Why Sun Wukong's "open high and go low" life is completely sad

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The Monkey Monkey in "Journey to the West" is definitely a phenomenon-level "male god" in the mind of the post-80s generation. Especially during the trouble of the Heavenly Palace, there was almost a rhythm of "God blocking the gods and immortals blocking the immortals."Only Erlang Shen can be the opponent.

But since hitting the path of access, the monkey has fallen all the way to the altar, but he ca n’t beat the demon, and he is looking for help everywhere ... The purity of the Qitian Dasheng gold signboard has changed from 24k to "gilded".

Whether Sun Wukong ’s “going high and going low” “monkey birth” was swollen?

"Children of Hanmen" entered 985

Speaking of Sun Wukong, he jumped out from the crack of the stone, couldn't fight his dad, and couldn't rely on his mother. It was pretty cold.

Fortunately, he has the ambition and knows how knowledge changes his destiny. He just went to a 985 school by himself-breaking away from the "Xiaoyue Sanxing Cave, Lingtai Fangcangshan" outside the Three Realms.

The teacher is still the world's top blogger—Bodhi ancestor.

After entering school, monkeys are also very furious. Not only have they learned ordinary spells and magical powers, but they also mastered the two great ancestors of the ancestors: 72 changes and somersault clouds.

Although the initial purpose of learning these two magic skills was to escape from the calamity three disasters, the monkeys have since possessed core competitiveness and are basically invincible.

Today, employees with core competitiveness are also popular everywhere. For example, Internet companies, others are still playing Java and ASP, but you have already learned Android and Apple, you have first-mover advantage.

So, Sun Wukong after mastering the magic skills, a little bit drifting.

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers

In general, the life of a male monkey may be "eating, drinking, and playing" for more than ten years, and then find a female monkey to carry on the lineage. After this monkey is born, it goes without saying that it is in the heavens, and even the tiger's tail is afraid to touch.

But Sun Monkey has a lot of ideas, he will always remind himself: I am a monkey that can escape from the calamity, I must touch the tiger tail all over the world.

The "monkey" we are familiar with began the life of dragging a tiger's tail.

The first tail it dragged was from the Four Sea Dragon King. From here, the monkey earned the first barrel of gold born to the monkey: a gold hoop and an armor.

Later, the name of the book of life and death was ticked off from the prefecture. From then on, "the nine types of nine and ten were removed from the name", and the "jump out of the Three Realms, not in the Five Elements."

This job release is Xiaobai's first job in the workplace, who cares what background and background of the opponent, "I'm Xiaobai, who am I afraid of?"

Even the heavenly court, the initial sentiment of the giant spirit god, the four heavenly kings, and Prince Nezha were all sorted out by the monkeys.

If you are new to the workplace, put down the strength of your rival company one by one, or even reach the level of demand. It is estimated that you will sing like "monster is an attitude, and crazy is not."Bound, wild waves, wild waves ... "

The monkey's appetite is also getting bigger and bigger: From the beginning to avoid the death of the old and the sick to the immortality, and from the rank of the Xianban to the top.

White in the workplace, all the way through the level, and finally mixed into a "high responsibility", "Qi Tian Da Sheng", this is how the monkeys on the East Coast could never have expected the "monkey birth" peak!

There are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside

Happiness is always short-lived, and the monkey soon meets the opponent of "Chess meets his opponent"-Erlang Shen.

About Sun Wukong and Erlang Shen who are powerful, this is a topic that is often hanged by children in childhood, in the hearts of many people: the monkey's combat power must be better than Erlang Shen.

But after many years, after reading the original book, I learned that the monkey was actually surrendered by Erlang God, and even had a psychological shadow on Erlang God.

In terms of ability, monkeys can, basically Erlangshen can also.

On the baby, there is only one monkey—the golden hoop, but Erlangshen has at least three-pointed and two-edged swords, a mountain axe, a long-range slingshot, and a demon slinger.

In terms of IQ, monkeys are very smart, but in the big PK of Seventy-two, erlang's ability to respond is not inferior.

On the magic, monkeys have golden eyes after entering the alchemy furnace, but Erlang Shen has a unique "sky eye". It is precisely this "sky eye" that assists the monkey not only to win but also to hide.

In addition, Erlangshen also has a super pet-Xiaotian Dog.

In short, the monkey's "monkey birth" is open, but Erlang Shen is open.

Because of this, even if he later embarked on the Xitian Qujing Road and met Erlang God, the monkey still respectfully called him "True King".

The reason why people are crazy is because their vision is too small, and they haven't encountered anyone who is more cattle than themselves. Once they have met, they have learned to reposition themselves-"There are people outside, there is sky outside."

Actually, even after Sun Wukong was thrown into the alchemy furnace, his skills improved greatly, but Tianting still has a large number of invisible masters on him.

