Why is there such an anti-human animal as cockroaches?

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Expresses strong condemnation

I believe many people have heard the story of North and South cockroaches. Even a northerner who can kill a tiger will panic in front of the southern cockroaches.

In addition, there are many more stories about cockroaches in our daily life, such as :

When you turn on the light, a cockroach will pass in front of you.

When you are hanging out on the street, you will see the uncle and the cockroach ad.

I don't share the series with cockroaches

When you surf the Internet, there will be some news about cockroaches.

These nightmarish pictures can't help people think :

a scary creature

Cockroaches have been running on the earth as early as more than 300 million years ago. It is an ancient living fossil and has witnessed almost the entire history of biological development.

Even 65 million years ago in the late Cretaceous, even dinosaurs that ruled the world for more than 160 million years were not immune to the impact of meteorite impacts. But cockroaches have survived to this day with tenacious vitality.

It is no exaggeration to say that we humans can all honor cockroaches as elders in the biological world.

Cockroaches refer to insects belonging to the order Blattodea. About 4,000 species have been found.

It can flex and stretch, and it can pass quickly even in a narrow slit with a quarter of the body height.

10x lens slows down

It's agile. As the fastest insect running on land, even a small body, it can reach an average speed of 5.4 kilometers per hour. If you want to change the proportion of adults, the speed will reach 320 kilometers per minute, which is faster than high-speed rail.It's fast.

Even if your movement is as agile, it may not work because it can fly !!!

cockroach opens flight mode series

It has extremely strong survivability. In the case of lack of food, it can live for 3 months; in the case of lack of water, it can live for 1 month.

Even the most extreme “head moving” can last a week.

What's more abnormal is that under the radiation that humans can hardly bear, cockroaches can live without injury and still be fierce, because there are more than 1,000 anti-cancer genes in cockroaches.

This hand is contaminated and can't be asked

It is an omnivorous animal. To what extent is it an omnivorous one? Graphically speaking, enclosing the food it can eat can circle the earth five or six times.

Even the Cantonese who can eat anything in front of it are just dregs.

A Cantonese eating Fujianese

It has extremely strong reproductive ability. Female cockroaches only need to mate once to lay eggs continuously. In one year, they can breed nearly 10,000 offspring, even up to 100,000.

Warning ahead!

Warning again!

It's not good without mosaic, I'm afraid you can't stand it!

That's okay, isn't this cockroach going to become fine?

Indeed, it seems like nobody can stop it. But in the face of the great food chain, it is on the low level.

Fight with its wit

Why the humble bottom is because there are too many natural enemies. And in front of natural enemies, cockroaches have no fighting power.

No.1: African Bullfrog Vs Cockroach

Legendary frog prince who swept thousands of girls? A taste of overbearing president is coming!

Source: Station B AV8453821

Smart tongue like spring

No.2: Mantis Vs Cockroach

Mantis: baby, let me take a good look at you ~

Source: Station B AV38132676

Raising Love

No.3: King Scorpion Vs Cockroach

Facing the Scissors of the Soul, the cockroaches give up and struggle ...

Source: Station B AV6566690

soul one clamp

No.4: 蜈蚣 Vs cockroach

Flopping, kissing, all in one go.

Source: Station B AV13775896

Entangling of Love

No.5: Tarantula Vs Cockroach

It's okay to walk behind me? Look back!

Source: Station B AV18707313

Looking back at the moon

Although these shots are extremely ornamental, they can still get tired of watching simple and rough predators.

And as the higher animal on the earth: humans, obviously can play more tricks.

Fancy 1: Physical attack.

When a cockroach appears in our sight, humans with high IQ will shoot the cockroach accurately according to the cockroach crawling speed, comprehensive air resistance and the attack range of slippers.

Highly intelligent merchant reaction

Of course, the price to do this is to sacrifice your shoes.

In fact, even if a cockroach is severely killed by you, its eggs are still alive. At the right time and the right place, it will break out of eggs and it will be a brand new cockroach.appear.

Understanding the shortcomings of physical attacks, not the root causes, humans began to think about how to eliminate the root cause, so there was a chemical attack!

Fancy 2: Chemical attack.

Although this method kills a thousand enemies and damages 800. But it must be said that humans still use it quite well.

