In the end, what is the use of the battle formation in ancient times? Communication basically relies on shouting. How to fight without lineup?

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Looking at the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the most exciting part is probably the fighting method of Zhuge Kongming and Sima Zhongda. They have been fighting wisdom from psychological to military, from tactics to strategy, from life to death.Dou Yong has truly achieved "improper base friends as opponents, you come and go for a lifetime".

And the most exciting one is to have two people in the Wei Bin Dou Fen section :

Sima Yi ’s mixed-element array PK Zhuge Liang ’s gossip array, Sima Yi sent Dai Ling, Zhang Hu son of Zhang Liao, Le Ye son of Le Jin to enter the battle, but it turned out thatThe Shu array, I saw the array is like a city, and no conflict can be found. "Finally, the Tatars were stripped and thrown back by the Shu army.

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In this battle, Zhuge Kongming won the beauty and pleasure, while Sima Zhongda was ashamed and thrown into the house, and the Shu Fans were so cool.

Basically, as soon as the battlefield comes out, the morale and combat effectiveness of the army will be immediately increased by three grids. It has the effect of turning decay into magic and turning idiots into Newtons.

Many fans of the Three Kingdoms even started to associate: If Comrade Kong Ming's invincible battle line opened up all the way, would he be able to cross the Yellow River and unify the whole China?

Ran Goose, these are romances, the use of battle formations, far less magical and mysterious than the novel describes.

What exactly is the ancient formation method?

The first thing to ask is what is the battle array?

The so-called battle formations are the poses of the combat troops. This look may not be enchanting, but it must be scary.

Its original purpose is simple: the blade is outward, the back is inward. In other words, it is convenient for the knife to cut people.

War, everyone hopes that their losses will be smaller and their opponents will lose more of their heads. Therefore, the war has gradually risen to the "artistic" level. In our Chinese military history, a large number of military strategy monographs were born.

For example: "Six Taos", "Three Strategy", "Sun Tzu's Art of War", "Sima Method", "Wu Zi", "Wei Liaozi", "Jian Yuan", "Hundred Battles", "Tang Taizong""Li Weigong asked" ... and almost every book will be against the Fashushushushu.

Let ’s put it this way, in the cold weapon era, knowing how to line up, opponents often praise generously, "use the soldiers are good, do n’t take it lightly", and the formation is scattered, at first glance, it is muddy legs-you do n’t discuss it!

In that year, what would the soldiers usually train in? In addition to the triathlon, 99% are in lineups, exercise tactics, and the slogan is probably: "Much more in peacetime, less bloodshed in wartime."!

Those legendary formations are so amazing?

In regard to the formation method, we in China have absolutely in-depth and persistent research. In addition to the gossip array that we are familiar with, there are also ten battles of Sun Bi's art of war and the death of the old classmate Pang Juan. The ten battles are indispensable; Song Wei in the Southern Song DynastySa Xing array, this is the Southern Song Dynasty infantry restraint Jurchen cavalry array of methods;

Ming Dynasty Qi Jiguang's battlefield, this is a set of complementary 12-man squads that can attack and defend. Once formed, it can have the power of the "Sculpture of the Eagles" series "BeiDou Qixing array" and specialize in weapons with excellent pirates;

Comrade Kong Ming's Eight-Array Map, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", a special book on this magical Eight-Array Map, only the stone version of the "Eight-Array Map" almost stuck Lu Xun.

Then what kind of a bug-like existence is this magical "Eight Array"?

It's a pity, it's lost! The "Book of Jin" records that the Eastern Jin Dynasty had seen a picture of a suspected eight-element map, but asked a circle, but no one knew it. Even the Jin Dynasty's magical existence,Not to mention I'm waiting after 1,500 years.

Later, when Tao Daoyuan wrote the Water Sutra Note, he also wanted to find the traces of the eight array maps. As a result, Teacher Dao got three suspicious results: one is in Yixian County, Shaanxi; the other is in Fengjie, Chongqing.The first is in Xinfan, Sichuan. The teacher, who is educated with heaven and earth, was also confused by himself.

But no matter which discovery, the eight-array map has a common feature: there are stone piles or mounds.

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That is to say, the eight-array map is a military array that relies heavily on the terrain. The position of the soldiers often occupies a dominant position. If added to the beauty of the heavens, it will create a fog that affects the sight.Knock a gong here, and a drum over there. This psychological pressure alone is enough for those who enter the battle to drink a pot.

In addition to the eight-array map, we often talk about the Dragon Gate array! The so-called swing gate refers to the Dragon Gate array!

This dragon gate array is said to have been developed by Comrade Xue Rengui during his expedition to Liaodong. Its characteristics are: unpredictable, infinite power, and even the power of "Dragon Ball"-summoning true dragons to help out.

Of course, this is purely a literary process and a novel romance. Later, the Longmen Array gradually developed into a synonym for "changing, complex, twisting, magnificent, and endlessly interesting."

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And to say that the most complicated and legendary formation is "Car Hanging Formation", and its founder is the Great Han God of War.

This formation method not only shined in the era of Huo Quji, but also showed great power in the Japanese Warring States Period: Uesugi Kenshin used the car to suspend the battlefield for decades, without losing defeat. He was called the God of War by future generations, "Echigo Dragon ".

