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A will is a very obscure thing to many people, but many post-90s have already made a will for themselves.

Wu Daojun interviewed the opinions of three post-90s generations against wills, and also compiled three stories of post-90s wills. In these six post-90s stories, Wu Daojun saw :

Because of your passion for life, plan your life in advance.

2019 is coming to an end. Use the time of reading an article to organize your life.


A copy of the data from the Chinese Heritage Library, as of the end of August this year, the number of post-90s will be 236, the youngest is just 18 years old. 99% of these young people choose their parents as property heirs.

Someone interviewed a 60-year-old aunt at the Chinese Heritage Library in Guangzhou and asked her how she thought about the will after the 90s.

"Will it be too early to make a will at the age of 30? And are they rich enough to make a will?"

But for the post-90s generation, they all have something more important than wealth and explain to important people.


Tomorrow and accident, which one comes first?

Zhou Yu is 29 years old. He is a programmer. Every year, the company organizes a physical examination. It starts to lose sleep a week in advance. The report is sent back, and the envelope is thrown in the drawer and locked.

He was worried that he didn't know which day he died suddenly in his overtime. There were too many words to explain to his parents, so he made a will for himself.

Zhou Yu is still single, and his stocks and deposits, as well as a house that is about to run out, are left to his parents.

He also added an "emotion video" service, leaving some words for his parents.

He wrote the sentence in an hour's lunch break. Thanks to his parents for his upbringing over the years, summarized his work and life in Shenzhen, talked about some knowledge of online fraud, and hoped that his parents would take his money.Going around the world, I hope my parents keep a cat.

On the day of the official recording, the room was so quiet that it made people tinnitus. He was nervous, and none of the words in the manuscript could be seen clearly. "The lens looks like my parents' eyes are looking at me. I imagine they are watching this video.Expression, my mother must have turned her face away and could not bear to look at it. "

He can only think of the dialogue of the movie. He said the first sentence: "When you see this video, I'm no longer ..."

The manuscript with more than a thousand words was retaken twice before it was recorded. Zhou Yu did not expect that he would cry.

The night after the testament was made, he had a video call with his parents. He didn't say anything about the testament, fearing that they were thinking wildly. Just through the video, he took the parents to visit the house where they live now, and let them watch themselves make dinner.


Think about death and get closer to the truest desire in your heart

Li Xianru was a nurse in 1996. She made a will to arrange her own death.

She often meets some dying patients. She looks helpless when they look at the pipes.

A grandma who loves beauty and cleansing was sent to the hospital with cerebral hemorrhage. The first thing I woke up was to have the tube pulled out. But after two more surgeries, she was in a coma and the tube was no longerUnplugged.

When Li Xianru learned that young people can also make a will, they made an appointment.

She imagines the ending of the movie "You Long Xi Feng". Before the protagonist dies, she hides herself in a forest cabin in Switzerland and invites an unknown servant to take care of herself. Look at the wind blowing grass low, watch Yun Cun Yun Shu,On one evening, the sunset was quiet and she left quietly, no one was sad.

She feels that she is facing death in the way she chooses. Death is no longer so scary, but she is looking forward to it.


Learning to face death can make us live better

Chen Hua rarely planned for the future before. He likes extreme sports, and the thrill can make him feel like he is living in the present.

Last year when he went to Japan to parachute, he encountered Typhoon Haiyan. Sitting at the hotel and watching the entire roof was lifted off, appliances in the house were rolled into the sky like toys, and the container truck was directly dragged by the wind.climb.

He was afraid of death for the first time. "When I took a flight back, I immediately took out my mobile phone and typed my suicide note. I was a little bit worried along the way."

He then made a will.

He really can only be called "property" with a deposit of 100,000 yuan, and heirs wrote his parents.

He feels too little, so he goes home and checks his belongings. For the first time, he thinks so seriously about what he has, what he can give up, and what will last a lifetime?

He added two more items to the legacy, leaving the snowboard to his cousin and the entire Harry Potter series to the hair boy.

Making a will, Chen Hua felt that his life was much clearer. He knew what money and time should be used for what and who. He began to plan his own life. He felt that the more and more comprehensive the plan, the more unexpected he was.Less.

Chen Hua, who was not planning to get married, found a girlfriend and planned to get married next year.

He does not feel how much money he can make in the future, waiting for his children to inherit. He is afraid that no one can share the scenery and food he has seen, and his wonderful life experience also needs someone to inherit.

A post-90s staff member of China Wills Bank said :

"I also made a will myself. In the process of making a will, I re-examined my life and life, what matters most, and who needs to spend time with me."

At the last moment, the people and things that are still in my mind are the most precious possessions in this life.

A will is a reminder to cherish these people and things while you are alive.

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