Why did Hawking urge humans to flee the earth three or five times? What did he find?

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  • Hawkin is a pot-killer.

Even when he was alive, the various "scientific rumors" surrounding Hawking never stopped, because Hawking couldn't speak, and the only thing he could do was to sit in that customized high-tech wheelchair with his eyesWrite your own popular science article.


Several of my friends said that "leave the earth" is not what Hawking himself meant, it was just some people who used his fame to engage in commercial hype.

  • Unfortunately, these words are indeed spoken by Stephen William Hawking himself.

"Spreading out into space will completely change the future of humanity," Hawking said, "may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth".

Translated meaning: "Expansion into space will completely change the future of human beings. I believe human beings need to leave the earth, it may be the only thing that can save us from ourselves."

In June 2017, Hawking participated in a technology festival in Trondheim, Norway. He was invited to give a speech. In this speech, Hawking explained to people some of his views on exploring space and the future of humanity.

Hawking is giving a "speech"

Hawking said: Humans have to leave Earth due to asteroid impacts, depletion of resources, overpopulation, deforestation, extinction of animal species, and the effects of anthropogenic climate change. "A new, ambitious space plan will inspire young people And stimulate their interest in other fields such as astrophysics and cosmology. "

"We are running out of living space. The only place to go is other worlds," he said. "It's time to explore other solar systems. Diffusion may be the only thing that can keep us away from ourselves. I believe humans need to leave the earth,"He added." If humanity is to last another one million years, then our future will boldly move where no one else has been before. "

Simply put, Hawking believes that the earth can no longer carry human development. We must stimulate interest in space exploration now in order to seek survival space from other solar systems in the next 1 million years.

  • Is Hawking alarmist?

One hundred people have one hundred opinions about the earth. Some people think that as long as they live a good life, the affairs of the earth can't take care of themselves; some people think that everyone should worry about the things of the earth, but they still ca n’t worry about it; some people thinkAnyone who cares now is blindly concerned; some people think that time is too early, and the matter of the earth should be left to future generations to worry about ... Hawking is a cosmologist, he has been studying black holes to explore the universe all his life, so he thoughtPeople should think about the future now, and start to worry about where humans will move their homes after 1 million years.

the earth has more than 1 million years

I personally think that Mr. Hawking is still anxious. He tried to make everyone nervous by himself and let governments invest in astrophysics and space exploration. So he needs to make the problem more serious, it seems to threatenIt is imminent.

The homeland on which we live does face some problems now, some of which are still serious. In the face of these problems, the first thing we need to do is to face them or choose to escape? Hawking is a scientist, he should know that humanPower, even if it is not possible to take the earth to "wander" even after 1 million years, if it is not possible, for whom should our children and grandchildren prepare Noah's Ark's "boat tickets"? Those who cannot get on board, theyOften they are not the elite, nobles, or rich people of this society, but they are definitely the vast majority of the planet. Why should we hurriedly leave them, let the vast majority face despair and death, and letA small number of elites continue to survive on behalf of the entire human race?

really ticket, you can't buy it on a treasure

  • Is the earth really hopeless?

From a macro perspective of the life cycle of the solar system, it is true.

As the sun advances step by step, it will become brighter and hotter, and the sun will throw more of its radiant energy towards the earth, making the earth hotter. About 5 billion moreIn the year, the sun will reach the end of life, it will quickly expand into a red giant star, and its outermost hot atmosphere will engulf Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and even Jupiter, and with several timesWith a violent helium flash, the Sun will dissipate most of its mass and light, eventually turning into a dead white dwarf.

It's not practical for 5 billion years. After 1 billion years, the earth will fall into an uncontrollable greenhouse effect because the sun's luminosity rises by 20%. If we do nothing, it will become what Venus is today.Look.

Earth will become impossible to survive

Are we really going to do nothing then?


Human beings are wise. Human wisdom is not limited to building a few spaceships to escape, but also to do big things to save the planet. For example, we can build a giant umbrella with an area of ​​several million square kilometers in space., Use this giant umbrella to block solar radiation; we can also use this giant umbrella for solar power generation, its annual power generation will be thousands of times the annual power generation of all countries in the world; we can use the power given by the sunTo create a magnetic shield that will be used to resist solar radiation when the earth ’s magnetic field weakens in the future. Believe me, in less than 1 million years, human beings will certainly be able to do all this, and it can win more than 10 billion years for the earthPrecious time, and it is far more cost-effective than building a few spaceships, because it protects all the beings on this planet.

We have a way to block the sun

Even if human technology is not developed today, we can unite to cope with many issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, climate warming, deforestation and other problems. For space threats such as asteroid impacts, some major countries in the worldThere are also individual warnings and responses.

We don't need to rush away.

We can also solve the problems of human beings, such as excessive population growth, the spread of infectious diseases, and excessive greed of some people. At least we already know that with the improvement of education, human fertility will increase.More and more rational, many countries have proved this. We have already mastered some genetic technologies, and with the advancement of these technologies, I believe that disease and survival are not a big problem.

Back to the original question: Why did Hawking warn humans to flee the earth?

Hawking is a physicist. The distance between what he is studying and our real world is calculated in light years;

Hawkin has been suffering from illness for decades, and his poor physical condition has determined that his life is alienated from the real world;

Most of Hawking's time is spent on the research of space science and the writing of popular science books. The external information obtained by him is filtered.

So Hawking planned the future for humankind from his professional perspective, and he would be more inclined to seek colonies from space rather than prioritize solving realistic problems.

Hawkin in the meeting

Of course, Hawking's suggestion is important because space exploration cannot be completed overnight. This requires the unremitting efforts of many and many generations. It also requires that countries, authorities, companies and all human beings in the world have a common sense of worry.In this way, space exploration can obtain a steady stream of investment and talent. Perhaps this is the real purpose of Hawking?

Dear reader, do you think we need to flee the earth now?

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