In 2020, be hard on yourself

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Not hard, you never know where your height is?


Recently, it was once again the annual large-scale summary site for human beings.

In the circle of friends, university students exposed the invitation to sign a photographer from a famous photography magazine, which reminded me of the agreement with her ten years ago: "We want to take pictures of the world!"

I met her at a college photography agency. At that time, we were passionate about photography and always dreamed of becoming an outstanding photographer in the future.

We often go together to make an appointment and wait for the sunrise on the hillside in winter; climb on the ground to shoot the ants and move; take a tripod to shoot the night scene everywhere ...

Image source | KatrineLucas

But this kind of day didn't last long, so I retreated a little bit.

"The equipment is not good if it doesn't shoot well"

"I'm really not this stuff"

"You must take a good picture to get the province and go abroad"

In short, I have a lot of reasons.

When I was looking for various excuses not to make a film, she had read the photography Bible "New York Institute of Photography" twice; when I only used Meitu Xiuxiu to add a filter and adjust the brightness, sheAlready learning how to use PS to post photos ...

Now, ten years have passed, and my photography level is only a little better than Xiao Bai. She has already become a photographer and a signing photographer of many galleries.

To be honest, I was sour when she showed her results from the 2010 era.

I find that many people, like me in the past, often underestimate the greatness of time and overestimate short-term progress.

We are always caught in a strange circle. With a little effort, we want to immediately see the harvest, but often forget that we need to give the seeds a little time to germinate, flower, and bear fruit.

Image source | Jiayou Sun


The real masters are long-termists

In Quick Hands, there is a craftsman named "Lone Creator".

He is not good at marketing or promotion, he just buries his head and holds a knife every day.

Every time he sculpts a piece of work, fans exclaim in the comment area.

After his carving, a humble bamboo will immediately become a work of art.

Among them, the most amazing thing is Sun Wukong he carved out.

A pair of fire eyes and gold eyes are staring at people, and the clear hair is vivid.

The person who can carve such a work is just a 25-year-old young man named Huang Feiyan.

14-year-old Huang Feiyu really doesn't want to study anymore, he dropped out of school without graduating from junior high school.

Because the conditions in the family are not good, he who lives in his uncle's house can only learn wood carving with his cousin.

It ’s hard to learn to sculpt. It often happens that you cut your hand. More exaggeratedly, when you sanded the work, your neck hit sandpaper, and you almost cut the aorta.

"Half-month rest at home only eased me over."

There is no way to go, then you can only go to the dark one way. It took 5 years to learn from the teacher, and then 5 years to study it by yourself.

For a full ten years, not only did Huang Feiyan counterattack from Xiaobai become a great god in the eyes of netizens, he also invented the bamboo root carving, a method that can only be carved by hand and cannot be replaced by a computer.

The true top master never depends on luck or cleverness.

They are long-termists, who will polish and grow in the long-term adherence.

Because only long-term adherence can bring together a small progress, and finally produce incredible changes.

As the classic saying in "Persuasion" :

"Therefore, you can't accumulate steps, no miles or thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become a sea."

Image source | Farid Askerov


The more capable the person, the easier it is to succeed

The level of persistence of most people has not reached the level of hard work.

On the Internet, there is a very hot picture :

Every day remains the same, 1 year later; 1 day grows a little, a year is 37.8; a day goes back a little, and a year becomes 0.03.

Although life is not as accurate as a mathematical model, but people who can insist on increasing life are far more than those who do not increase or even decrease.

Friends once said that their company had an event and trained online anchors for free. As long as they passed the test, they could sign up immediately, and the signing conditions were pretty good.

At first, looking at such good benefits, the registration channels at that time were paralyzed.

At that time, everyone's enthusiasm was very high. They were practicing speaking Mandarin and learning audio editing. From time to time, some people sent up the sound to make others comment.

But the excitement didn't last long. In less than half a month, only a dozen people were still practicing.

After a month, there will be less than ten people.

Three months later, the event is over. Only 5 of the thousands of people who have applied for it have been recording for 10 minutes every day.

Of course, these 5 people have become their anchor anchors, and they have a fixed part-time fee of several thousand yuan each month.

Image source | Eduardo Cano

The psychologist Angela Lee Dakworth, the conclusion that was found-the key to success is persistence.

She spent many years tracking and surveying students, sports stars, and even business successers at West Point Military Academy in the United States.Willpower to persevere.

As she said in her speech :

"Life is a marathon, not a speed sprint. Only those who can continue to run day after day can reach the final end."

Image source | David Crumpton


Qualitative change will only occur if enough quantity is accumulated

We are always in a hurry. We just planted a sapling over there, and I want to pick fruits to eat here.

Everything has its own maturity cycle, and only a patience can wait for a good harvest.

