Is New Year's Day a Chinese festival? What is the relationship between New Year's Day and Chinese New Year?

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The annual New Year's Day has arrived. This year is probably the shortest holiday in history. It hasn't entered the holiday status yet, so I have to go to work immediately.

How long is the holiday period? It is actually related to the weight of the festival. You can never think of it when you look at the Spring Festival! There were once a year of work in the middle of the year and 30 days, and it aroused the anger of the people across the country.

Why doesn't New Year's Day pay such attention to it yet?

New Year's Day is actually the most unique of all Chinese festivals. It is one of the oldest and solemn festivals in China and a festival set in conjunction with the Gregorian calendar.

New Year's Day, to be precise, it is a combination of Chinese and Western, and it is the only one.

Ancient New Year's Day is the same day as the Spring Festival?

New Year's Day, in its original meaning, the Yuan refers to the initial, the Dan refers to the sunrise, and the Yu refers to a day. The New Year's Day together means the first day of the year.

There are many other names for New Year's Day, such as Yuanri, Yuanduan, Yuanshuo, Yuanchun, etc. In the Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu's older sister Jia Yuanchun was born on the first day of the first month, so it was named Yuanchun.

We are now talking about the Spring Festival and Chinese New Year. The time is on the first day of the first month. In ancient times, there was no such term as "Spring Festival", but the ancients still did the New Year on the first day of the first month. In other words, the ancient New Year's Day is actually the predecessor of the modern Chinese New Year.

There is no need to explain the theory in this regard, it will be clear at a glance at the ancient New Year's Day customs.

"Book of Rites · Moon Order" records that the Zhou Dynasty emperor "is praying to God with the first day of the sun." There are also a lot of related ritual activities. Tianzi and San Gong, Jiu Qing, doctors, and princes have to do their own farming, andHold a grand feast of toil.

Later dynasties will carry out large-scale etiquette activities on the New Year, such as changing the year number and issuing a new decree. Foreigners generally also come to China to the Emperor He Zhengdan on New Year's Day, which means New Year.

The folk also celebrate each other on the first day of the new year, as described in Wang Anshi's "First Day" :

Except one year old in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warmth to Tu Su.

The next day, thousands of households will always exchange new peaches for old ones.

How is New Year's Day and the Spring Festival separated?

But some people still do n’t understand. Since New Year's Day is related to the Spring Festival, why is the New Year's Day not called New Year's Day, but January 1 of the Gregorian calendar has become New Year's Day?

When did this confused account start to get confused? Actually, it started to mess up as early as the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The reason is that the ancients were too fond of changing the calendar.

It is said that the first month of the Xia Dynasty was the first month. In the Yin Dynasty, Yin Li put the first year in December, the Zhou Dynasty set the first year in November, and the Qin Dynasty unified the year.The first month is set in October ...

In calendar terminology, which month is the first month of the year is called Jianzheng, and the so-called first month comes from here. The first day of the first month is New Year's Day, so Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, one dynasty and one New Year's DayIt's so confusing.

The Qin Dynasty calendar was used in the early Han Dynasty. The first year of the year was October, and the end of the year was September. Therefore, Liu Bang actually went to October in winter, and after spring to April, he returned to Changan and died of illness.

The emperor loves which month he releases the year-old premiere is his business, but in the final analysis, he must follow the principles of heaven and the people.

The first month of the year is the most solemn and most celebrated time of the year. It is set in the first month of spring, taking care of the seasonal cycle of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the starting point of agricultural production.

October in winter, the weather is cold and the weather is cold, and everything is withered and birds and animals disappear. There is no New Year's atmosphere at all.

So, when the Emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, he adopted the "Prince's Calendar" and put the first month back to the first month. Since then, the first month has been the first month until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Until the fall of the Qing Dynasty, Mr. Sun Yat-sen implemented the Gregorian calendar in order to unify the era and facilitate memorization. The first day of the old calendar was changed to the Spring Festival, and the New Year's Day moved to January 1 of the Gregorian calendar.

Why is there only one day off on New Year's Day?

Actually, the change of New Year's Day is a microcosm of the evolution of the traditional Chinese calendar. The reason why the old calendar is changed to the universal Gregorian calendar has real needs.

Ancient Chinese calendars include the Huangdi era, the emperor era of the dynasty, and the Ganzhi era. The ancient calendar records are cumbersome and exploding.

For example, everyone said that Daming was 300 years old, but if you open "History of Ming Dynasty", you don't even understand how many years in the Ming Dynasty.

Why, "History of Ming Dynasty" states that the DPRK was founded in the first year of Hongwu and died in the 17th year of Chongzhen.

WTF, with a stern look, I have to convert my mother to AD during the past two years. It took me half a day to understand that the first year of Hongwu was 1368, the seventeenth year of Chongzhen was 1644, and the total of Daming was 276 years.

Because of this tediousness, the Gregorian calendar was implemented in the Republic of China in the future. With Arabic numerals, it is easy to understand the upper and lower 5,000 years.

The calendar changes then, and calendar-based festivals naturally change.

January 1st became the Gregorian calendar at the beginning of the year, and the new year will change accordingly. Mr. Sun Yat-sen has set New Year's Day as the day.

But the Chinese are used to the New Year's Day. You give the whole calendar January 1st, how uncomfortable it is.

So the people ask, please return the Chinese New Year to our people. At that time, Yuan Shikai was in power, and he ordered another Spring Festival outside New Year's Day, and the time will be set on the first day of the first month of the old calendar. In this way, the Chinese and the Western are correct, and the big guy should eat dumplingEat as usual.

This New Year's Day festival, in this way, strips away the traditional New Year's meaning and becomes a pure Gregorian calendar and Western Festival. Like New Year's Day, many official festivals such as Women's Day, Labor Day, Children's Day, etc. are Western festivals.

But then again, New Year's Day in Western festivals is equivalent to Christmas. New Year's Day is just that we Chinese are reluctant to leave the New Year's Day tradition that has been passed down for thousands of years, so we have added such a festival, which is considered to be too large on the first day of the first month.Warm-up year. Have a good time in advance!

Since the New Year's Day is not a traditional Chinese holiday, it is not high status. In addition, it is too close to the Spring Festival this year. It is reasonable to shorten the holiday time to one day.

Although Yuan Shikai promoted the separation of New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, in the people's impression at the time, New Year's Day was still the Spring Festival.

Lu Xun wrote such a thing in "Choices of the Morning Flower": "Tomorrow is the first day of the first month. As soon as I open my eyes early in the morning, the first sentence must say to me:" Ama, congratulations! "Remember?You have to remember that this is a matter of luck for a year. Don't say anything else! After that, you have to eat a bit of blessing orange. "Mr. Lu Xun wrote immediately:" The ordeal of New Year's Day has finally been finishedLa."

With the passage of time, we are now used to separating the New Year's Day from the Spring Festival, because the Gregorian calendar really facilitates our lives, and the traditional Chinese calendar facilitates our labor.

To this day, New Year's Day and the Spring Festival have a new meaning. Even if the "New Year's Day" name is returned to the Spring Festival as public opinion, it still cannot change the new weather represented on January 1 each year.

This year's New Year's Day is very special. It is too close to the Spring Festival. Once New Year's Day is over, I am afraid that those of us who have been out of town have returned to our hearts. Parents who have not seen their children at home for many months have turned the calendar and waited for us everyday.

Although there is only one day of vacation, don't forget, there are weekends, and it will be a few days before the Spring Festival and annual holidays. Thinking of this, is it a sense of happiness even at work?

Wish you all a happy New Year here, and hope everyone has already bought a train ticket to go home.

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