Painting nude is a hooligan? Art artists are not allowed to paint nude. Is it stupid or bad?

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When referring to modern Chinese painters, everyone can think of Li Keran, Fu Baoshi, Huang Binhong. Their works are basically landscape paintings. If they are famous for oil painting, I am afraid we only know Mr. Xu Beihong.

But not long ago, Christie's Hong Kong sold Chang Yu's painting "The Five Naked Girls" at a high price of 300 million, which broke the personal auction record of nearly 200 million yuan for painters more than a month ago. This auction is a follow-up to the "Five Nudes" in 2011After auctioning in Hong Kong for HK $ 128 million, it once again set Changyu's personal auction record.

This kind of sky-high work, by reason, the author Chang Yu should be famous in China, but let alone compare with Xu Beihong, it is contemporary. People are afraid of Chen Danqing, but they do not know Chang Yu.

China's Modigliani: Chang Yu

When I first learned about Chang Yu's paintings, he was attracted by the label of "good at painting naked girls." It must be known that in the soil of China that has bred thousands of years of traditional Chinese painting, Western painting only began to be introduced in the early 20th centuryChina, especially nude paintings, is not as popular as Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian's works.

Unlike Lin Fengmian and Xu Beihong, who were committed to the reform of Chinese art education after Xue Cheng returned to China, Chang Yu, who had lived in France all year round, experienced great ups and downs, and remained unknown until his death.


He does his own thing and has his own unique point of view in art. It is said that Chang Yu did not study in the Academy of Fine Arts like Xu Beihong and Lin Fengmian, but prefers to sit in a cafe while watching "Red Mansion" or playing the violin while creating.

Chang Yu is called China's Modigliani. Modigliani competed with Picasso and other mainstream painters by his own efforts, but he devoted himself to the pursuit of dedicated art.

Comparing the two, not only because they are good at painting nude figures, and their life course is similar, but also because of the almost neurotic pure emotions in their similar painting style.

The naked girls drawn by Chang Yu are drawn by lines, flat and colored, plump and plump: some of them look at people with one eye, seemingly thoughtful; some of them stop talking, and there is a look of disdain between the eyebrows.… Like Modigliani ’s naked girl, she has a self-lyric expression of “can't talk to people, and hurt alone”.

The expensive "Nude Girls with Curved Legs" and "Five Naked Girls" that he shot were his purely spiritual pursuit of self-analysis, emotional disclosure, and return to the self.

However, if it were not for the sky-high bidding, Changyu would probably not have caught the attention of domestic people.

Similar to Chang Yu is her friend Pan Yuliang.

Pan Yuliang also has a legend or a miserable life. She lost her father and mother at an early age, and went through the hardships of orphans, young prostitutes, babies, and art seekers, and finally became a generation of art people.

Portrait of Pan Yuliang

As the first person to be admitted to the Royal Academy of Paintings in Rome, Italy, her works have won numerous awards in the international community, and have been hailed as "the soul of a generation of paintings" in the early period of the Republic of China.

Pan Yuliang's works tend to be a fusion of Chinese and Western styles. She boldly explores and unabashedly reveals her bold character and artistic pursuits under the brushes and colors of the brush, full of emotion and strength.

Pan Yuliang also learned to return to China, but she quickly left because of the so-called "original sin". During the Anti-Japanese War in 1936, the patriotic Pan Yuliang created a "Manpower" to show the Chinese anti-Japanese determination and sent it to China for exhibition.

Unexpectedly, many people expressed contempt for Pan Yuliang and his paintings, saying that "this is a prostitute's praise to the butcher" and tore up the work.

Since then, Pan Yuliang never returned and died in Paris, France after his death.

Why is nude painting a restricted area in China

Chang Yu had no fame during his lifetime. Pan Yuliang's heart was changed for sadness. The root cause was their "naked paintings", which was incompatible with the Chinese tradition. People subconsciously regarded "naked paintings" as a kind of stigma.

In fact, as early as 1914, Liu Haisu already offered a human body model sketch class at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts; Li Shutong, who created the "Changting outside the ancient road", is also the master Hongyi. In the years of teaching at the school, he once did it for students.Mannequins; Xu Beihong's "Nine Fangxiongs", painted in 1931, was the first person to implant nudes in the creation of Chinese paintings, a typical combination of Chinese and Western.

