, etc. Let's see if you like it!

[Candy Department]

kanro Hokkaido sweet milk candy

When we grow up, we do n’t like sugar as much as we did when we were young, maybe it ’s just that the sugar is not delicious enough. Haha. This time the first place in the candy department won my heart.

The best milk to drink in Japan is Hokkaido. Kanro toffee is made from the finest Hokkaido cow's milk, without adding any spices, pigments, sweeteners, etc., and it is safe for occasional children.

This kind of toffee is a very thick type. I feel a super rich milk taste at the entrance. A friend who studied in Sapporo before gave me a few bags. I didn't expect to win a prize this time. During the Spring Festival, I willIt is customary to put some sweets in the fruit plate. Kanro's toffee is a good choice.

[Chocolate department]

Matsuo Soybean Rice Cake Sandwich Chocolate

What kind of spark will there be when chocolate meets glutinous rice? The answer lies in Matsuo's soy flour rice cake chocolate.

The rice cake made of glutinous rice, and sprinkled with soy flour, is the glutinous rice dumpling that we usually eat in daily life. The difference is that it is wrapped in chocolate and has another flavor.

Crispy outside and glutinous, when the chocolate is turned on, the unique texture of the rice cake makes the whole chewy, and the soy flour will not be sweet, and it will well neutralize the overall taste.

[Pudding department]

OHAYO Royal Milk Pudding

Immediately at the entrance to describe this pudding, it is not an exaggeration! It can be said that Japanese people are very fond of cow's milk, toffee and biscuits are added, this pudding is also not surprising.Just fall in love.

The surface is smooth and moist, digging it gently with a small spoon, and it immediately melts as soon as it is fed into the mouth. Usually placed in the refrigerator, when you want to eat sweets, this pudding is really super healing.

[Snack department]

Huikeya Cheese Flavored Crispy Chips

Japanese fries have always been famous. The award-winning Huchiya has been in Japan for more than 100 years. The reason why the lake fries are delicious is because 100% of the original ingredients used in the production process are Japanese.potato.

French fries made entirely of potatoes, crispy and full of spices, can't stop at all.

[and fruit department]

7-11 Matcha Milk Filled Bun

It is not difficult to find when visiting 711 often, there are too many small snacks under 711's own brand, and the standard of matcha products has always been high.

The matcha department won the award-winning matcha milk stuffed buns, don't look at it called "mantou", but it is soft and fluffy, and the taste is very good. The matcha flavor is thick and mixed with the sweetness of milk. As a matcha control, be sure toTry it!

[Coffee Department]

Machura Farm Caramel Latte

Coffee is a common drink in Japanese convenience stores and vending machines everywhere, and Japanese people also like convenient canned coffee.

Machura Farm has its own ranch in Hokkaido. The award-winning caramel latte is also made from its own milk. Caramel and coffee are a perfect match, and natural milk is perfect. But because of caramel,This coffee has a sweet taste, which may be more suitable for sweet friends. Usually, those who like to drink clear coffee are not recommended!

[Black Tea Department]

Kirin Afternoon Black Tea No Sucrose Flavor

I often visit imported supermarkets, and I should be no stranger to Kirin's tea. Black tea has always been their signature in the afternoon, and this time I won it again.

There are many sugar-free tea drinks in Japan. Compared with deep-boiled oolong tea, black tea tastes milder, and there is a touch of sweetness. This tea is also very suitable for summer, because it is better to drink after freezing.

[Carbonated Beverage Department]

Kirin METS Super Carbonated Muscat Flavor

Every time I drink a carbonated beverage, the bubbles gurgle, especially when I enter the throat, it is a refreshing drink that makes people feel for a second.

Kirin ’s award-winning super carbonated muscat soda is a strong carbonic acid type, with ample bubbles and a sugar-free flavor. It has a slight grape flavor and is usually good for other drinks.

[Alcoholic beverage department]

Kirin Strong Lemon Cola Sugar-free Carbonated Wine

As a well-known beer and beverage brand, Kirin has won various awards in the beverage department this time. The first place for alcoholic beverages is lemon cola sugarless carbonated wine from their family.

Lemon-Cola beer sounds imaginative, the alcohol level is 9 degrees, just a little bitter, and this one is also sugar-free. After the ice, the taste of the alcohol is matched with lemon and cola, and it tastes slightly acidAnd the aroma of lemon.

Everyone says that eating, drinking and drinking is a great joy in life. People who enjoy eating will enjoy life even more. After reading the list of this issue, it may be better for yourself, sometimes it is just a small snack, which can also have a great cure!

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What's your favorite snack?

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