After the winter solstice, the cold weather will disappear, and the peach blossom will bloom

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The "punch" that young people like today is actually from ancient times.

But they are not called "check-in", but "number nine." Starting from the winter solstice, from nineteen to ninety-nine, also known as "nine-nine to eliminate cold."

This is the way the ancients looked forward to spring: nine or nine, peach blossoms.


The winter solstice, the sun ran farthest away from us. The ancients said, "The sun is starting again." The sun embarked on the way back, but Shino was frozen, still the coldest day of the year.

Long winter is long, which makes people especially look forward to the arrival of spring. People think of a way to "count down the cold". There is a "dye plum method", painted with nine plum flowers, one nine petals, nine hundred and eighty-one petalsOne day, one petal is dyed, and the petals are ninety-nine, which is spring deep.

Picture | Zizhu-Photo

Picture | Zizhu-Photo

There is also "Calligraphy". The heart palace of the Forbidden City is hung with a word: "The weeping willow cherries are waiting for the spring breeze in front of the court." Nine strokes per word, once a day, when they are added, spring comes.

Vertical: In the ancient Chinese characters, the vertical one in the middle of the vertical characters is divided into two strokes, so it is nine strokes.

"Counting Nine Colds" is the beginning of spring romance of ancients.

The years have passed, our lives have changed a lot with them, many customs have faded, but people ’s desire for a better life will not change.

I have a friend who makes “cold-clearing pictures” every winter solstice. But she said, “I ca n’t draw and calligraphy, and I ca n’t check in every day, I can only do one piece every nine days.”"", Take pictures and record. "

Image | from the Internet

Image | from the Internet

There is a good day in the sun; there is also light and shadows in the winter; there are also friends to meet, go shopping for food, eat hot pot, watch variety shows together; go out to find the red camellia in full bloom .....

Wait until the spring is deep, check in is complete, and then look back, and find out: nine special things make this winter a particularly good life. Because check in clearly sees what kind of mood you are, step by step towards spring.

years and the winter solstice, counting nine cold days, in addition to him, there are many friends, and also have their own "check in winter to get cold" map.

Picture | Tired Zhang-Photo

Small stories, I can see that Wudao Jun is very happy, can't help sharing it to you :


It's light rain today, it's cloudy and cold, and at 7 o'clock it's still confusing, so it was laid out with a yoga mat, and the body was warm after only half an hour of exercise. Before going out, I drank a cup of hot milk, So I feel good.

—— @ 小 红帽

Picture | Chunhua Online-Photo

On a good day, go back to the mother's house with the child and pull the radishes. The little guy has not gone to the ground. For the first time, I saw green radishes and cabbage growing in the ground, and there are confiscated spinach.,walk around.

Grandma also taught him to sing: "Pick the radish, pull the radish, hey hey, pull the radish, you can't pull it." I took many photos of him and the white radish because we had a fulfilling day.

—— @ 云云

Picture | Can't Go Cloud-Photo

Supermarket promotion, I saw two flower-shaped lighting lamps, which are very cute. When I think of the flowers on the balcony of the house in winter, my spirit is not very good, and the sun is not too warm, so I bought them back and put them on the balcony.It lights up at night. When they are not at home, they can also accompany each other, and the north wind is humming, and it is not alone.

—— @ 222 大 橙子

Picture | kml mind photography-photo

A rain, Hangzhou is completely winter. Remember the ancients said "green ant new wine, red mud small stove". There is no wine or small stove, only electric stove to boil water, brew a pot of Pu'er tea, cut by the wayA yellow chrysanthemum that I planted, picked a few petals and put it in. The heater was blowing, and I was drinking tea, which was surprisingly comfortable and warm.

—— if micro

Picture | A Xin Ge-Photo

Beijing's winter is overcast during the day and foggy weather. Sitting in a taxi and stuck in the middle of the traffic flow, I feel very dull.

But when I woke up the next morning, the sun came through the window through the white snow, one by one, the white spots lit up the room and the sky. Quickly put on a hat, a scarf, and boots to go out.Stepping on the thick snow, suddenly returned to the young winter, just happy, no matter how big the snow is, what mood was yesterday.

—— a meter

Image | from the Internet

After class in the afternoon, the sun shines into the classroom. I got down on the podium and basked in the sun outside the corridor. I just took out my mobile phone to take a picture. Someone asked: "What are you taking?"They raised their heads, and the sun shone on their faces.

—— Mugh Hugh

Picture | Miss 郅 -Photo

Others count nine cold days. Guangzhou's winter is like spring. I bought two bouquets of gladiolus in the flower market and hugged them home, one pink and one purple. I used water to support them. I can see them when I wake up in the morning.In a few days, my heart is beautiful for a few days.

—— Huang Meizi

Image | from the Internet

On the day of the postgraduate study, I read Mu Dan ’s poem "Winter": "I love the days when the faint sun is short-lived, and I finish my favorite work by the window."

I also like to do what I like in the sunny and sunny day, so I always go to the library first and pick the window. The sun shines long on the table, there are oranges I want to eat, and books I want to read.This winter, everyone is warm.

---- Kimi

Photo | Axia-Photo

As soon as winter, I asked a good friend to cook a hot pot. Move out of the ash stove, wash the beef and mutton, meatballs and cabbage, and you can start. Around the stove, drink and eat vegetables, dumplings, you sayA word of me. Everyone is guarding the soup and water in the bowl, and suddenly feel that love and life are very warm.

—— Lan Jing

Image | from the Internet

These nine stories are very detailed. If a friend says, "This is just a random record." But those things that may pass by are saved because of careful memory; time is changed because of the record.Be more specific.

It is also these touching moments, snowy days, afternoons in the sun, and reading and drinking tea, which also makes the whistling winter days flicker and colorful.

Picture | Old Soybean Jack-Photo

I believe that everyone has interesting and fresh winter stories, no matter big or small, fine and complicated, Wudaojun welcomes you, record your own "count nine colds", or share it with us in the comment area.

Nothing else, just because of them, we can have a warm winter.

Winter solstice, and will, a few cold weather, waiting for spring.

Picture | Menglin Clown-Photo

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