I don't dare talk to Hunanese anymore

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The magical shape is universal, the world is vertical.


The cold winter month is the season when the southerners admire the northerners.

Although they also live in China, some people can enjoy the snow scene when they go out, and they can enjoy heating at home.

Some people can only lie in the quilt shivering and rely on their righteousness to spend the winter.

Except for a province that starts with the word fú.

Yes, Fran Hunan people live in winter and have their unique way.

Grilling stove, also known as electric fire bucket.

Search the Internet, you will find that most of this stuff is produced in Hunan.

When the weather started to freeze hands and feet, Hunanese moved out of the fire buckets at home.

plugged in, the effect is comparable to a mobile radiator.

Warm feet, baked clothes, warm milk bread.

The larger size can also be used as a bed, and lie down directly to sleep.

Also living in the south, but having both snow and warmth, many friends said they would move to Hunan.

I want to break into the Hunan people and score three steps.

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The first step is to have a pure Hunan cavity.

Because of the Hunan TV program, many friends have a good opinion of Hunan accent.

If you accidentally catch a Hunanese, you can't help but ask someone to speak two Hunanese words.

But Hunanese are very depressed about this matter.

Because they don't know what Hunan dialect is what.

Five miles are different and ten miles are different, which perfectly summarizes the regional characteristics of Hunan.

From village to village, it feels like going abroad.

Everyone is a Hunan native, but he doesn't understand a punctuation mark.

This really affects communication!

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Fortunately, the people of Hunan have reached a consensus on Mandarin.

"Isn't it good to have wine and wine in the Lao Gao store together at night?"

Do you go to Lao Gao for dinner and drink together at night?

"Widely, don't get me drunk!"

Yes, don't get me drunk!



Listening is understandable, but ... why is there a taste of suò?

In the beginning, the people of Hunan did not recognize it.

"I'm so good at Didi Tengfa, isn't there a bit of Fran's accent?"

I think my Mandarin is very good, is there no Hunan accent, right?

They also confidently launched a normal reading book and wanted to help the Flemish people around them learn Mandarin.

However, when they go out, they are always recognized as their hometown.

Hunan people gradually realized that "Plastic Mandarin" was really a specialty of their hometown.

Also, plastic is just plastic, just understand it.

So, the magical "Supu" in Hunan has begun to run rampant.

It's like a virus, it's ten and one hundred.

Whether you are from Sichuan, Northeast China or Hu Jianren, you can't escape its palm.

And the sequelae are very serious, it is difficult to recover for a year and a half.

Chat with a Hunanese. Within two hours, you can be completely taken away.

It ’s not that everyone ’s resistance is too poor, it ’s really “Hupu” in Hunan is really easy to learn.

First of all, the tone is raised.

But pay attention to size, otherwise it is very likely to sing while talking.

Secondly, you must add a variety of mood words, such as slightly, 啵, thio, and da.

"Come here? Isn't it right? Don't you want it?"

But the main thing is that you have to learn to "do", this is the soul of Hunan "Supu".

In Hunan, everything can be done.

For example, Hunan teacher's teaching to students.

"College students, you can do it, but keep in mind that your mission is to learn. You must first understand the true meaning and direction of life, and then go to do something. Do I understand it?"

Source: UpFlow

For example, the leaders of Hunan have been giving advice to employees.

"Little Gao, it's boring to do such a big event. To do a good job of investigation and research, usually follow the old Zhang to carry out projects, don't close the door and do all kinds of activities."

For example, Hunan friends spit out classmates daily.

"Every day I get up early and do not study, I know that I am engaged in energy, and also said that I am engaged in environmental protection. Why do n’t you go downstairs to engage in community greening?"

There is no specific meaning about "engagement".

It can be doing, making, making fun of, making trouble, provoke, complete, implement, make, engage in ...

In short, do whatever you want, do whatever you want.

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The second step is to learn to enjoy Hunan-style life.

Many people ask Hunan friends when they meet, "Do you guys go to Hunan TV every day to watch stars?"

please, oh, they ca n’t get tickets themselves, there are many people who have n’t seen a star for decades!

If you want to resonate with Hunan people, you might as well learn to eat spicy food first.

As the saying goes, you can't become fat with a single stutter, you can't cross the horizon in one step.

Eating spicy food is not a matter of overnight. You have to start with slightly spicy food first.

But most people still experience the painful experience of giving up and getting started.

Picture | Good photo of Liangshan-photo

A netizen once wrote such a "testament".

Dining in Changsha,

The master asked me,

Not exactly spicy,

I said,

Slightly spicy.

Source: Zhihu Lin Xiaoning

Hunan people do n’t even have a little bit about spicyness.

They are slightly spicy, which is equivalent to the abnormality of Cantonese.

When you taste the first chopsticks and start to cry, they are so weird, "It's just slightly spicy, but isn't it slightly?"

Don't worry, you can't attack, you can take it out.

Picture | Changsha Eat and Drink-Photo

As the so-called pepper is so valuable, the price of rice noodles is higher.

The softest place in the heart of every Hunanese is left with a bowl of rice noodles.

