"Historical Records" is still a prophetic book? What will Sima Qian predict in 2020?

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"From time to time, the world and the world all work together, and the heroes are not free." Chu Bawang, the giant deer broke the cauldron, and his majesty sang on all sides; Zhu Geliang's magical calculations for the first half of his life, when he died, he sighed, "Things are done in people and things are done in heaven."

Image of Zhuge Liang in film and television dramas

Living examples tell us: in human life, personal struggle is important, but we cannot ignore the historical process. Fighting fortune with personal ability is like "shocking the tree".

It's like 2019, you can't even afford pork. Many people are lamenting that this year has been difficult. There is no way but to hope for the next 10 years.

At the end of each year, the masters will make a prediction for the new year. In 2020, the Gengzi year, without them, we already know that the four branches of Zi, Wu, Lu, and Luo are the recognized Sizheng peach blossoms. This is what we are looking for.Positive edge is a good opportunity.

So, besides marriage, what will happen to our careers and wealth?

2020: the first Gengzi year of the thousand years

In 2020, the first Gengzi year of the coming millennium, for those who study Feng Shui and numerology all year round, it seems that this is a year that needs alarm bells.

Because the folks have been circulating the story of Gengzi's prophecy, Gengzi's disaster, Gengzi's hurdle, and Gengzi's reincarnation.

First talk about what is the Gengzi Year.

Tiangan Earthly Branch

Geng is Tiangan, there are ten Tiangans, which are A, B, Ding, Wuji, Gengxin, Rengui, Geng is seventh in Shitiangan.

Zi is the Earthly Branch, there are twelve Earthly Branches, Zi Chouyin, Chen Wuwu, Shen Yanhai, and Son is the first Earth Branch. Compared to Heavenly Stems, Earth Branches are more familiar to us, because the Earth Branches correspond to our twelve.Zodiac, child rat, ugly cow ... and so on.

Every year of ours is used together with a heavenly stem and a terrestrial branch. The year of Jiazi will be the second year of the ugly year. In this way, the stem and earthen branch will always be in this ranking.Even numbers.

When the normal sequence is from the year of Jiazi to the year of Guiyang, the next year is the year of Jiadai. In this case, the common multiple of ten and twelve is 60, so after 60 years, it will be the year of Jiazi.

So, 2020 is the year of Gengzi, then everyone knows that the next year will be the year of Xin Chou.

Nobody is unfamiliar with the Xin and Ugly Years. In 1901, the Manchu and the Eight Kingdoms to be precise, the eleven countries signed the "Xin and Ugly Treaty" with bereavement and humiliation. In 1900, the "Geng"The change of the country", Lan Lan, who dared to declare war on the world, caused chaos among the boxers, and the Allied Powers entered the capital.

I understand a large cycle of 60 years, and many friends must have been calculating. In 1900, 60 years were subtracted. That's right. It was 1840, the year when the Opium War broke out. China has embarked on a difficult road of survival.

It seems that the popular circulation is not catching the wind.

Sima Qian's God Prediction

This type of stem and branch chronology was introduced in the period of Emperor Hanwu. In addition to convenience, the stem and branch chronology also has a benefit, which can be easily switched to the Five Elements.

In 2019, the Heavenly Stem, Earthly Earth, the five elements correspond to the earth, the water; 2020 is the year of Gengzi Rat, Tiangan Gengjin, Earthly Water.

Si Ma Qian, as a historian, records history and also touches the calendar. After all, in historical research, time is an important dimension.

Sima Qian's image in the play

In addition to rigorous history, Grandpa Sima Qian also maintained a childlike curiosity, and collected and sorted out the "Shangyi Mingxiang Bu", and even wrote it for divination and fortune telling, and recorded it in "Historical Records" [日 者[Biography] and [Kamesuke Biography].

Sima Qian quotes a master: "The Zhidou Big Dipper is repaired, and the time the time of the dry branch is used to know the things, and the two forms are worthy of love. So Tai is in Jin,穰; water, destruction; wood, hunger; fire, drought .... "

Tai Sui is Jupiter, the revolution cycle is 12 years, so it corresponds to the 12 Earthly Branches Zodiac. In 2019, the Earthly Branches are water, which corresponds to "destruction". In 2020, the Earthly Branches are still water, and the correspondence is still "Destruction".


See here, maybe your heart is sore again.

However, this prediction recorded by Sima Qian is too simple, and only predicts the Earthly Branch, neglects the Heavenly Stem, and does not worry. There is also the following: "Bai Gui, Zhou Ren also .... The time is changing optimistically, ... Tai Yin is in a trance.Age chen declines. Until noon, drought; Ming age not beauty. To 酉, 穰; Ming age 戌 declines. To child, severe drought; Ming age ugly beauty, with water., The accumulation rate is years old. "

Bai Gui, a wealthy rich man mentioned by Sima Qian, looks very godly at this name, because Gui is a tool for divination to measure the sun's shadow and period. Gui + Bu = hexagram, it seems that Bai Rich is more gossip.

Oracle bone

Bai Fuhao ’s method of divination is similar to today ’s Ziwei bucket number astrology, the late spring of 2020 year of the Gengzi is relatively late, and on the 11th day of the lunar month Lu Yinyue, Ding Chou Day, the solar calendar17:03:12 on February 4 once.