For example: Kui Timber Wolf, one of the twenty-eight places, is not an opponent with Bajie, Sha Seng and Jia, in fact, the ability is not worse than Goku.

There are two reasons why monkeys are allowed to hit Ling Xiao Bao Dian :

One: Why do you want to be a bird? The reason why the first bitch rotten quickly, of course, the old fritters who are in the fairy class and used to mill foreigners understand.

Since it is a demon monkey where Prince Edward and the Four Heavenly Kings are uncertain, what can you do, the little god of twenty-eight places? It ’s good to win, but if you lose, it ’s "You have n’t succeeded.""Dead first," I'm afraid there isn't even a tablet after death.

Second: Tianbing Tianjiang has almost no sense of competition.

Hand holding a golden rice bowl, no worries about eating and drinking, first-rate benefits, this environment is comfortable-where is the fighting spirit? Calling brothers and brothers, pushing cups and changing cups, chatting and talking about big mountains, that is a good hand, really want to charge the battle-that energyIt's gone!

Objectively speaking, monkeys are powerful, but not as powerful as we think. It is just a monkey who has been watching the sea drowsily, and has been fighting all the way to become a fairy Buddha. The story itself is full of legends. People hope that monkeys willHas been "invincible".

difficult road to entrepreneurship

500 years after the Five Elements Mountain, the monkey finally embarked on the road of fighting monsters and upgrading.

But, that year, almost all the way to hang up, go straight to the Ling Xiao Temple, and this time, the monkey hit the wild single training, but it was a stumbling.

In these 500 years, the world has been "overturned and generous". It has been from the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, and the practice world has never stopped.

In the past 500 years, both Tianting and the Buddhist circles also carried out targeted research on the born monkeys. They came up with a lot of magic weapons for monkeys and waited for the monkeys to come out and "experience new products."

The so-called magic weapon is actually the foundation and accumulation of a group company. Tianting, a super group company, has accumulated a large number of equipment and products by using core technology in the hundreds of thousands of years. These things are all immortal mana for a long time.The collection of years, and the monkey did not even complete his own magic weapon.

The magic weapon of the monkey is mainly the Ruyi golden hoop stick. This baby deals with ordinary little demon, that is a big killer, but for the big demon, it is the difference in strength. Even for the rake and sand monk of the eight preceptsThe zen stick, the monkey's golden hoop stick have no absolute advantage.

The magic weapon of the monsters, whether it is a purple gold gourd, a jade bottle, a golden rope, or a sack, a diamond, a banana fan, the monkey can't be dried in minutes.

This is also why the old antiques such as Laojun are too old. You look at him with low combat strength and always look like a peacemaker, but the old antiques are still one of the "Sanqing" and the ones around himAll grass and trees are almost magic weapons. For example, the belt is a golden rope, the fan is a banana fan, the medicine gourd is a purple gold gourd, and the bracelet is a diamond ...

Do n’t look at the old princes, but the old antiques are not idle, and the monkeys have been suppressed for 500 years, let alone "advancing with the times and improving their skills".Already.

However, in the constant bumps and grindings, the monkeys have also discovered the rules of the journey west.

Monkeys began to converge on their killing, and the killing of the year was decisive, and slowly became cautious.

When you first went west, monkeys used to do sticks on wheels. A pair of Kushiro blue-stroke entrepreneurs ’horns, from fighting six thieves and regaining eight precepts to three dozen bone bone spirits, monkeys' iron rods were born.

But since the three flavors of the yellow-haired marmot blew, the monkey's brain has gradually been awakened: pure force cannot solve everything.

Behind the scenes, in order to deepen the monkey ’s impression of “difficulty, find a leader”, the cosplay is also required at the beginning stage. Frequent bodhisattvas and true monarchs play passers-by A and passers-by B, and tap and give hints to monkeys.

But later, the monkeys that encountered difficulties have gradually learned to "answer": go to heaven to talk, go to the bodhisattva, and go to the Buddha to judge!

For example, in the face of powerful rhinoceros, carp essence, green cattle essence, Peng Mowang, monkey eyes, these are all related households, so even if you have 10 points, only 8 points will be given. The final perfect solution must askCome forward.

The monkey finally found a solution that everyone liked: from the leader's initiative to help, to the initiative to ask for help. The leader's face has been solved, and his own problems have been solved.

Actually, it is not that Sun Wukong's mana has weakened, but that he has matured, knowing what can be done and what can't be done, and doing what he wants without exceeding some rules and regulations.

More than 20 years, it is a green but foolish years, fresh clothes and angry horses, "Hate the sky without control, hate the land without ring", as arrogantly publicized "Qi Tian Da Sheng."

As we grow older and experience more and more, we gradually become convergent and mature, learn to cooperate, and understand low-key. In the end, we all become "fighting over the Buddha" to eliminate pride and crime.

After all, as strong as Jordan and James, they will also find that they can't play the NBA at the age of 40.

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