What is more terrible than a fire for the Amazon rain forest?

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The robbers are the death plague of the Amazon rainforest. In order to gain money, some adventurers went deep into the rainforest, illegally felled trees, set fire to the forest, and killed wild animals ...

A hundred-year-old giant tree was penetrated by sharp blades, blizzard-like sawdust and debris flew, and within half an hour, the trunk burst like lightning, and the towering giant tree fell suddenly. Countless small trees in the giantThe tree was broken when it fell down, and in this way, the rainforest died.

Although in the Amazon rainforest with the title of "Lungs of the Earth", the international community and local governments strictly prohibit deforestation. However, in the eyes of robbers, Amazon is an inexhaustible treasure island.

The beautiful rain forest is suffering from the plague. They have established a tight organization deep in the rain forest, weaving various networks and forces for themselves with money and force, and wanton logging. Every minute, there is areaThe Amazon rainforest, about the size of two football fields, was cleared, and most of them belonged to them.

After the felling, the stump-covered land is burned and is waiting to be sold to farmers or miners. Because the robbers only pick the area where rare and huge trees are grown, and every year, in January, at the end of the dry season, overlook the rain forestIt's ugly like a patch of green fur.

Countless animals and plants have lost their homes in the illegal logging, and the indigenous people of the rainforest have been forced to leave their hometown by bloody violence. In Brazil and Peru, most of the indigenous people live in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Their hometown is called IndianReservations.

Rainforest Fighter

"Without the rainforest, we have lost everything." The aborigines remember the words handed down from their ancestors.

For thousands of years, the Indian Kapal people hunted for survival in the rain forest east of the Amazon. In the Indian language, the word Kapar means "people in the jungle." KaparKnow how to get along with the rainforest. When they need to cut down a tree, they will ask the mother of the forest for forgiveness. They never hurt the seed tree, let alone a towering giant tree that is hundreds of years old.

But in Amazon, the most stolen loggers are the big leafy red hearts among the giant trees.

This precious tree is loved by furniture dealers because of its tall and thick trunks and beautiful wood texture. Because of this, in the past few decades, large-leaf red mahogany trees have suffered crazy logging. Today, throughout the entireIn Brazil, this precious wood can only be found in the Indian reserve deep in the rainforest. Therefore, the tentacles of the pirates have penetrated into the reserve.

The Indian reserve where the Kappal is located is called the Alto Tuarisu Reserve. In Alto Tuarisu, the farther you leave the Kapar village, the more tree stumps will remain after logging. Every timeA few tens of meters, a stump with a diameter of about 1.5 meters will appear on the ground, and several people will embrace each other to surround the entire trunk. Most of them are large leaf red mahogany.

In the early morning of the rainy season, the warriors of the Kapar ethnicity are conducting the 34th patrol in the dry season. They will cross the river, enter the highlands, search for robbers, and drive them out of the reserve.

They have lost 16 warriors in more than a month.

death mark

The team stopped suddenly because they found special marks on the trunks of several large-leaf red mahogany trees. The muscles on the patriarch's face tightened, and he recognized at a glance that those symbols were the "death that scared everyone"mark".

The patriarch knows that the mark is a mark made by the "pathfinder" who stole the logs.

Everywhere a robbery goes, an expert is sent to identify the tree species. These experts are called "pathfinders." "Pathfinders" look for expensive trees deep in the rainforest and use a knife when they find them.Fork or other marks are engraved on the trunk to guide the subsequent lumberjacks. After being marked, the tree will be sawed down by the subsequent lumberjacks within 24 hours.

The marked trees are mainly large-leaf red heartwood in the early years. With the increase of deforestation, it is difficult to find large-leaf red heartwood. The “pathfinder” looks for other alternative trees for the organization, such as bitter match.Bashu, Brazilian bean, cypress, etc. In fact, these trees have a greater effect on the ecology of the rainforest. Once these trees are also cut down, the rainforest will usher in irreversible damage.

This area in front of which is full of huge trees is clearly listed as a key illegal logging zone.

Kick off the sentry

A dazzling fissure emerges from the wet ground. It is an artificially trampled path. Follow the fissure to the end, and a temporary camp appears in front of it. The camp is constructed by the branches of a large tree and a person sleeps in a hammock.Black and thin, standing on the ground with a shrug of his shoulders like a ghost. He is a sentry guarding the camp and helping the lumberjacks care for daily necessities.

"What else can I do without this? They pay me."

The sentry came from a farther rain forest, where his hometown had been completely cut down and reduced to a soybean plantation. After losing his home, he worked for the robbers. The warriors drove the sentry out of the jungle and set fire to the fire.Camp.

Kapaer warriors patrol the area as far as the edge of the reserve. Although the warriors carry bows and shotguns, they will not shoot unless they have to. As a result, what the prisoners do is captured.It is to destroy their tools and drive them out of the reserve.


Kapaer warriors patrol deep in the rainforest throughout the dry season. Threats and violence are becoming more frequent.

Thousands of people are threatened by thugs. The warriors did not give up fighting. In the second half of 2015, the people got help from the international non-governmental organization Greenpeace, and began to install surveillance cameras in the jungle to monitor the gang's illegal logging.Activities to protect their homes. Clan people are trained to use technology equipment such as cameras, trackers, computers and hard drives. These devices can help them lock more logging areas and improve patrol efficiency.

While using high-tech equipment to monitor the reserve, every day in the dry season, the Kapal warriors will continue to patrol since more than 3 am. At the time of the mission, they wore green shirts and heads distributed by Greenpeace.The logo of the Dekapar tribe-made of macaw and cockatoo feathers, on their clothes and on the memory card of the camera, they are carefully identified, and the label is a turtle pattern.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the Kapals, the Alto Tuarisu Reserve is the only green space in the state of Maranhao, Brazil. Satellite images show that extensive deforestation is abrupt on the edge of the reserve.Only, just like a knife.

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The Brazilian rainforest with an area of ​​more than 200 football fields has been destroyed. At least one species disappears there every day. In the past 100 years, in Brazil alone, more than 90 Aboriginal tribes have disappeared.Knowledge of rainforest species, medicine, culture, and music is also lost.

Because the fire hit the jungle, the dragon-like smoke rolled in the air, covering the sun. The animals fled. The nearby residents had difficulty breathing.

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