For this bowl of rice noodles, they can abandon other food in the world.

Sometimes people ask, Hunan people use powder every day, aren't they tired?

This is really naive.

Do you think Hunan rice noodles are simple?

By city, there are Changsha Rice Noodle, Changde Rice Noodle, Xiangxi Rice Noodle, Zhuzhou Rice Noodle, Luzhou Rice Noodle, Hengyang Rice Noodle, Yongzhou Rice Noodle, Shaoyang Rice Noodle, Huaihua Rice Noodle, Loudi Rice Noodle ...

For a single Changde rice noodle, the yardstick side dish can be divided into shredded pork, fried sauce, fungus oil, marinade, hoof, ribs, catfish, beef, mutton, lamb slices, chickenSilk, duck strips, San Xian, beef tendon ...

Flat powder is soft and smooth, round powder Q is chewy.

Three meals a day, Hunan people can eat for a month without re-sampling.

Spicy soup cooked overnight, spicy and delicious yard, with unique Hunan rice noodles.

A bowl is in your stomach, your whole body is comfortable.

No wonder Hunanese have a cloud: "I wo n’t stand the bowl of noodles in the morning, the gods are not stable."

Fill your belly, and a few more betel nuts.

Hunanese love of betel nuts is beyond imagination, and the developed cheek is the best testimony.

But because of the beautiful Chinese character face and the potential threat of oral cancer, the younger generation is not chewing betel nuts much now.

They are more interested in health.

On the streets of Hunan, you may not encounter love at the corners, but you must meet Foot Wash City.

Yes, the coolness of Hunanese is on the feet.

Every night, half of Hunanese are washing the feet of the other half of Hunanese.

Picture | yangmiao26-Photo

This enthusiasm is not unfounded.

Everyone who lives there knows that Hunan only rains two times a month.

One half of the next month, two weeks of the next.

The heavy rain that I missed in those years, Hunan will make up for you.

It's common for clothes to dry out. It's not unusual to have mops and mushrooms in the corners.

Of course, in such humid weather, you need to pinch your feet to clear it.

Deliver the tired body to the massage chair, and sink your feet into the foot washing bucket naturally.

The hot water has not passed the ankle, and a warmth is transmitted from the toes to the heart.

With the master's full-bodied massage, Ren Du's second pulse can be easily opened.

Painful and happy on the feet, the more happy you are on your mouth.

This immortal experience really makes Hunan people want to stop.

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Step three, you have to understand Hunanese.

They live a Buddhist life, they are reminiscent of "Border City" written by Shen Congwen.

beautiful landscapes, simple mountain people, beautiful Huanghuang when singing folk songs ...

However, Hunanese are raised by peppers, after all, it is inevitable that they are irritable and angry.

A simple phrase "you want it, oh, it should be" what do you want to do can set off a storm.

High tones and high tones, most people still have some in mind, and they can't do illegal things.

high tone: temperament

So, they usually do not fight, the thunder and rain are small.

But I really have to get started. Eight horses can't hold it.

picture | oneQ 6 -photo

If you want to deal with Hunanese, you need to understand their subtext.

When you come across scolding and say "you wait with me", it generally means that there is nothing wrong, and the road will go side by side.

When you meet and say, "Let's try it with Laozigang again," Sasha hurriedly.

Don't ask why, tough life doesn't need explanation.

Either don't do it, or do it to the end, this is the principle of Hunan people.

If you want to use one sentence to describe, "It's just bitter, endurable, not afraid of death, it's pretty good."

You say impossible, they don't believe in evil.

The hard bones that others dare not choke, they can grind and chew up and swallow them in the stomach.

Picture | RooM-Photo

Zeng Guofan is such an example.

A scholar, who has not touched a few weapons before, dares to lead an army.

No battles and no defeats, none of the court favored him, but in the end he made a "No Xiang, No Army".

At the time of the Qing soldiers' defeat, the group of Hunanese who were not afraid of death was the Xiangtan who had lost his life.

Later on, Hunanese wrote half of modern history in China with blood.

A Chairman Mao has endless glory and greatness.

Thousands of Hunanese are fighting hard to resist their homes.

Even the invaders have to admit that Hunan is the most difficult place to conquer in the war of aggression against China.

The heroes and soldiers who have appeared on this land cannot be said for three days and nights.

But the Hunan people did not lie on the credit books to eat the old books.

Pictures | Zhang Xiaofa who loves to take pictures-photo

The Xiang Army in the new era has already laid down half of the rivers and lakes in the Internet.

for example,

Zhang Xiaolong, founder of WeChat, born in Shaoyang, Hunan Province;

Tang Yan, founder of Momo, Loudi, Hunan;

Fasthand founder Su Hua, native of Xiangxi, Hunan;

58 city founder Yao Jinbo, Hunan Yiyang;

Gong Haiyan, founder of Century Jiayuan, Changde, Hunan Province;


Which programmer can't shout out when he sees him?

Hunan people's blood and perseverance can break a sky in the war years, and they can also create a career in the peace years.

They are like wild grasses that endlessly burn, and the spring breeze blows, and they are full of vitality.

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