papi sauce has worked naked for a day: free and easy, and sad

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Recently, Papi Sauce talked about his experience with naked speech in "The Exciting Offer", which caused a lively discussion on the Internet.

At that time, she graduated as a director and her friend introduced her to a job at a public relations company.

The first day's task was to find out the Chinese and English introductions of the top ten oil companies in the world. After looking up the information, papi sauce found that the content of this job was not the same as expected, so she proposed to leave the same day and becameA member of the "naked resignation" army.

Papi Sauce: "Although I don't know what I like, I know what I don't like."

Recently, friends who talked about work recently did not seem to be very satisfied, especially when the end of the year, the heart of resignation is about to move. Many friends think about leaving the year-end award naked, although the life after leaving is still a fog, But the work now seems even more difficult.


People who are "stirring" on the brink of resignation

I have recently been chatting with readers and friends, as if everyone is struggling on the brink of leaving, thinking that the beginning of the new year, it is time to "restart".

Everyone's work has endless bitterness, which makes people upset :

The work content is more boring than imagined, repeated day after day, I feel like a robot;

The annoying boss has arranged new tasks, which can not be completed except overtime;

Familiar colleagues who have been around have left office one after another, as the company's "elder", but no one can have lunch.

There are a hundred thoughts of resigning every day. If the number on the bank card is not short, modern young people will fill out the resignation application without hesitation.

I have a friend who has recently been involved in leaving the company. After spending more than a year in the company, he has been working in the Indian market. The market performance is not good, and the company is not willing to recruit more people. He talked about the leadership temper.As bad as the Indian air, it is only furious but never analyzes the reason behind the problem.

All year round, work is not satisfactory, his girlfriend in another place followed his temper, and he compromised with her repeatedly: "After this year, I will not do it!"

He asked me to drink a few days ago, and talked about it in earnest. He wanted to resign after the year, but he could walk around on the recruitment website, his salary is lower than him, and he has no other skills.It may not be as good as it is now, so he again fell into hesitation and suspicion, sighing in succession: "Hey, let's stay ahead!"

A lot of times, we are not sure if leaving the company means getting better. As an adult, there will be many involuntaries in life.

We ca n’t always submit a resignation application decisively, because this freedom often has a price, so we can only sway over and over in the night, we just came up with the idea of ​​leaving, and found countless retreats after five minutes.reason.

The departure of modern people is not as determined as you think, but more tangled and hovering.


Know what you hate, it's better to say goodbye

Many of us are like this. I do n’t like the current job. I have an emotional crisis with the other half. I hate the relative who always takes the advantage .... There are many things in life that can be decisively abandoned. Compared with work, others are not smooth.Relationship, we can be a little free and easy, when we break, we break.

A few months ago, I blackened the roommate who cohabited after I couldn't bear it. By the closeness of the same eaves, she ran across the balance line between us again and again.

"You're resting at home today, there is information on the desk drawer in the living room, please help me get the company." I picked up my cell phone with sleepy eyes, and my roommate was on the phone. I got up to find the information and called a taxi downstairs., I hurriedly asked the master to send her.

Half an hour later, she blamed me with a blameful tone: "Why don't you send this information in person, what can you do if you lose it, and you are not free today."

I was suddenly speechless and hung up on the phone, this was not the first time she had offended me with peace of mind.

Go home from work and find the rain when coming out of the subway. Obviously there is a convenience store at the subway exit, but I have to send an umbrella. The courier after disassembly always packs the whole box and box in the living room, and turns the public area into a warehouse.When adding home appliances to my home, I always "cut first and then play", and I rightly ask me to share it regardless of whether I agree or not.

Later, I paid a deposit for two months, and pulled out my roommate to move to a new home. Only the trivial matters of life were left in the past.

I just discovered that when you have tolerated a relationship, farewell is the best timely stop loss. We always hesitate and think again and again, but the bad relationship is often the "culprit" that brings down our lives".

Don't waste time on those who aren't worth it, clear away the tired relationships, brave farewell to the irretrievable marriage relationship, and know what you hate. The best way is to say goodbye and start again after finishing.


Be a decisive person, except before work

We should all be free and easy people, except in front of work. Because we are not papi sauce, we may not be ready for the unknown after leaving.

There are many things in life, and it will be better and better after a hard-hearted farewell, but farewell to work requires more thought, because for many people, work is our survival chip.

It is said that contemporary young people leave their jobs without a word. More and more stories encourage "poetry and distance", encourage "naked remarks", and encourage you to take a look. Therefore, our originally restless heart becomes more impatient, andUnsatisfactory things at work are coming one after another :

The voice of the leader at the meeting is like Tang Seng chanting the scriptures, and 100,000 yuan of funds are asking you to make a million effects;

I just confirmed that the poster suddenly changed, so at 12 o'clock in the evening you reopened PS and started today's work;

One person is doing the work for two people, but the boss never sees hard work, staring at you and can't do anything to start to blame;

We have countless moments when we want to leave, but each adult plays a different role in life more or less.

The tuition for children who just went to elementary school will cost tens of thousands a year; they want to change to a better computer, but promise to exchange a bigger house with their girlfriend next month; their brother and sister are going to college soon.Your parents are counting on you to help.

As an isolated and helpless person in the city, many times, we are passively following the work, and there are too many involuntaries, even without work, and we ca n’t even get sick.

Every time I see that advocating young people should bravely say nothing, and bravely say go and leave, I can't help but think of the true story of the friends around me.

As a programmer who "worries about work", after leaving his friend naked, he fell into the difficulty of finding a job. The resume he applied for was so sloppy that he occasionally received several interviews, but he didn't think he had enough education and his salary was not as good as the previous oneAt the company, every day after leaving, he is more anxious than going to work.

After happy and naked remarks, he discovered that job opportunities are not always available, let alone we can seize them casually.

There are many things in life that we can say willfully and courageously. We should be brave in treating the relationship with bad people, but in the face of work, we must leave a retreat for ourselves.

When you have made up your mind to resign, you may wish to take a look at your bank balance to see if it is enough to withstand life risks for more than half a year. Good jobs all need time.

We are burdened by the pressure of life, it is best to find a way out for ourselves, at least so that we will not rush into the next life.

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Are you a free and easy person?

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