In history, there is such a person.

Since he was young, he has not been seen. He is not only ugly, but also unspeakable.

Parents saw him not going out at home every day, they just locked themselves in the house, so they wanted him to learn something.

However, he can't learn anything, whether he is learning a foreign language, ringing a bell, playing drums, or playing the piano.

It's so dull that even his father has no hope for him. He often tells people, "My son may be like this in my life. At the same age, he is far worse than me."

In those days when there was no imperial examination, he wanted to be a writer to come out on top.

However, no matter how he writes himself in the room, he has worked hard for a year to write the article, and he cannot be surprised.

Later, he decided to write down the three most famous cities in the world, and he searched around and kept learning about the three cities.

He only had this article in his heart, and he put pens and papers in the doorway, courtyard, and even the toilet, in case he suddenly got inspired and could write immediately.

Image source | Thom Holmes

For a full ten years, he finally wrote an "Sandu Fu".

This article became hot at once, and the family members of Luoyang City copied and chanted each other. Luoyang's paper was sold crazy, so "Luoyang Paper Expensive" came.

I think you all know, this person is Zuo Si, a famous writer in the Western Jin Dynasty.

From an ordinary person with ordinary talents, not even his father, to later famous writers, such counterattacks rely on not only hard work, but also a long wait.

Quantitative change can cause qualitative change. Many people's problems have not accumulated, and they are eager for qualitative change.

Many problems in life, in fact, it is not difficult, it is just willingness to carry through the most difficult waiting period.

But many people do not wait until the day when the qualitative change occurs.


Great life depends on compound interest thinking

In psychology, there is a well-known lotus effect, which talks about such a phenomenon :

The pond is full of lotus flowers, one flower on the first day, two flowers on the second day, four flowers on the third day, and eight flowers on the fourth day ...

The number of lotus openings per day is twice that of the previous day.

If on the 30th day, the entire pond is just open, then when the lotus is half full, it will not be the 15th or 20th day, but the 29th day near the end.

Does it feel incredible? This is the same reasoning as the old saying "Having a half-nine-thousand-mile journey".

In economics, there is a word called compound interest thinking.

It was originally intended to mean that even a small surplus would become a large amount of money over time through continuous repetition and profit making.

Actually, aside from wealth, there are the same operating rules as compound interest thinking everywhere in our lives.

No matter how small you do, as long as it is good for your future, as long as you give enough time, it can bring you unexpected benefits.

Image source | Gil Ribeiro

In Gansu Baiyin, there is a little star named Liu Jiazhuo.

In 2017, he became popular on the Internet with a video of a guitar, and even Gao Xiaosong forwarded it to Weibo and said, "After watching, smashing the piano! Whistle in the second half of my life."

At the time, Liu Jiazhuo was a 13-year-old elementary school student with no money at home and no guitar interest classes, just relying on himself to imitate on the Internet and teach himself to play.

After the fire, Liu Jiazhuo immediately attracted the attention of many parties, and many people were willing to fund his development in the professional direction.

He also released a new album and a concert this year.

Actually, before Liu Jiazhuo conquered netizens, he already had 6 years of study and exploration, and the explosion three years ago was nothing but a long-term accumulation and waiting.

Like the lotus in the pond, it was half full on the 29th day.

One of the hardest things is hard work and waiting at the last moment.

But many people gave up at this moment.

To borrow a word from Ma Yun, that is "It is painful today, it is painful tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful. But most people die tomorrow night."

Image source | Benjamin Davies


I have seen a group of photography works, which made me feel a lot of emotion :

Danish photographer Peter Funch has spent nearly a decade shooting passers-by to work. When organizing photos, he discovered an interesting phenomenon. Several people have been photographed many times in these years.

However, it is regrettable that time has passed so long, their clothes have changed and their wrinkles have increased, but the expression on their faces has not changed much. Happy people are as happy as ever, and mourning people are as usualfuneral.

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Looking at the photos one by one, there is an illusion, as if time has not changed anything.

Yes, this is the time.

It allows the people who make good use of it to continue to grow, and makes the people who harbour it do nothing.

Time can change a lot of things, and the same time will allow everything to pass in mediocrity.

The difference behind this depends on how you deal with it yourself, and your attitude towards time is exactly its attitude towards you.

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago and now.

whatever you want to do, just do it in time!

If you want to play the piano, go to the piano; if you want to draw, then go to learn to draw; if you want to learn English, then go to learn English ...

Life never starts at the latest, as long as you want to start, it is not too late.

As Granny Moses once said, if you do n’t learn to paint, ten years later, I will be an old lady; but after learning to draw, ten years later, I will be an old lady who can draw.

Finally, I hope that in the new year and in the new era, you are not afraid to start, and are willing to wait for the flowers to bloom.

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