For six hundred years in the Forbidden City, where did the concubines who had been beaten into the cold palace live?

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“我的名字叫紫禁城,快要600岁了,这上元的夜啊,总是让我沉醉,这么久了却从未停止。重檐之上的月光,曾照进古人的宫殿;城墙上绵延的灯彩,映出了角楼的瑰丽。” ——故宫博物院微博

In the sixteenth year of Yongle, Ming Chengzu's great emperor Zhu Xi had prepared the capital for 15 years. A palace that experienced 26 emperors from both dynasties is about to start construction.

In Yongle's eighteen years, this huge palace, which is the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture, was finally completed.

Every palace in the past has been "like the Tianli Palace" to indicate that the emperor is the emperor, "assigned to heaven." Since the emperor is the emperor, the emperor's palace is like the Forbidden City where the emperor lived, hence the name Forbidden City.

Maybe since the ancestors, to the Emperor Xuantong, and those ministers who once visited the temples and temples, and thousands of people since 600 years since ancient times have never thought of their lives, utensils, arts,Faith, in what form will it reappear.

During the change of time, the dynasties have changed, and people on the throne have come and gone. Only the Forbidden City, with the memory of history, has been standing here.

Later, the Forbidden City lost its owner and was renamed the Palace Museum. Some ordinary people who did not wear official uniforms came and went, stepping into the tightly closed palace room.

The gates of Qianqing Palace, Kunning Palace, and Cining Palace, one majestic palace, were opened and displayed in front of everyone.

But there is still a palace covered in a mysterious veil, which is a cold palace with a high sense of existence in the palace fight.

"Cold Palace" is not a specific palace. Even if you go to every corner of the Forbidden City, you cannot find a palace with a plaque on it.

In fact, there is no palace called Leng Palace. Leng Palace is cold because of people.

Harem palaces other than Kunning Palace may have been cold palaces.

Yanxi Palace

In "Yanxi Raiders", Wei Yan turned from the little nobleman in Yanxi Palace to "opening up and fighting against monsters" and became a concubine;

In Biography of Rugao, Rugao turned into a queen of the mother's world in the Yanxi Palace, where she never competed and grabbed her;

In "Biography of Zhen Huan", An Lingrong promised to become a cruel concubine from the last inferiority in Yanxi Palace from the last inferiority complex.

The little masters who "open" in the palace fighting drama have all lived in Yanxi Palace. Yanxi Palace has almost become the springboard for the little masters.

However, Yanxi Palace in history is the palace most not to be seen by concubines!

Yanxi Palace was built in the 18th year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty 1420. It is one of the Sixth Palace of the Inner Court and one of the earliest palaces built in the Forbidden City.

When it was first completed, it was known as the "Longevity Palace"; it was renamed as "Yanqi Palace" in the 14th year of Kangjing in the Ming Dynasty; it was not renamed "Yanxi Palace" until the Qing Dynasty.

"History of the Palace of the Dynasty" contains: "Within the Ningxiang Gate and Zhaohua Gate, the middle-to-south one is called Yanxi Gate, and the gate is Yanxi Palace."

Yanxi Palace was the palace with the most reconstructions during the Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt five times just because of the fire.

Unlike other palaces in the harem, most of the concubines who have lived in Yanxi Palace are not favored, and Yanxi Palace has even become a special residence for unloved concubines.

Among them, the most well-known is Daoguang Shi of the Qing Dynasty. According to historical records, when Daoguang was in office, the Tianchao Fucha family lived in Yanxi Palace. Tianyao was not favored all his life, but alsoThe unborn child was sullen and sad, and eventually buried in a fire.

Later, there were ridiculous rumors that "who lives in Yanxi Palace can no longer get favors."

The idlers in the palace said: Yanxi Palace is closest to the Cangzhen Gate of the Forbidden City. Cangzhen Gate is an important portal for people in the East Sixth Palace to enter and exit. The eunuchs of the palace are chaotic, and the "grade" is low.Heart Hall, little lords are the least favored.