Classic Black Whirlwind Advertisement

Soon after, I found a question: Why is this cockroach spraying more and more spirit? Is it too much habit to suck?

In fact, through natural selection, the fittest survives, so those cockroaches that can hold the pesticide are more competitive, thus inheriting the resistance gene.

Is it impossible for humans to stop cockroaches?

False, human wisdom is unimaginable.

Ultimate Fancy: No problem cannot be solved by eating!

top of food chain: Pui Ye

The same applies to cockroaches. So, humans are desperately launching a variety of foods about cockroaches.

Kung Pao Roach!

Fat but not greasy

Fried cockroaches!

Crispy and refreshing

More gourmet experts said :

Not only that, Supermodel Jun also found an anorexic patient rescued by cockroach food, and listen to how he feels about eating cockroaches!

Deep-fried meat cockroaches are tender in outer coke, clipped into the mouth, and with the crisp and chewing sound between the teeth, a scent of gravy overflows from the cockroach's abdomen and quickly penetrates into every part of the mouth, Refreshing but not dry, fragrant and not greasy;

Grunting chewing sounds enter the ears along the teeth and bones, the feeling is like bathing in the ocean of fresh protein soup, enjoying the sensory stimulation of cockroaches.

Don't cockroaches really die

Undeniably, humans are very repellent to cockroaches. But, should cockroaches really die?

Yes, really damn it, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hongmao.

In the southwest of China, there is a long-established cockroach therapy: cockroach mashed and applied to the wound.

I saw that my aunt was cured by the cockroaches, and I knew I was wrong about the cockroaches ~

So, if I hurt my leg in the future, take this thing ...

Considering the extreme resistance of the masses to the black paste, Li Shunan, known as "Cockroach Professor", devised a more high-end and non-sense method: extracting special ingredients from cockroaches to make medicine.

Salute to Professor Li

The general process is to scald the American cockroach the artificially grown American cockroach is used here, dry it, mash it, grind it into powder, and then separate and extract the ingredients needed.

Professor Li says his medicine can treat flesh wounds, duodenal ulcers, hepatitis, heart disease and liver disease.

Look at how much Xiaoqiang contributes to society and think about yourself.

Do you think the fate of cockroaches is to be ground into powder?

Don't be silly, cockroaches may be better than you.

In the suburbs of Jinan City, Shandong Province, there are more than 1 billion cockroaches living like an emperor's extravagant life, five-star luxury suites, free water and electricity, 24-hour dedicated service, and the most important thing is not to worry about eating: every dayAmong the 50 tons of food waste, you forget yourself.

The picture shows the kitchen waste treatment center in Zhangqiu District

Li Yanrong, director of the Zhangqiu District Kitchen Waste Treatment Center, said that the crushed food waste can be eaten by cockroaches, and the toxins are digested by enzymes secreted in their bodies, leaving only harmless elements such as zinc and iron..

Look at Xiaoqiang, you can turn waste into treasure, how about you? You will pack and eat for takeout, and chase them with a rotten slipper.

Also those friends who have been asking privately for garbage classification recently, here is a formal reply here: put the garbage in the room, and raise more cockroaches to help you eat.

In addition, Li Tingrong also mentioned in particular: "Grinding the cockroach carcass into powder can also become a blind medicine."

Is there no other way out for cockroaches other than the life being grinded?

No, no, no, cockroaches are also very popular. In foreign countries, cockroaches can be track and field athletes!

In Brisbane, Australia, a cockroach competition is held every year on the National Day. The fast cockroaches can also help the host earn a large bonus. It is said that it has been held for more than 30 sessions.

Can this cockroach catch back?

It is worth noting that in addition to selecting the fastest cockroaches in this competition, the most important thing is to select the Miss Cockroaches in this competition!

Of course, the fate of the cockroach may not be so, there is more speculation about its future!

For example, based on a 40 millisecond response time for cockroaches and a walking speed of 50 individuals per second, human engineers have come up with a design conjecture: make an accident that never happens.

Another example, making cockroaches into human time capsules: translating books and magazines into genetic codes, and then injecting them into the cockroach's own genetic combination, eventually breeding an insect empire bearing human achievements, and these living books willSurvive millions of years.

So much said, the question comes: are you still afraid of cockroaches?

This is not to be afraid, but to be in awe of life ~

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