Goodbye 2019: Thirty years old, I no longer pretend to have many friends

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Monarchy of Materialism :

In 2019, there are good and bad gains and tears.

We struggled in 996, crawled all night, but also witnessed an increasingly beautiful world.

In the blink of an eye, the first batch of post-90s also stood in their thirties.

New year is coming, may we stand higher and stand more straight.

Love you still in 2019, love you in 2020.


Thirty is a political chapter from The Analects of Confucius, "I have five and ten am determined to learn, thirty is standing, forty is not confused, fifty is destiny, sixty is pleasing, seventy is free from desire, notOvertake. "

In the beginning, the meaning of the word was not what we think of today. We were all deceived by "while standing!"

Confucius originally said that the six-year-old Xi Li was fully proficient at the age of thirty, which is a learning process.

Feng Youlan said: "Confucius said that he stood in his thirties, which means that he understood the etiquette at this time, and his words and deeds were proper."

Qian Mu said: "By the age of thirty, I can stand on my own, I can stand on my own, and never turn back."

And Li Zehou said most appropriately: "Thirty-year-old builds himself."

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So-called stand, stand up.

Set your own judgment system, know who you are, and you can have independent thinking and personality when dealing with things on earth.

Establishing the world's cognition system, understand what is going on in society, and be able to watch the fire when faced with complexities, so as not to fall into a mouthful of dust.

Earth to others' emotional awareness, learn how to get along with others, you can still have a warm heart at the moment of separation and reunion.

Twenty or thirty, or even forty. Establish yourself and give the rest to the time.

Wu Daojun wants to share some words today, it is not a guideline, it is only inspiration.

No matter how old you are, I hope they can become a masonry that makes you stand higher.

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Don't give others the power to summarize yourself

The initial form of the word "li" is to imply that "a person" stands on the ground. Before 30 years old, some people have their pockets. After 30 years old, they must always learn to face loneliness and togetherness, pain and joy, distress and joy.

Schopenhauer said: "You are born alone," a talent is the norm.

How to be alone and how to know yourself? Is the first thing you can learn at the age of thirty.

1 The so-called loneliness, I don't think it comes from interpersonal relationships with people, but because I want to establish my own self-existence as a unique existence in infinite space and time.-Tanagawa Shutaro

2 Don't give others the power to summarize yourself.-Jiang Fangzhou

3 I will do everything sincerely, I will think like Descartes, and attack the windmill like Don Quixote. Whether writing poetry or having sex, I must do it with great sincerity.-Wang Xiaobo

4 I think 30 years old is a new beginning in life. In the first 30 years, we have basically been learning how to endure, how to get along, and how to choose. After 30 years of experience, now we see unreliable people who will subconsciously hideOpen, change yourself in a situation that can't be changed, know how to shut up, be good at yourself, and don't be afraid to give up .—— Wang Xin anti-pants position

The most important thing for 5 people is to dare to face their own desires and weaknesses. Recognize it, satisfy it, and put it down.-Wang Xin anti-pants position

6 adults have learned badly, God is testing them, you have not yet been tested, you should live as your child thinks.-"Childhood"

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acknowledge Know your own ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world

The world is the appearance of self-will, whatever you look like, what you see around you.

Some people are clear-minded, and they see the darkness and light of the world, understand the rules of its operation, and the truth of the industry chain.

Learning the world after you know yourself is the second thing you can learn at the age of thirty.

1 When you were young, you wanted to understand everything, even in this society and in this era, you want to understand it. But you ca n’t understand it. You ca n’t even sit across from your favorite person.Understood. Later, when I got old, I realized that panic is youth. If you do n’t panic, youth will be gone.-Gao Xiaosong

2 Knowing one's ignorance is the most reliable way to know the world.-Montaigne

3 Anyone who lives honestly and encounters many troubles and failures and is not discouraged is smoother than those who only know that comfortable people are of value. One should never believe that there will be nothing difficult in the world.-Wilde

4 Life is such a process, a process that constantly transcends its own limits. This is destiny. Anyone is the same. In the process, we encounter pain, transcend our limits, and feel happiness. So all people are equal.We are nothing special.-Shi Tiesheng

5 It takes half a second to see through the essence of things, and those who spend a lifetime not seeing the essence of things, are destined to have a completely different destiny.-"The Godfather"

6 So far, you have survived what you don't think you will spend.-Netizens

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Parents are the last wall between us and the god of death

"The essence of man is the sum of all social relations", Marx said.

Many moments in life are brighter because of the participation of others. Those segments are not only defined by us, but also have the comments of others.

At the age of thirty, you probably experienced some regrets of life and death from your own ears or hearing, and died of other pain.

How to get along with other individuals? This is the third thing that a 30-year-old can understand.

1 I have always thought that the antonym of love is not love, until now I understand that the antonym of love is forgetting. I will not forget you, because I have always loved you.-"Looking for a Dream".

2 The most painful thing between two people is where you think you deserve goodwill and friendship, but you are bothered and hurt.-Rabelais

3 My nature is not sociable. In most occasions, I either feel that the other person is boring, or I am afraid that the other person feels that I am boring. But I am neither willing to endure the other person's boringness, nor the effort to make myself look interesting, which is too tired.I'm the easiest when I'm alone, because I don't feel bored. Even if I'm bored, I can bear it myself, don't involve others, and don't need to feel uneasy.-Zhou Guoping

4 I no longer pretend to have many friends, but return to loneliness and start my own life with the real me. Sometimes I ca n’t bear the torture of emptiness because of loneliness, but I would rather be in this wayTo protect your self-esteem, and you do n’t want to exchange that superficial friend at the cost of shame. You do n’t need to cater to it deliberately. The real you are just fine.-Yu Hua

5 Later, I found that in interpersonal relationships, there can be some indifference. On the other hand, indifference allows you to alienate yourself from excess information and emotions. Keep indifferent to things that are not worthy of attention, and passion, Meaning, and discourse are left to things that really deserve attention.-Jiang Fangzhou

6 It is not necessary for everyone to know who you really are, or it is not necessary for you to keep telling me what kind of person I am. Because this is invalid, people still only want to see what they want to see.——Chen Danqing

7 Love means you accept someone's failure, stupidity, ugliness, and then this person is still absolute to you. This person makes you feel that life is worth living. Seeing perfection among imperfections isThe way of love.-Zizek

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Stand up, stand upright, stand up to yourself.

In this way, you can have an independent spirit and a free mind, and you will not live in the evaluation system of others, and you will not be anxious, confused, and erratic.

Everything that we can see today including this article is difficult to tell right from wrong. Others talk to themselves. Only your own knowledge is the most important thing. You are just you, not others. New yearHere, I hope you can: don't mess with your heart, don't get stuck in love.

2019 is about to pass, facing losses, leaving regrets, but the best is now and in the near future. Live a bright, more important than anything. In the new year, I hope you can: do not miss the past, do not fear the future.


Happy New Year to you!

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