Warm a jug of wine in winter to be a steaming person

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Monarchy of Materialism :

When winter comes, we always look forward to spring soon, and even want to step into the summer. As if we are always envious of others' lives.

But we also hate the wet spring, and becoming others will find that life is the same as life. Therefore, even in winter, it is the ability and ability to live a hot day.

Warm a pot of wine in winter to be a steaming person.

Many people choose to go to the tropical islands to avoid the cold in winter. I think Chuanshu is more suitable.

Like Chengdu, fireworks filled the world before; Chongqing, rivers, lakes, and spirits resemble the sea. When you enter the restaurant, you have a big green stick and a large pot with hot meat on the table. The more you drink the faster the wine, the more you sayThe more urgent, the higher the tone, the higher the pitch, each Shu person is a natural rapper, and even punches must rhyme, "People float in rivers and lakes, how can they not be attacked ..."

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More than half of the wine bureau, everyone started talking. After Li Bai had a few glasses of wine, he promised a lot of gold, still more important than Sanshan Wuyue. After three rounds of wine, dazzling ears, and arrogant words, breathe Changhong, "Ten steps to kill one person, thousands of miles"Do not stay", "Three cups of arrogant promise, Wuyue fell light."

Being open-minded is because you do n’t want to worry about trivial matters, and hot-tempered is because you do n’t want to be sloppy. With hot air, life is popular.

There is always a cold winter every year, and life has its own cold winter. Wudao Jun sets up a small stove, warms a pot of wine, and invites you to talk around the stove, warm your heart, and find your passion for life.

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It is said that the Shu people started drinking alcohol related to Dayu, who controls the water.

Dayu had no experience in water treatment in his hometown Shudi. He often had insomnia overtime and could not eat rice. Emperor Yu's body was getting weaker and weaker, and the flood beasts were getting stronger.

Yi Di, the leader of the cooking class, broke his heart, and the local village woman made bamboo sticky rice. But Dayu was too busy to forget to eat, and the sticky rice was released.

Dayu didn't want to waste food. He lifted the bamboo tube and stuffed it into his mouth. Who knew that the glutinous rice had a strange fragrance, and the juice from the fermentation was sweet and warm.

After eating, Dayu felt that all his worries were gone, and the whole person relaxed and passed out.

Picture | Xie Sui-Dayu Water Treatment

Yes, people didn't know that this sweet juice was called wine, and that worry-free sleepiness was drunk.

As soon as Dayu wakes up, he seems to have been reborn, and he ca n’t wait to plunge into the water and use his flesh to resist the torrent.

From then on, Emperor Yu drinking a bucket of bamboo juice, tired of drinking, insomnia, and even more happy when you are happy. Not only drink it by yourself, but also the entire Yu family.

Since then, the Shu people believed that the fermented nectar can cure all diseases. Slowly, there was a hot word in Shu: "Backing on the three rivers, drinking is like drinking soup!"

Picture | o0 李先森 0o

After about 3000 years, Du Fu curled up in a small broken boat and drifted on the Minjiang River.

The country has long been out of his worries, and his friends who have cared for his family for five or six years have passed away, and he has been tortured by poverty and illness.

At the age of 54, he just wanted to return to his hometown with one last breath.

When passing Rongzhou Yibin, his friend Yang Shijun left him warmly, invited him to eat in the best Donglou restaurant, and opened a bottle of the most expensive heavy Bichun wine.

Slightly litchi-like, jasper-like wine color, Lao Du is drinking glass after glass, Yang Shijun is overwhelmed with wine.

Picture | Zhu Meicun 1911 ~ 1993 -Intent of Du Fu's Poems

He left silently looking at the Dajiang out of the window from the private room on the second floor. The bitterness of wandering all these years has gone with him. Qu Mingming, a singer recently, sounds very sad, now listening like an exciting march, letHe remembered the blood of Jing Piao at the beginning.

He forgot that he was an elderly man, with the light of youth in his eyes. He asked the shop junior to ask for ink and pen, and wrote "Successful to be old, and forget to be interested".

Youth is not a fragile period of time. It should be a state of mind. Real youth is a strong will, rich imagination, and full of emotions.

As long as we are willing to raise a glass of wine in our hands, we can say goodbye to yesterday and congratulate tomorrow with joy.

Picture | Wuyishan Wuchun Chunzhai

Huang Tingjian hated the intrigue, and wanted to find the purity of life, and followed the footsteps of idol Du Fu and came to Shu land.

Some people admired him for being innocent, and some people said that he flinched and fled. He didn't give much explanation, and sent his love to Rongzhou's landscape poetry and wine. He was tireless in lecture.

More and more scholars came to visit, giving Huang Tingjian an idea: Maybe he could also emulate Wang Xizhi's Lanting Yaxu, maybe he could collide with a handed-off masterpiece like "Lanting Collection".

He took the workers to Tianzhu Mountain, cut stones to divert water into the pond, and made a "Liu Cup Pond" that was exactly the same as Wang Xizhi's fake landscape.

Picture | Chen Da 1900 ~ 1969-Qu Shui Liu 觞

觞 Suddenly stopped in front of Huang Tingjian, he opened his mouth with a glass of wine and praised him :

"Yao Zixue 麴, cup color fight for jade. Decoction Yu Yu, Baiyun Shenggu. Clear but not thin, thick but not turbid. Sweet but not sorrowful, Xin but not sorrowful."

He suddenly had an answer in his heart. Although he was in a remote Rongzhou, he lived faster. At this time, he knew he was willing to choose Tairan to accept his destiny, and believed that his heart was right. So even if he was exiled, why bother?Self depression.

You can see the true nature of life far away from life. Real warriors can still love life even after knowing the truth of life.

There is wine in the story, and there is also a story in the wine. In a limited life, you may sing wildly, no matter whether it is warm spring or severe winter.

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