Pick up the God of Wealth in the new year, do you know which one your family picks up?

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The Gregorian New Year has just passed, so can the Lunar New Year be far behind? As the saying goes, it is the year when the lunar month is entered. At this time of the year, the gods from all walks of life start to dispatch.Sanqing Daozu ... Blessings to the world have come to keep you safe.

If there is a vote among the deities, the one most popular among the Chinese people will surely be the God of Wealth.

Folk legend, the fifth day of the first month is the birthday of God of Wealth. Regardless of the north and the south, fruits will be arranged on this day. With great reverence, we welcome the great god who has a year of wealth.

But the heart is sincere and the love is deep. As to which way to pick up the God of Wealth, people today may be a little bit confused.

There are dozens of God of Wealth, do you know which one? Do you know which God of Fortune is the most suitable to live in your home? Do you know that there are any particulars about receiving God of Fortune ...

Various and dazzling: too many Chinese gods of wealth

The Chinese love wealth, so they create the most wealthy gods.

The first one is the most serious and upright, with a high status is the God of Wealth: such as Bigan, Zigong, Fan Ye, Guan Zhong, Wang Hai, Bai Gui, Guan Gong, Zhao Gongming.

The second kind is a partial god of wealth derived from folklore and Taoism: such as Li Guizu, Liu Haichan, Wulu Shen, Duo Wen Tian Wang, Li Shi Xian Guan, Zhao Cai Tong Zi, Shan Cai Tong Zi, Hua Guang The Great, JinMr. Yuan, Hehe Erhe, etc.

The third type is the quasi god of wealth, which is also a part-time god of wealth: such as the Lord of the stove, the Lord of the Land, the Lord of Heaven, the Maitreya, one of the Eight Immortals, Zhongliquan, etc.

The fourth is a local God of Wealth: For example, Jiangnan paid homage to King Wu of the Han Dynasty, Liu Ye, this man once opened a mountain in Wudi to mine and cast copper for money. There is also Shen Wansan, a great wealth and god, and Jiang Song and Yan SongI ’ve been to Shi Chong. In some places in Hunan, Han Xin was once offered, this brain circuit does n’t know how to go.

Evolved to later, the Chinese were nothing and could not be the God of Wealth. The legendary beast that only eats, does not pull, and only enters and exits has also become the God of Wealth.

According to this trend, as long as you have a bit of money, wealth, and luxury, contemporary grandpas are expected to be put on the table by wealthy Chinese sooner or later.

such as Jack Ma, "Small Goal", Richest Man ...

The God of Wealth Zhao Gongming turned out to be a kid

Well, we don't care about the list of Gods of Wealth. We only talk about the origin of some gods of wealth. As long as you wait for these gods, generally you will have no problem with your wealth for a year.

The God of Wealth is divided into the God of Wealth and the God of Wealth.

The elder brother of the God of Wealth is Fan Ye.

△ The image of Fan Ye in the film and television drama

Speaking of Fan Ye, I have to admire the people who have lived this life, and helped the Yue King to kill Wu. After resigning, he did n’t do it. He ran away to the world ’s first beauty, Xi Shi, rafted five lakes, ate hot pot and sang Xiaoqu to his son.Business also makes hand cramps.

It's like Ma Yuntian guarding the West Lake to count money to play, and Fan Ye is not so chic.

The words of Wu Caishen are Guan Gong and Zhao Gongming.

Master Wang is responsible for justice, loyalty and force.

The other God of Wealth, Black Tiger God Zhao Xuantan Zhao Gongming, the source is a bit tortuous.

In the beginning, he was one of the "Three Generals", the ghost king in charge of killing people in Search of the Gods. In the Sui Dynasty, he became the god of plague.

The Yuan and Ming dynasties changed again and became "Marshal Zhengyi Xuantan", specializing in teaching and law enforcement. It was not until "Feng Shen Yan Yi" that Zhao Gongming was finalized.

Zhao Gongming was turned over by Jiang Ziya, and he died after death. The four generals present: Zhaobao Tianzun Xiao Sheng, Nazhen Tianzun Cao Bao, fortune ambassador Qiao Youming, and Li Shixian Guan Yaoyi, from then on Zhao Gongming becameProfessional God of Wealth that welcomes Xiangxiang and blesses wealth.

The origins and characteristics of several God of Wealth gods are different, and the way of receiving God of Wealth is naturally different.

If it is an ordinary people, not a merchant, it is usually a god of wealth and wealth, and if you make a lot of money in business, you usually ask a god of wealth.

There is no special requirement for the material of the idols. Wood carvings, clay sculptures, and even portraits are acceptable. The only requirement is that there must be no cracks, paper splicing, or color blocks falling, which means leaking money.

If it is a big chamber of commerce, the industry welcomes the God of Wealth, you must also ask the Taoist Master to open the light.

But whether the guild invites the god of fortune, or the individual asks the god of fortune, you must pay attention to it. In Taoist legend, the god of fortune is vegetarian, and the offerings can only be fruits, refreshments, and candles.

If you carry three pigs, cattle, sheep and sheep, you will probably do bad things with good intentions, and you will lose a year of fortune.

Why do Chinese love God of Wealth?

Gentlemen love wealth, and they have a way to do it. Hard-working Chinese people do not expect heaven to make money in the first place. The reason for respecting the god of wealth of all kinds and variety is in fact only to place people on the beautiful desire for wealth.

Especially at the beginning of the year, pick up a small statue of wealth, and ask for the great prize of "a wealth of wealth, prosperity of wealth", so that you feel comfortable, make a good start for a year of hard work, why notFor what.

In this sense, no matter Guan Gong, Zhao Gongming, or Bigan, Fan Ye, they are lucky symbols and lucky symbols to send blessings and blessing fortune in the New Year.

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