The layout is as follows, the Taiyin is ugly, "Zizi, severe drought; Ming-year-old ugly beauty, there is water", which shows that everyone will have a long drought and Ganlin feeling in 2020.

Can the so-called prophecy be trusted?

It can be seen from the above that the same event, different prediction methods will have different results, which is why many people do not believe in the number of operations.

Take the 2012 Mayan Prophecy, which blown the gods a few years ago.

Mayan calendar

This prophecy believes that the end of the world on December 21, 2012 is the fifth solar age of Maya's prophecy, which also means the destruction of the earth. In 2012, humanity was actually dead, and the world was towards the end of the end.

[Push back picture] when someone with good deeds came to China right away: From the 52nd image, [Song Xia Kun Shang Tai], a chant saying [Qian Kun recreated in Jiao Kang], and [Angle] and [Kang] are bothIt is the eastern blue dragon and seven places in Tiangong 28 stars. The two dragons are mentioned at the same time, which means that the second year of the dragon after 1989 is 2012. The writing [Qian Kun Reengineering] has the meaning of heaven and earth renewal.

That is to say, the old world is completely destroyed, and we will start again.

However, we passed peacefully in 2012 and still worries about our livelihoods. Some god sticks pointed out: In fact, after that day, our time was reset and we were resurrected in another dimension of time and space. Now we cannotProve that you live in the original world.

Mayan Civilization Pyramid

I just want to say that this buddy is too "Liao Zhai", even if he is dead or alive, he can't figure out.

Actually, the Mayan calendar is not the same as our current calendar. Since Caesar established the rule of four years and one year, 514 years have passed. Without these extra four years and one day, in reality,On December 21, 2012, in fact, it should be July 28, 2013 in the Mayan calendar. The ancient Maya calendar did not count into the leap year, so strictly speaking, the world was already apologized 7 months ago.

The basis of the arithmetic is the calendar. The generation of the calendar is the exploration of human beings before they can master the knowledge of nature through science and technology. It has witnessed the process of mankind from obscurity to maturity.

Humans have known the world for a long time. Before the development of science and technology, it was very small in the presence of nature. It was reasonable to give nature a mysterious color. After exploring some of these laws, it is also "know its but cannotKnowing why, "I had to figure out the technique according to my own understanding.

mysterious Sanxingdui culture

But people have independent thinking. In the inheritance of arithmetic, even if the successor does not have selfishness, it is unavoidable that misunderstanding will cause misunderstanding to future generations.

Removing that kind of human understanding and removing the strange powers in the surgery is actually a law of astronomical geography and climate change, and these laws of nature have affected human beings up to now, and naturally have their rationality.

So, for these predictions, we have to learn the laws of nature and have awe in nature, but we are opposed to superstition of arithmetic and numbers, which is the so-called "can't believe it, can't believe it."

How are you in 2020?

It was said to be war in 2019, and there was not too much gun smoke, and Huawei was in big trouble. In the blink of an eye, the second elder brother made us chill again.

Jay Chou crushed Cai Xukun, feelings are as valuable as flow.

In 2019, Ma Yili left, Ma Yun retired, and time was like this non-stop sorrow; Li Jiaqi was funny in 2019, and Li Ziyi had numerous controversies. Among the wooden figures, the light and shadow were mottled.

In 2019, the world is big and life is difficult.

After so many years of rapid change, savage growth has become a habit. After adapting to the high-speed operation of the machine, I know how difficult it is for NetEase employees to complain.

We are like him, always sighing that the world is not worth it, and hesitate to enter this firework world without hesitation. The world will be good, please be nice to him, anger and grievances are the most powerless expressions, onlyMake the weather more severe.

Li Birthday

2019, although in a hurry, there is a difference in the end. In 2020, it is not easy to know, but we must always meet.

It will be harder and harder in 2019, and it will be fine in 2020.

Finally, we will still use the four transformations of Ziwei to give you some positive guidance for 2020.

In 2020, every Gengzi is born, and the representative character of the fleeting year is "expensive".

Taiyang Hualu: You need to be a noble, but you must also be a noble of others. Therefore, help others, and benevolence does not ask for reward. Sitting expensive and expensive, as long as you are optimistic and positive, and meet the challenge positively, your noble is by your side!

Martial arts power: Discipline is the top priority. Holding power does not mean taking advantage of the situation, but acting according to the law. Strictly discipline yourself and be generous with others, you can go even higher.

Taiyinhua Branch: Reputation is the second life. You must not forget your original intentions when you do anything, and you must adhere to the principles to start and end well and be praised.

Assimilation of Heaven: Don't be afraid of tigers and tails, and you will give up for three minutes, and you will give up easily. Let the negative emotions sigh, and sigh before you speak, and noble people will leave you.

The real life is a hundred times more complicated than you think, but what remains unchanged is human nature and human heart. This is exactly the reason why the numbers can make you feel "quasi".

As long as you adjust your mindset, work hard, and take the right path, a beautiful new life will come knocking immediately.

Note: The four transformations of Ziwei Doushu are the interpretation of the influence of astronomical phenomena on each of us in 2020, not specific to individuals. The viewpoint of the four transformations comes from Mr. Zhang Shengshu. Although Mr. Zhang is quite controversial, the positive and healthyThe "creation of life" theory, which treats us as knowledge to serve us, I agree.

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