The so-called "car suspension array" is different from the direct forward battle array. It is a spiral-mounted array that rolls back and forth like a wheel. The soldiers in the battle array often come together after the enemy round.Shooting, that is, evacuating to the side, and handing over the front of the battlefield to comrades-in-arms. If supplemented by different types of arms to cooperate, it is absolutely infinitely powerful.

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This set of battle arrays not only has extremely high requirements on the quality and coordination of soldiers, but also has a very high requirement on the ability of the military commander to arrange troops and adapt to emergencies.

On complexity, from ancient times to the present, it is the proper NO.1! And because it is too complicated, no matter in China or Japan, it will soon be lost and become a legend of formation law.

Funny "Pingrong Wanquan"

In the Cold Weapon Age, the battle formation will undoubtedly be more able to give play to the strength of the group and achieve the effect of "1 + 1> 2". Its importance can only be said to be not the most important, only more important, so that even the emperor ranked the battle mapCloth rises to an absolute strategic level!

For example, in our Great Song Dynasty, Zhao Guan's families were crazy about "drawing pictures!"

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The original creator was Zhao Emperor Song Taizong. Comrade Zhao Guangyi did not hesitate in fighting, but his self-confidence was absolutely bursting — my theoretical level was very high! The whole Song Dynasty was not as high as him.

The result of this conceit is that—from then on, the battlefield commanded the war. Emperor Zhao Er's painstakingly “developed” developed the “Pingrong Wanquan array map”. It is said that this is an improved version of Zhuge Liang ’s “eight array map”.

What does this picture say? In theory, it looks "very perfect and perfect", but the actual effect is just a joke :

For example, once fighting with Xixia for a knife, the generals ran off to battle, don't know, they were frightened-according to the map, Song Jun actually wanted to camp in Shuiwazi!

Another example is the battle against Liao Jingzong's Mancheng City. The instructions given by Zhao Guan's family were eight infantry strikes. This situation is almost a target for the cavalry of others. Liao country cavalry rushes through the first line, and can return to the first after a round.The second team ... Fortunately, the general Li Jilong's mind was active. At the critical moment, the "brave" resistance was changed, and the infantry array was used to withstand the impact of the Khitan cavalry.

On the battlefield, the battle situation is changing rapidly. Zhao Guan ’s family sitting in the imperial city, drawing a picture thousands of miles away, this is just joking with the Song soldier ’s head, which is called "the bloodiest" humor.

So, from the beginning of Song Taizong, the Song Dynasty ’s foreign wars have basically never been won. Little friends do n’t blame the frontline soldiers for not working hard. It ’s really Zhao Guan ’s “map” is too humorous.

In modern wars, do you still need to get the formation?

Since the formation map is so important in the cold weapon era, do modern wars still require formation methods?

Of course, but the spatial pattern is larger: in the cold weapon era, the engagement range between the two warring parties is very small, and the radius is dozens of miles. This is an absolute scene.. But in the age of hot weapons, a war zone of tens of miles can only be regarded as a small harassment war.

The scope of operations has been expanded. The strategic pattern and the formation of the formation must be both inherited and different from the cold weapon era.

First of all, inheritance, small-scale battles, the formation of combat and the cold weapon era, in fact, there is not much difference.

For example, during the Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War, the formation of the Beiyang Fleet was an offensive "hang geese." Although this belongs to the modern ship formation, it is related to the geese formation commonly used by archers in ancient China.Same source.

Another example is the formation of fighter jets. Black pressure is flying. It looks neat and stylish. They are not only for the sake of beauty and appearance. The correct battle formation is a magic weapon to defeat the enemy.

The air force and navy mentioned above are considered as single-arm operations, and if multiple arms are in coordinated operations, the formation method is more complicated.

For example, in Germany's Blitz, in the classic Polish assault, the aircraft, infantry, and tanks are arranged into an offensive and defensive super-combat formation that defeats the Polish defense line in one fell swoop.

And the most successful formation in modern times may be Xue Yue's "ceiling furnace" in the Anti-Japanese War.

The "ceiling furnace" is a network of troops in the combat zone, using ambush, snare, side strike, tail strike, etc., to consume the enemy's strength and morale in stages, and finally, drag the enemy ""Go to the decisive battle area and siege it fiercely.

In the end, Xue Yue achieved the glorious record of the "Changsha Campaign" and became the Chinese general who wiped out the most Japanese troops during the Anti-Japanese War.

In addition, during the battle, Xue Yue chose to launch the fighter during the rainy summer in the south, and also used the hilly terrain of Hunan. Before the war, he mobilized the masses to irrigate the farmland and delayed the Japanese army ’s tanks and other heavy machinery.

In this battle, heaven, earth, and people are all Xue Yue's pawns, which can be called the peak of Xue Yue's life.

Regardless of the cold weapon era or the hot weapon era, the formation method is very meaningful in the strategic and tactical application of war.

Matrix method is a good thing. When used properly, it naturally has the effect of turning the sky around, but if you encounter a big boss like Zhao Song's boss, the manager must really consider carefully when using the matrix method.

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Otherwise, even old drivers may capsize in the gutter.

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