Uncle Li

But they all faced skepticism during the same period and faced the pressure of public opinion. For example, when they saw Liu Haisu's exhibition, a female school principal scolded "Liu Haisu is a traitor in art, a gangster in education! Displaying nudes openlyPainting, this great wound. "

To this day, nude painting is still a restricted area in China. In September, netizens uploaded a set of classroom photos of the dean of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts demonstrating human sketches. What was unexpected was that a normal course in fine arts actually triggered some netizens.The heated discussion on the topic of "should you draw nude", even a lot of people in the comment area uttered fiercely, accusing the school and the dean of using nude models for sketching is outrageous.

It seems that the introduction of nude paintings in China has been long enough and still not accepted. Opponents hold the following views.

"Nude" is a sensitive word. In their eyes, the art of nudity is linked to sex and pornography.

Or people with conservative thinking, who think "naked" is a blasphemy of the body. In the past, this was a shame, especially for women.

What's more, this topic involves equality between men and women. Because most of the body art works they see are women, they conclude that human sketches only paint women, which is disrespect for women.

In fact, people have dynamic beauty and are the most complex regular bodies in nature, so only by accurately grasping the structure of the human body can they express themselves freely in figure painting.

In the eyes of art students, human body sketching is more normal, and it is also a required course for most majors, especially for professional Western painting.

In the process of sketching, they often pay attention to the structure of muscles, the junction of light and dark, and other knowledge points.

In the face of controversy, the dean Pang Maoying was also very surprised. He did not expect that normal teaching behavior would cause such a big wave. The use of mannequins in human sketches is allowed by the country and is scientifically compliant. It is also a global art academy.School universal way.

Based on this, he said that the students' attitude towards models was respected when they took human body sketch classes, and that they were studying the other party as a still life and an object. They did not have the "evil thoughts" mentioned by netizens, and they were impressed by Chinese art education.Popularity still has a long way to go.

After so many years, art is constantly developing in innovation, and some people's thinking is still deeply ingrained.

As Mr. Lu Xun said, "at the sight of short sleeves, I immediately thought of white arms, immediately of nakedness ... immediately of illegitimate children. The Chinese imagination can only make such a leap forward at this level."

For this group, you can only say that prostitutes see prostitution, all you see is your inner mapping.

Chinese art aesthetics

However, art shows the precipitation of ideas behind a nation, which is also a manifestation of the cultural conflict between China and the West.

In the West during the Renaissance, Michelangelo and others had nude sculptures. Da Vinci also painted body paintings. In connection with historical background, their works are not just pure art, but proclaimed the rise of humanism., To break through the shackles of religion and theology, to dare to declare war on the old forces.

This can also be found in the "other or the other" of Western philosophy. "There is resistance wherever there is oppression." Religious oppression is too harsh and time is too long, the more intense the resistance becomes.

In contrast, China, our philosophers and a hundred schools of thought, our long human history has always been abundant, religious culture is only a source of material in Chinese culture, plus our Confucianism said "the golden mean", Taoism said"Yin and Yang are one", so what we are after is a kind of perfect harmony.

For westerners who want to see a person inside and out, we prefer to keep a little space for reverie.

For example, to evaluate a woman who looks good, we Chinese will say "sinking fish and geese, closing the moon and shame", this is an elegant and implicit tone, a feeling of focus; Westerners will say that the woman's measurements areHow much, a bunch of cold data presented in front of you.

Thousands of Rivers and Mountains

When it comes to art, especially painting, Chinese painting pays attention to freehand, while Western pays attention to realism. Chinese use feeling to paint, and Western people use reason to paint.

So Western body paintings give people the impression that their visual senses are strong, but to capture the inner changes of a person, they have to look in Chinese painting.

Back to the theme, art has no borders, and Chinese and Western aesthetics are different, which does not affect our learning of Western art.

Pragmatically speaking, for painting the human body, the artist's eyes basically have only structure and lines, just like doctors only have organs in their eyes when facing the human body.Unbearable, let alone take it for granted that painting a human body is pornography, and nude art is equivalent to pornography.

This crude and vulgar understanding is obviously a layman, but also a misunderstanding and blasphemy of the art itself.

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