People outside the palace said: Yanxi Palace is closely attached to the "Dongzizi Road", which is known as "Yinyang Road". If you accidentally step on the "Yin Road", the concubines living inside are "most unlucky and miserable"..

Yanxi Palace seems to have become a "cold palace" that is not a cold palace.

An Le Tang

Anletang was a place where eunuchs were placed in the Ming Dynasty without authority and seriously ill.

Ming Liu Ruoyu's "A Chronicle of Discipline of Zhongzhi · Neichen": "Anle Hall is in Bei'anmen, a chief of staff, and dozens of managers. Anyone who is in the Linei Palace, and the small fire, will be sent away if they are sick.Healing here. On the day of recovery, thank the homeowner and take a leave of absence. In the unfortunate event, each of them will be sent to the final internal officer, Kai Tongfu will be out of Bei'anmen, the internal official will give the coffin, and the salary officer will give the incinerator.Carry to Jingletang incineration. "

It's such a place that seems to have nothing to do with those royal nobles in the harem. An emperor was born. That is Ming Xiaozong Zhu Youyi.

Ming Xiaozong's biological mother Ji Shufei was originally a female history in the library. Ming Xianzong loved Ji's talent. Fortunately, she didn't want the spring breeze to have a history.

But at that time Wan Guifei was a pet, and she was jealous. After knowing this, she ordered the maid to drop the baby. The maid reported that she was sick, not pregnant. Wan Guifei sent Ji to live in Anletang. TenAt the end of the month, the third son of the emperor Zhu Youzhang. Wan Guifei let the gatekeeper Zhang Min drown his son. Zhang Min risked his life, so he hid the baby in his room and fed it with powder bait.

Zhu Youzheng and his biological mother lived in Anletang for 6 years, and they have never dared to make public appearances. All of them were fed by the eunuchs and maids in the palace and the eunuchs, and they didn't even cut their hair.

Jingyang Palace

Jingyang Palace, one of the Sixth Palace of the Inner Court, is located in the east of the Zhongci Palace and north of the Yonghe Palace. It is the most deserted courtyard in the Sixth Palace of the East and West. It was built in the 18th year of Ming Yongle, and its first name was Changyang Palace. Jiajing ShiFour years 1535 changed its name to Jingyang Palace.

During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, a queen of the Cunning Palace was accidentally spoiled by Wanli. On the 16th of the tenth year of Wanli 1582, Wang Gong concubine was conferred as a concubine, and the next child was Ming Guangzong Zhu Changluo..

But at the time, the Emperor Wanli was the only concubine Zheng, and wanted to make the third son of Zheng Guifei the prince. But the Manchu Wenwu discouraged Wanli on the grounds that the third son was not a prince, and he supported Li Chang's eldest son Zhu Changluo as the prince..

So, Wang Gong and Zhu Changluo became nails to Wanli and Zheng Guifei.

Under the persuasion of Queen Mother Li and her ministers, he had to make Zhu Changlu, who had reached the age of 19 as the Crown Prince, in October of Wanli 29 1601.

The son became a prince, but Wang Gongfei still couldn't wait for her early days. She was confined in Jingyang Palace. She couldn't meet her son for a full ten years, and Jinfeng couldn't even talk about it.

Because of the emperor's neglect, her life in the palace was very miserable. Although she was a concubine, she had no name, she was always persecuted, she was kept in confinement, she was called heaven should not be called, and the ground was not good.

In the 39th year of Wanli 1611 September 13th, Wang Gong was critically ill. Zhu Changluo asked to see her mother and Ming Shenzong agreed. When the prince arrived at his mother's residence, Jingyang Palace remained locked.

At the end of her life, Wang Gongfei finally saw her son. Unfortunately, her eyesight was long gone. She reached out and stroked her son's clothes. With mixed feelings, she burst into tears, and the mother and child cried with headache.

