Is the oxygen of the whole earth enough to detonate Jupiter?

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To know if the oxygen on Earth is enough to detonate Jupiter, we first need to know how much oxygen there is on Earth.

The surface of the earth is covered with a layer of atmosphere, the thickness of the atmosphere is about 1,000 kilometers, and there are still gas molecules at a distance of 2,000 kilometers from the surface. But in fact, we know that it is already called a "vacuum" about 400 kilometers from the groundBecause the gas concentration there is already very low, it is almost negligible.

Earth Atmosphere

About 17% of the mass of the atmosphere is concentrated within 17 kilometers above the equator of the earth, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere accounts for about 21%. Based on the surface area of ​​the earth of 510 million square kilometers, our earth contains about 2.5 billion cubic kilometers.Meters of oxygen.

So much oxygen is sufficient for us humans, including billions of creatures on Earth, but is it enough to burst Jupiter?

Jupiter has a surface area of ​​about 6.2 billion square kilometers. Its outermost atmosphere contains about 90% hydrogen and about 10% helium.

If you say that the oxygen on Earth is spread evenly on the surface of Jupiter, then the most optimistic estimate is that the surface of Jupiter will be covered with 40 cm of oxygen per square meter. You can hardly see a thin layer.


The explosion limit of hydrogen is 4.0% ~ 75.6% volume concentration, which means that as long as 4% ~ 75.6% of hydrogen is mixed in 1 cubic meter of air, it will explode in case of fire.

So, if the air on the earth is evenly sprinkled on the surface of Jupiter and mixed with hydrogen, then there is a deflagration condition where the two gases meet. But if the two gases are further mixed together, the hydrogen concentration will beFar above the upper limit of deflagration of 75.6%, then it is difficult to light it up again. Because Jupiter has the thickest atmosphere of all the planets in the solar system, its atmospheric thickness is as high as 5,000 kilometers, 90% of which is hydrogen, and the area is 40 cm.Mixing thick oxygen is really not enough to “plug your teeth.” Another problem is that oxygen is heavier than hydrogen. When you send oxygen to the surface of Jupiter, it will sink and then be mixed by a powerful Jupiter storm. The result isDisappeared without a trace.

How much oxygen is on the earth, we can see it when we put the earth and Jupiter together, and in fact the earth can't even stop Jupiter's big red spot.

Earth is not enough to fill Jupiter's Great Red Spot

If you want to mix the oxygen on Earth with the hydrogen on Jupiter just right, and then explode the entire Jupiter, I am afraid that only God can do it?

Let's review the main points at the end :

When hydrogen is mixed with oxygen, only a small Mars is required to initiate a deflagration, but the volume concentration of hydrogen should be between 4.0% and 75.6%, which is not high or low.

There is a lot of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere, but it is not worth mentioning compared to Jupiter, because the volume of the earth is too small and the oxygen is too small compared to Jupiter.

If all the oxygen on the earth is concentrated into Jupiter's atmosphere, it may cause a small range of deflagration, but if the water is spread on the surface of Jupiter in a long stream, it will be rapidly diluted, and it will not be clicked anyway.

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