Laba: Clear bowl of porridge as usual, nostalgic plum blossoms

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La Ba today, an important day at the end of the year.

We commemorate it starting with a "niannian", there is a bowl of porridge, another bowl of noodles, and a can of Laba garlic.

But when you were young, your parents always laughed, "Do n’t be stingy when you are a kid, it ’s years after Laba." But now the parents are the most stupid.

I want to say :

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In old Beijing, let alone drink Laba porridge, just mentioning it, who's mouth does not immediately produce a sweet and greasy feeling.

Before the season arrives, the housewife goes out, gathers eighteen kinds of dried fruits, and confuses them into a large pot.

As the saying goes: snoring, snoring and drinking a bowl, the freezing will disappear.

The times have changed, and the family has a hot stove, but people are still reluctant to abandon this trouble because of the sweetness made by the little fire.

It is the prelude to the year, Laba porridge is warm, not far from the Spring Festival.

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We often say that Shili fellow villagers are different.

In the area of ​​Guanzhong, Shaanxi, a bowl of Laba noodles is their ravioli.

Every day in Laba, the day is still not dawn, the handy mother-in-law uses a rolling pin to dang dangdang, pulls the long strips and puts in red bean soup, radish, tofu, and egg dumplings.The aroma is diffused.

It awakens the baby in dreams, the taste buds of strangers.

The noodles are slender and affectionate.

That one tangled in you one by one, there are people in the country, the affection in the face.

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As far as I know, Laba garlic has never been sold, it is always homemade.

There is no special recipe, nor does it require complicated craftsmanship. Just put the garlic in a jar, pour the vinegar, and place it on the north window.

But do n’t look at it as a small one, but pay attention to timing. The older generation said: “La Ba garlic can only be ba ba soaked, it is not green morning and evening.”

It ’s amazing. When people look at the Spring Festival with their fingers, when the 31st year arrives, the white garlic petals are like the emerald green and lovely, and the dumplings are exchanged for garlic and sweet reunion.

There are always things to wait for in life

Because I chose to wait

I just saw hope

Garlic is green, here is the year.

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What is happiness?

Happiness is the heat and oil fume that surrounds you and me.

What is a miss?

Yannian is a festive food for young children. It is a tie between the hometown people and a bowl of acacia.

Similarly every year, every year and every year.

The clear porridge and side dishes are as usual, and the plum blossoms are plentiful.

Today is a good day, the New Year is not far away, and the reunion has a period.

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