30 truths you should know before entering 2020

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This is the last article in 2019, and I want to talk to you about something ...

I heard that you are also looking forward to 2020.

In an article the other day, I asked you how you were doing in 2019 and received a lot of comments from friends.

Some said: I did n’t want to go to work every day this year. The KPI is as high as a mountain, it seems like I ca n’t get there, fewer and fewer familiar colleagues, more and more work to be done, I feel like every dayVery difficult;

Some people said: This year, I spent a lot of money on fitness, exercise, and weight loss, and then I spent a lot of money on eating and using food to heal my unhappy life. At the end of the last year, not only was not thin, but alsoPoorer;

Some say: this year, I feel more and more anxious about age. When you are going well, age is just a number, 30 or 40 years old, nothing is obvious, but when you are difficult, age is thatThe number becomes a big mountain, which easily makes our original life of soldiers and horses chaotic and even more frustrated.


Maybe because 2019 has been too difficult, we are brazen, or we have no traces, we are all looking forward tonight, we are all looking forward to a dividing line, to put these bad, tired, unbearable, all leftThis side of the line. And we can step into 2020 over time, get ready to go, start again, and make everything better again.


I hope there is nothing wrong with resigning from the old to the new, but there is something that I want to tell you in the last article of 2019 :

I interviewed Cai Kangyong before, and what he said impressed me.

He said, "I'm not in the New Year now.

There is no difference between January 1 and December 31, it is just another day. So

Do n’t pin your wish on the new year, but on your plan. The wish is made by yourself, not by God. ”

Yes, the biggest illusion of time is that time can solve everything bad.

But unfortunately, life will never suddenly get better because of entering 2020, just like the money we want to save in 2018, the fat we want to lose, and the books we want to read. We still haven't finished in 2019.,

If we just enter the 2020 modestly over time, without any reflection or change, we may still have a difficult and bad year.

Don't go so easily into 2020. In this year, your life is full of hardships, full of suspicions, full of denials. You also need to give yourself a little time, remember and sum up, leaving a trace of 2019, alsoLeave a little look forward to 2020.

This article has been written one after another for a week, and finally summed up the 30 things I want to understand in 2019, it can also be regarded as some expectations and advice for myself in 2020, about life, about others, about work, about yourself, sharingTo everyone, let's encourage together :

About others

1. This year, some people came, some people left, life will always be like this, you must learn to accept: Many people break into your life, just to adjust one's head.

2. Get along with the closest people, and learn to accept "ordinary": accept parents as ordinary people, accept yourself as ordinary people, accept partners as ordinary people, and accept children as ordinary people.

3. The most basic relationship between people is non-aggression. A higher level is mutual benefit. People who don't necessarily like or respect them so much do not invade each other, and they love each other.Mutual benefit.

4. Love is a storm of two strong men, not a bitter hatred of two weak men. Rather than getting rid of singles, sometimes getting rid of poverty can solve your dilemma. After all, things you can't solve alone, payCan't solve it for another person.

5. Most of them are caught off guard, and most of them are long-planned.

6. When young, learn to get along with outdated parents, understand their stubbornness and stupidity. When old, learn to get along with trendy children, and forgive their impatience and willfulness.

7. Everyone gets along with this world, and talking well is the lowest cost of kindness. Whether it is to relatives, friends or strangers, be kind, because everyone is fighting hard in life.

8. Be cold to the cold.

About myself

9. Drink less milk tea and stay up late.


11. A person's life is actually a battle with desire. Some abilities are higher than desire and live happily. Some people have abilities and desires. Although such people are not very happy, they do not have much humiliation and pain. Some desiresMuch higher than their abilities, such people are embarrassed and live a miserable life.

12. For life, once you let yourself go for the first time, there will be countless times later. This is the famous "law of broken windows" in economics.

13. We tend to overestimate what we can do in 10 years, but ignore what we can do in one year.

14. How can a person stay young forever? Do what you are afraid to do. Then you will find it, but that's it.

15. A person who gets along with himself really doesn't have to force himself to live as a team. A person only needs to live like an individual. Strong is good, but fragile and soft. There is nothing wrong with it.

16. Eat something you do n’t want to eat, drink something you do n’t want to drink, and do something you do n’t want to do. This is the only way to stay healthy after the age of 30.

About work

17. There are a few problems in life that are caused by more money. But most of the problems are caused by no money.

18. The cruelty in the workplace is that the colder you are, the less others will send charcoal in the snow, the more flowers you like, and the more willing others will be.

19. In many cases, self-esteem is the most useless thing. It is forbearance when Cain is forbearing, and when it is out, it is a sign of a person's maturity.

20. Don't always be easily deceived and say what you want to get out of the comfort zone. The correct way is to keep expanding your comfort zone instead of jumping out.

21. There is no friendship in the workplace, only eternal benefits. We work honestly, work hard, do what we should do, and strive for what we deserve. Use each other and make each other better, that's all.

22. In the workplace, do not inquire about the private affairs of others, and do not easily tell others about their private affairs.

23. Many people often take their own satisfaction as a criterion and put the needs of others in the second place, but the essence of work is to provide their own value to others, so it is important to understand what others want before working.What, and take this as your goal, this is a good way to work.

24. The biggest lie in life is: find a "good" job. You must know that all jobs have "pits" and have a side you don't want to face. It is just a small pit and a small pit.Out and out problems.

About life

25. Learn to take a good rest. The so-called rest means not only lying down and sleeping, so that you will get tired and rest more and more, but just do what you want to do, don't do what you don't want to do.

26. When people reach middle age, the truth of life is actually "recognize counselling". When they were young, they often sneered at counselling, thinking that counselling was weak and incompetent, a compromise on life. Later it was discovered that when a person learns to recognizeCounseling before it becomes strong.

27. The real cool is not to save the world, but to help mother wash the dishes.

28. Sometimes become a little softer, life will become much tenderer.

29. Life is more important than life. There is a saying in the West: "You are made of what you eat" you are what you eat. It says: What you read, how you do it, you decideWhat kind of person you become.

30. A sentence seen elsewhere: What is the best state of life? Cards have a balance, there is room for something, and there is room for mind. A card with a balance is a confidence, and it is not humble in the face of money. There is room for something, there isRetreat. Be free, don't panic.

The years do n’t live, and the seasons are flowing. What really keeps us alive is not time, but stories that happen in time.

On the last day of 2019, no matter what time I go to sleep, the day goes by anyway. No matter where the end point is, the year will pass anyway. Take care of yourself, if you still have the power, remember to protect the beautiful things, Does not advise against the wind.

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