When the day passed, Wang's anger was dead. Princess Wang Gong had been suffering in the deep palace for nearly 30 years, but she never left the world, so she left the world.

Ganxi No. 5

The Ganxi No. 5 Institute is a collective name for the five courtyards north of the Xi Liugong Palace. It was originally the residence of the prince. It was built in the early Ming Dynasty and is called the Head Office, the No. 2 Office, the No. 3 Office, the No. 4 Office, and the No. 5 Office from east to west.

The Ganxi No. 5 Institute was also partially used as a "Long Palace".

During the Apocalypse, the famous woodworker emperor Zhu Youxiao indulged his mother-in-law and reused eunuch Wei Zhongxian and allowed him to behave in a wrong way. In the dynasty, he framed Zhongliang and poisoned concubines in the harem, but Zhu Youxiao did not regulate it.

Haike was condemned as Mrs. Fengsheng to make troubles in the harem. She raised a number of pretty maids and dedicated them to the emperor. Instead, she had a concubine who was pregnant and was murdered by her. Even the queen was murdered.She had an abortion.

At the time, there was a strong and upright temperament of Zhang Yufei, who was straightforward and offended, and offended the Hakka, and Hakka then spoke to the Emperor Zong. Zhang Yufei was born with a flesh and blood. She was beaten into the palace and fasted, living hungry.dead.

The so-called "other palace", it has been verified that it is not just a cold palace, but a palace corridor that is worse than the cold palace environment, that is, an aisle between several palace walls.

Later, Cheng Fei Li was also offended by the "Beijing Palace" for offending the Hakkas. According to the record of Liu Ruoyu's "Zhong Zhong Zhi", Li Chengfei was alert and learned from Zhang Yufei's lesson, which was hidden in private between the palace walls.Many foods. The guest's anger was relieved, and she was demoted to a palace maid, "moved to a certain residence in Ganxi", which is one of the five places in Ganxi. After being secluded here, there are Ding Fei and Ke Yun.

After the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty ascended the throne, he promoted Ganxi No. 2 Institute to Zhonghua Palace, the head office was changed to Shu Fangzhai and built the stage, the three houses were converted to the kitchen of Zhonghua Palace, and then the fourth and fifth houses were demolished to build Fu Palace.And gardens, thus completely changing the original layout of the Ganxi No. 5 Institute.

North Third Station

Fifteen years of Guangxu 1889 AD, 13-year-old Tatar and 15-year-old sister were selected as the palace, respectively, Jin Jin, Zhen Zhen. Princess Fei is fair and flawless, smart and smart, because her nature is pure and lively, slightlyTongxi study, won the favor of Guangxu.

This annoyed Empress Longyu who was left out by Guangxu. So she often counted Zhen Fei to her aunt Empress Cixi, which gradually made Ci Xi disgusted with Zhen Fei. Later, Zhen Fei supported the Guangxu Reform, and the donor was arrested.Hold the handle.

In 1898, the Reform Movement of 1898 failed, and Emperor Guangxu was confined to Huandai in Zhongnanhai. Zhen Fei was also imprisoned in the name of Ganzheng and imprisoned at the North Third Station located in the northeast corner of the Forbidden City and north of Jingqi Pavilion.

The "Forbidden City Overview" said that this small courtyard where Jane was imprisoned was originally a place where the nurses of the Ming Dynasty lived in retirement. After Jane moved in, the main door was closed securely, and the house ’s cross seal was sealed. The door was locked from the outside.Eating, washing face, etc. are all passed in and out by a living window.

The Allied Forces of the Eight Kingdoms invaded Beijing in 1900, Cixi fled in a hurry, and said before the trip that she was afraid of being condemned by the coalition forces and ordered her to be drowned in a small courtyard well, and the North Third Institute was also destroyed during the war.

For those palaces hidden in the Forbidden City, perhaps few people care about its history, but it is a symbol of the prosperity and decline of the dynasty and a silent witness of the change of the times.

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