A list of modern people pretending to be deceived by fitness: as long as you apply for a card, you will soon lose weight ...

2020-01-02 | Polar original |

This time, we should always be the most satisfied ourselves.

—— Polar King

2019 has passed, and many people have the same New Year's wishes: to lose weight, to lose weight, and to get better.

However, I saw a news not long ago: "According to the" 2019 Sports Consumption Trend Report "and public data, there are 100 million people in the country pretending to be fitness!.

We actively bought expensive fitness cards and bought enough sports equipment, but we were left behind in a blink of an eye.

With fitness consciousness, but no passion for exercise, determination to get better, but no perseverance. Looking at our body without any trace of training, we go further and further on the road of “pretending to be fitness”......

Today I will send you a list of modern people pretending to be confused by fitness exercises. Think about these "sports" of today, it is really "difficult to talk about."

Photo-style punch card fitness

Every fitness that is not aimed at selfies is equivalent to nothing.

At regular intervals, I will check in in the circle of friends, which makes people feel that they often go to the gym, but in fact, I have made a few circle of friends and went to the gym several times.

brain supplement fitness

Anderma ’s fitness clothes, treadmill, fascia gun ... what others have, what do I have. When buying equipment, there is no softness, I always feel that I bought it, just used it, bought it,You will lose weight. Before you start working out, just imagine that you will become a "sporty man" in a few months.

Finally, I watched these devices fall into ashes at home.

stepped open, but couldn't control his mouth

Screaming "Be thin into a flash of lightning" every day. Occasionally, I finally make up my mind to encourage myself to run downstairs and run at night. After running, I can't help but stand at the stall by the road.

It was difficult to persuade myself to take a step, but he was beaten back because he couldn't control his mouth.

The "cloud fitness" that only collects but does not do

The highest state of pretending to be fitness lies in "cloud fitness".

Every time I see a fitness video or a fat-reducing recipe, I forward the collection silently. Collection is equivalent to doing it, it is equivalent to losing weight. The collection never stops, and the action never starts.

Being cruel when reporting lessons, it will change to "Lin Daiyu" during class appointments

Put a huge sum of money to report a private lesson. Whenever the coach makes an appointment, he suffers from "Sickness Syndrome". Every week, there is a place that is uncomfortable. From stomachaches, headaches, to stomachaches, aDon't fall.

The biggest effect of fitness supplements, buy it is equivalent to drink

The supplement protein powder at home is super complete. I only drank it twice after opening the bottle. After two months, I remember to drink it again. I find that they are damp and caked, and the small spoon can't even dig.

fitness results are not important, others praise the most important

Since starting fitness, I bought a smart bracelet and a body tester, did two sets of Bulgarian split-leg squats, and took a heart rate chart to post Weibo: "Now you don't even have to breathe a few groups!" ThenCollapsed on the sofa waiting for comments.

People like to eat "grass" in front of people and shabu hot pot on the back

On weekdays, we only eat grass. We must have high-quality weight-loss ingredients. Chickpeas, purple cabbage, avocado, and quinoa, everyone has a "hello and self-discipline" look. In fact, it just makes up for yesterday's midnight barbecueTakeaway guilt.

Playing with a mobile phone on a treadmill is serious business

Develop a plan for reducing fat by ten pounds a month for yourself, and check in on the treadmill every day on time, but just a few minutes later, set the frequency to the slowest, while "walking" while swiping your phone.

Strength-looking "god-style" fitness

Go God-style fitness with headphones. After a month of fitness classes, I just listened to the music in the headphones. As long as the coach did n’t demonstrate, I did n’t remember to warm up.

Whether it is a circle of friends, or a regular chat, fitness, has become the standard for the younger generation. More and more people start to exercise, but more and more people are still "pretending to be fit."Every day, I have laziness and undiscipline in my back.

Fitness is a matter of self-discipline. Some people become better because they pretend to have nothing.

Starting in 2020! It's time to make a change. No matter what reason you start to exercise, please don't let down the blood of your decision making.

It's not easy to have a good figure, but once in a lifetime, we should always be satisfied with ourselves.

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Apart from fitness, what else do you need to change?

The next flag in the comment area, let's supervise each other ~

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