Qing Emperor in Qing Yu Nian has a historical prototype, or is it an emperor in history?

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Have you ever dreamed? Have you ever dreamed beautifully or just? Is it the one that reaches the pinnacle of life directly?

Ha, this dream is likely to have experience in all likelihood, because "the dream has its own face like Ru Yu, the dream has its own golden house, the dream has its own white rich beauty, the dream has its own ..." is actually everything in the dreamHave!

But if I tell you, some people do n’t just do this in their dreams, they do this in real life, would they be very envious, envious?

Fan Xian, who Wang Sicong couldn't match

If you want to say what drama is the hottest recently, it's "Ying Yu Nian".

Because, Fan Xian is the guy who makes us envy and hate!

Fan Xian ’s classmates have good talents, strong abilities, funny humor, and mentality. The key is other people.

As soon as I was born, there were people around him: Wuzhu, the invincible biochemical person, Chen Pingping, the "pro-aunt", the family minister Lang Jian who actively took the initiative to be a father, and even an illegitimate father, Qing Emperor!

While Wang Sicong can't compare with this background.

Of course, origin only represents the beginning, while Fan Xian ’s classmates did not lose their blood while upgrading all the way.

The so-called four great joys of life: "The young man marries Bai Fumei or Gao Fushuai, Beijing has a suite in the Third Ring Road, sleeps until he wakes up naturally, and counts his money to cramps." ······

In Fan Xian, these four joys are by no means "dreams come into reality", they are simply the sun shining, illuminating every pore in his body.

In short, watching the plot of "Yuan Yu Nian", the reeling like me and so on has a dark feeling of internal injury in minutes.

Fan Xian = Fukang An?

Everyone says that art originates from life and is higher than life. So, is there any source in history for such an “open hanging” to invincible life?

The answer is yes!

For example, Fukang'an in the Qing Dynasty is a reference prototype of Fan Xian.

First look at the family's origin: the grandson of the grandfather Fu Heng, the third son of Fu Guo, the "pro" nephew of Emperor Fucha, and even the illegitimate son of Emperor Qianlong rumor in the workshop.

identity similarity: 90%.

Look at the titles that people have been climbing all the way: Hubu Shiro, Vice President of Huanghuang Banner, General Shengjing, Governor Yungui, Governor Shaanxi, Jiayonghou, Hubu Shangshu, Libu Shangshu, Wuyingdian University Scholar, ZhongruiJiayong Gong, Jiayong County King.

Climbing similarity: 80%.

In addition, there are two people who have similar upgrade routes. We ordinary people are in the hard mode, but the others are always in the easy mode.

It is undeniable that Fan Xian's ingenuity is at work, but whenever a bug is encountered, the various helpers behind it can pay for the minute and pay for the patch, which helps Fan Xian to chop vegetables along the way.

Teng Zijing, Guo Baokun, He Zongwei, and Manager Li and other mobs were picked up by Fan Xian, and even the boss-level figures such as the prince, prince, princess, prime minister, and Qing emperor can only be in hisJumping in control.

Let's look at Fukang'an's "open hanging" life again. Although the continuous martial arts have continued, even more "buff blows" have held Fukang An to the position of "God of War", but in fact, there is no super-backstage Emperor QianlongExistence, how can Fukang An go all the way?

Ask: Who can be a deputy minister at the age of 17 the servant of the Ministry of Households? The so-called "brilliant" combat skills basically belong to Shijialang PK little ants, basically relying on the absolute strength of the Qing Empire,Press the dirt on the road.

The ratio of the two is similar. The similarity of Daguai upgrade: 70%.

So, you know, Fan Xian's historical prototype is basically Fukang'an.

Qing Emperor = Tang Taizong?

So, who is the prototype of Fan Xiansheng's father, Qing Emperor?

This depends on the historical framework first: The Qingyu Years are set in the Southern Qing and Northern Qi states. This is a proper way of overhearing history, because in our history, there are no two countries facing each other.

Northern Qi is true, but it was the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties that changed the country like a horse-drawn lantern. The royal family was a wild and shameless Gao family, and the opponents were Bei Zhou and Nan Chen.

From the perspective of the big picture, it's really different.

However, from the perspective of character characteristics, Qingdi Tuituo looks like an emperor—Tang Taizong!

First of all, let ’s look at the value of force: Qing Emperor is one of the four great masters. The value of force is naturally very stubborn, and immediately Emperor Tang Taizong, his preference is to charge.

This is the magic weapon for Tang Jun's victory. Tang Taizong claims that the emperor can fight the most, and the force value also has two brushes.

Second is the pro soldier: what is the ace army of the Supervision Institute-black riding, and the ace army of Comrade Li Shimin is-black armor, the attributes are all black.

Look at the process of the two people's superiority: Comrade Qingdi was originally the three princes. At least two brothers and two brothers had been hurled away from the throne, and these two hurdles were killed by force, and then Qing Emperor was justified.

Comrade Li Shimin, everyone knows that he killed his elder brother Li Jiancheng and his younger brother Li Yuanji before he was on the throne.

Also, the long princess is called Li Yunrui, and Qingdi is also surnamed Li. As for the surname of Li Shimin, I will not say it.

Overall, the similarity between Qingdi and Tang Taizong is 80%.

Long Princess = Princess Anle + Upgraded Princess Taiping?

The protagonist has a prototype, and of course the supporting character.

Look at the second prince and His Royal Highness, who can make you die.

Their prototypes are a bit too much, such as Yuan Shao ’s two sons Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang, and then Liu Biao ’s sons Liu Qi and Liu Ye…

However, I am afraid that Cao Cao ’s two sons, Cao Yong and Cao Zhi, are the most like: Qing Emperor ’s adulterous personality is the most similar to Cao Cao, and the fight for the Prince ’s reserve is more like Qing Emperor ’s pampering;The intentional test and comparison are really similar.

