What kind of person you are in life, you will know by looking at your home

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Monarchy of Materialism :

A proverb says, "Birds love their nests and their families."

Perhaps because we need to wear armors and thorns, and we will not be grieved if we are wronged. Only when the key is twisted off can we take off our defenses and fatigue, relax and rest assured.

Looking at one's home can often tell what kind of person you are.


The writer Zhu Yujie once knew a beautiful and smart female classmate and knew many small skills to make herself beautiful.

For example, she knows how to get a free sample of high-end cosmetics. She cut off her eyelashes at an early age just to make it thicker and longer.

However, this female classmate never invited her to play at home. Even when she walked to the door of the house, she also slightly bypassed the road.

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Until when the two were about to separate, the female classmates said, "The three generations of our family are crowded in an 18-square-meter alley, which really keeps you from going. I'll invite you to play when I change the big house."

It was only later that the two went their separate ways and haven't seen what the new home looks like.

Zhu Yujie sighs: "No matter what the appearance is, the home is the real inner person of a person. The status of a person and the truth of a person are all at home at a glance."

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cleanliness of home

It is a person's real lizi

Home is the physical habitat of a person, and also the garden of the soul.

I have seen some people who are well-dressed, but at home they are throwing clothes to be washed, and takeaway bags have been left for several days. After careful questioning, I know that I work overtime every day, I have no time and energy to clean the room..

There are other people's homes where children's toys are thrown away and they are never cleaned up. The cooked pot can be left unwashed. I always complain about it and say that I am too busy.

Some people may say that my house is messy because I am too busy to clean it.

Where is it busy? It's just death. Home is often like the heart.

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Imagine, when your heart is cluttered and crowded, wouldn't you just want to calm down? The same is true of home.

When you are perfunctory about life, perfunctory towards yourself and your family, neglecting care, and being too lazy to take care of, the mess in your home reflects the confusion of the mind.

Our home reorganization is the inner reorganization of ourselves.

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If it is a bit difficult to break off, then you can organize more magic.

For example, clean up the miscellaneous things that you ca n’t use. Try to keep the old ones with memory. Learn a little storage method, you wo n’t find things everywhere. When you want to buy something, come back and ask a few moreCan be used in time.

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Aesthetics of the Home

is the best embodiment of one's life aesthetics

Xiao Berner has a saying: "Always remember this: the most extraordinary beauty in the world is the beauty of the home."

The writer's anti-pants is a person who knows life very well. When I just graduated from college, I could only share it. There was only one small bedroom, and the house was not decorated.

But even so, he took out his savings and furnished himself with a small desk, a reading corner and a comfortable bed. Every week, he would always go to the nearby wholesale flower market to buy some seasonal flowers to make the little oneThe small room is also tender.

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Later, his living standard gradually improved, and he had his own house. He would arrange the decoration without any detail, he would buy the works of his favorite artists and put them in his home, but the same thing still kept himLive comfortably and see the heart of beauty.

For example, he will try to choose a room with light. Seeing the sun will always make people warm. If the conditions are limited, then buy a different lamp, a small chandelier, a table lamp, a floor lamp, and create a warm light and warmth.atmosphere of.

For example, I bought a bunch of sunflowers on the road when I was off work and put them on a small coffee table in front of the sofa. I watched TV when I ate, and there was a splendid companion in front of me.

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Even when pruning flowers and pruning branches when returning home, for him, it is also a wonderful lifestyle, "more fun than brushing friends circle."

Woolf once said: "Every woman needs a room."

For everyone, you need a space to put your self, your preferences, your aesthetics.

Home is undoubtedly the best space.

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Tenderness of the Home

It is the best family style of a person

Family, the reason why we are nostalgic, but also because of the smell it diffuses.

It's not just a place, it's an atmosphere.

Wang Zengqi once said: "Family sit idle and the lights are amiable." That's why.

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Feng Zikai has seven children. He is convinced that the child's truthfulness, nature, and enthusiasm, and the so-called 'silent', implicit, and profound 'virtues of adults, are more sick than children.Fake! "

So, when he gets along with children, he also looks like an older child. Drawing and singing small songs make children laugh, hug children, feed children to eat, there is no shelf.

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One time, the eldest son Zan Zhan asked Feng Zikai to take him to the station to buy a banana, "he grabbed both hands and came back."

However, he fell asleep on his father's shoulders in the back, the banana in his hand had nowhere to go, and Feng Zikai did not scold him.

There is love only when there is a home, and a complete home is when there is love.

A child who grows up in sufficient love can have enough sense of security and dare to face the wind, frost, rain, and snow. Because he knows that there is always a comfortable and warm home that can tolerate himself and accept all of himself.

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Xiao Berner once said: "Home is the only place in the world that hides human shortcomings and failures, and it also contains sweet love."

It's true. I hope that everyone can read the thousand sails and taste the warm and cold. In the big city, there is always a small house that can accommodate all your tenderness and sadness, and show your aesthetics and self.

When you unscrew the key, turn on the light, and warm light illuminate a room, you can take off your shoes, and when you lie down on the sofa, your heart is soft: you are home.

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