Will AI break the iron rice bowl of civil servants?

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Probably the tide of unemployment around 98 years, it is so frightening that many Chinese parents have gone to great lengths to send their children to state-owned enterprises and public offices to find an iron rice bowl. What's more, it costs dozens of dollars.Vantage, but the iron rice bowls of state-owned enterprises are not glorious, even monotonous and boring, and people's floating situations abound: people do n’t have specific KPI indicators, they do n’t have to write code, do manufacturing, sell products, etc.Being able to drink tea, read newspapers, and cultivate relationships, the interpersonal relationship is so complicated that it can be said that life is endlessly struggling. For example, some household registration offices are stamped every day, and some traffic police officers often post bills on the road.Also, the staff of the embassy is to constantly remind those who come to apply for a visa: no mobile phone, no lighter, and unceremoniously, most of these tasks require only a single thinking, which is very in line with automation and artificial intelligence.Application directions, such as just a drone to post a ticket for the road, a mobile, vocal robot can replace the guidance of the entire embassyAs for the staff, as for the stamped robot, it is better to research and develop. In terms of technology, a large number of civil servants' jobs can be quickly replaced by artificial intelligence, which is easier to replace than basic-level jobs such as assembly line workers, courier brothers, and waiters.

But the problem is that the position of public servants is naturally close to the "power center". Although management organizations around the world are bloated and inefficient, some departments are simply angry with the people, but everyone on the planet knows that the logic of the world's operations includes more than justScience and technology are more about power, system, and deep-level human issues. The job of civil servants is so complicated. Therefore, it is a systemic job for AI to smash the iron job of civil servants.

In addition, the more realistic problem is that civil servants have high job stability, but their overall income is not high, and they cannot support a more decent life. Moreover, because there is no actual KPI, employees have very limited work skills.As for everyone, you dare not leave your job. After all, you cannot cope with the cruel world outside. If the iron rice bowl is broken by AI, civil servants may fail to survive, and even cause small-scale social instability. In short, it is only a matter of time for AI to replace civil servants.But this time may be very long due to "human protection".

Duplicate, what civil service positions will be replaced by AI?

Actually, the entire work system of civil servants is indeed complicated and plays a more important role. Reform can only be carried out in a more secure way. However, if you look closely, there are still many homogeneous jobs or more monotonous jobs.I had a friend who worked in a private company before, and his monthly salary was about 8,000 yuan, but he still could n’t find the target. The parents also felt that his son's work in the private company was unstable, and he decided to spend a lot of money to help his son enter the state-owned enterprise.Obviously, if the power system in this area is upgraded, the meter can be connected to the Internet. Friends may no longer have to carry a ladder to check the meter, and the payment of the electricity fee can be handed over to WeChat and Alipay. It also means that the friend will lose thisWork; there is also the work of traffic police posting tickets, we must know that they are very hard, especially near the threshold, and in the cold windy morning, they have to go to work, the purpose is to post the ticket to the owner before the escape, and the current AI has noThe man-machine is very mature. It can send a few, circle a few times, take photos of illegal parking, andAnd can automatically send the captured pictures to the owner. After the owner's mobile phone receives the fine information, he can automatically pay the fine, thus naturally forming a "no one" fine system. Such a fine is inexplicable, but it is greatly reduced.Driver anxiety.

Obviously, some basic official positions will inevitably become the hardest hit areas replaced by AI, or these monotonous positions should not have existed. In addition, with the development of related technology, cloud computing, and big data, AI is also possible.Replace more complex tasks such as finance, auditing, and even court judges with AI robots.

In the public service system, there are a lot of jobs that need to be “reviewed”. Some sensitive positions need to undergo a lot of investigations. The judgment logic is not complicated, but the amount of data is very large. Some positions may involve the parents ’work status, family status, and regional priority.A series of parameters, including the relatives of direct blood relatives and collateral blood relatives within three generations. If manual investigation and review are used, not only the accuracy is not high, but it is also very time-consuming. For example, 15 staff members are required for a manual labor statistics review.It takes three days to identify one by one, which requires a total of about 500 hours of work time, while artificial intelligence only needs 5 hours, and the efficiency is simply incomparable. Obviously, such a comparison should not be frustrating. After all, on pure calculationHuman beings have already lost to computers, just as modern financial departments will no longer train abacus operations, and in the future those manual auditors, finance members and data statisticians will lose their jobs.

More excitingly, the legal departments of many countries are also actively introducing AI machine judges. They can understand legal provisions faster, more accurately, and in more detail. They can also continuously “learn” cases, accumulate law enforcement experience, and pass massThe data gradually improves the accuracy of judgment, and more importantly, AI judges will enforce laws more strictly and will not be disturbed by human emotional factors, so that they will make absolute fair and just judgments, and will not be subject to power and bribery.He did very bad behavior. In fact, China already has AI robots in court, which is a pioneer.

The general trend of AI, how can civil servants make a healthy transition?

Obviously, AI can't replace high-level management positions. Those management decisions that involve humanity and affect social stability still need to be completed by natural persons. However, the replacement of official positions by AI will definitely not refer to grass-roots positions, especially some needs.Emotional positions, such as police stations, street aunts and other grass-roots positions, need to coordinate the relationship between neighbors. AI robots are difficult to replace them. Some senior financial statisticians and bank employees are very dangerous. Generally speaking,However, artificial intelligence is difficult to replace all positions involving human emotions and positions that require emotional judgment. If it is the general trend that AI replaces some official positions, then a healthy transition should take human nature into consideration.

As a staunch supporter of science and technology, the author believes that the transformation of AI to the business system will definitely take place. Considering the sensitivity of power, such a change may not be ruined and dimmed, but it will definitely be stripped and gradually devoured.

In fact, the public service system is too large. It is already a modern disease that plagues the development of various countries. Even Japan and the United Kingdom are deeply troubled. The reason why everyone is optimistic about artificial intelligence is that it is able to understand human beings and process information.The simulation is highly advanced, and the efficiency is far higher than that of humans. According to the current development trend, the only thing that prevents AI from doing business is human factors. Obviously, before introducing AI on a large scale, countries must settle existing public officials, such asAfter a group of veteran employees retire, they will directly cancel related positions, and for young public servants, serious and rigorous corporate survival training is required. In fact, the AI ​​industry will also create more jobs while replacing some jobs.For example, after some stampers have lost their stamping jobs, they can definitely find a job as an "AI robot maintenance engineer". More importantly, the concept of change: There is no iron rice bowl in the world. We must continue to learn and cope with it.Cruelty. New Discoveries of Constantine / Text

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