Second we look at the princess Li Yunrui.

This is a crazy and persistent woman: for the sake of power, she can not only sever emotions, conspiracy to assassinate, but even dare to rebel after defeat.

Her mind and courage are like two princesses in the Tang Dynasty: Princess Anle and Princess Taiping.

Let's take a look at Zhuang Mohan who is not too much in the drama. This literary master of the Northern Qi Dynasty is of high level, eloquence, and demeanor-it's OK.

His appearance mission was to participate in the peace talks between the two countries on behalf of Beiqi, and later he fought with Fan Xian, but eventually lost the fan, which was a plug-in, and anger sprayed old blood, almost losing his reputation.

And to say that this cute old man, in fact, he also has a prototype in history, he is the Xu Tang of the Southern Tang Dynasty.

This old Master Xu is also a literary master of that era. He has high prestige and is unparalleled in the world. The war was far from him. However, the Southern Tang was beaten by the Northern Song Dynasty.If the fight isn't working, let's engage in literary attack and we will send Xu Yan to ask him to defeat the Northern Song Dynasty with saliva.

Don't say, Comrade Xu Yan is really not simple. In the spit flying around, "Southern Tang is becoming more and more lovely, and Northern Song is becoming more and more unreasonable."Many ministers even suspected that they should not hit the Southern Tang Dynasty and should "coexist peacefully."

But unfortunately, Comrade Xu Xun finally encountered the Northern Song version of "Fan Xian"-Zhao Kuangyin: There is only one reason to hit you. On the side of the couch, do you allow others to sleep! Comrade Xu Xun also has only one bite of old bloodFurious.

Workplace Rules for "Qing Yu Nian"

In addition to the character settings, "Qing Yu Nian" also wrote some workplace rules, which is regrettable.

It is said that the original novel is widely circulated among many business leaders.

For example, Wang Qinian's skill pack. Wang Qinian, who appeared at the beginning, is a kind of profit-making "suggestion". As long as he gives money, he can do anything. As for discipline and ethics, he doesn't seem to have it.

Such employees can really be seen on various occasions.

However, this shortcoming does not stand up to Comrade Wang Qinian's skill pack-the world's first light work. With this ability, any tracking and inquiring news are trivial, plus brain aura and active, this is the best way to properlyAuxiliary.

However, people are sweet and flexible, these are all clouds, ordinary people with more brains can be made.

However, Comrade Wang Qinian's first light work in the world is his long-board advantage. Without this specialty, Wang Qinian is also a dragon runner, and he will be arranged to receive a box lunch in minutes.

Compared to our workplace, many versatile generalists do not necessarily like bosses, because they do not have absolute strengths, they cannot kill opponents instantly at critical moments, and those with long board advantages are significantly different.

For example, Comrade Yao Ming, standing on the ground can touch the rebound. Such a person, whether it is playing basketball or the town, the boss needs!

In addition, the best ending in "The Water Margin" 108 is the best doctor An Daoquan, the veterinarian Huang Fu Duan, the jade arm master Jin Dajian, the sage scholar Xiao Rang, and the iron called Zi Lehe.All five have absolute core competitiveness.

So, Wang Qinian's case tells us that it is better to give priority to supplementing shortcomings.

Another example is the "God" logic of the Superintendent Chen Pingping-"Four Gujian is the murderer": The prime minister Lin Ruofu's son Lin Ying was killed, but the murderer could not be found.

A group of dignitaries reasoned about the killer in front of Qing Emperor. As a superintendent, Chen Pingping said eloquently that the killer was the Grand Master Si Gu Jian. His logic was: Lin Gu's disciples were used by the Gu Gu Jian, but they died in the end.Nan Qingguo, so he was going to kill Lin Ying and vent his revenge.

Well, this "powerful" logic can't be added, but it makes Qing Emperor clap his hands: Yes, the murderer is the sword of all kinds.

Actually, no matter whether you are the emperor, the prime minister of the old churros level, the prince, the second prince, or Fan Xian of the official white rank, no one believes at all, but everyone has reached a tacit understanding: the boss believes, That's right!

In this regard, some vain white professionals in the workplace are very touched: obviously I am right, why the big boss chose the manager's plan, but scolded me?

The event of "Silhouette of Swords and Swords Behind the Pot" tells you: Xiaobai, it is respectable to insist, but the mind of the boss is the most important!

Why is "Qing Yu Nian" hot?

To put it plainly, "Qing Yu Nian" is a historical cauldron stew.

Perhaps it is the scales and claws that Shi Hai hooks and sinks from time to time, which makes the overhead drama "Qing Yu Nian" not absolutely illusory and sloppy, but always makes people feel a little familiar.

Lei Jun once said something very reasonable: standing on the wind, pigs can fly up.

As one of the earliest batch of cross-texts in the 10's, Qing Yu Nian was the net-text flying pig that stood at the air vent at that time.

At that time, it coincided with the painful period of the global economic tidal wave. Under the sweep of this tide, the young generation of the 80s has undoubtedly become the most vulnerable and stressful existence.

The former arrogant ambition turned to the confusion of reality, but at this moment, a series of cool texts such as "Qing Yu Nian" stood on the wind and stood up to the wind: what cannot be achieved in reality, in cool textIt's not a problem at all. And all kinds of open lives, plus the burden of constant trembling, can make people feel dark injuries in minutes!

In other words, "Qing Yu Nian" satisfies the realistic needs of young people to ease the pressure on their lives. This is the root cause behind the dramatic fire.

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