How great was the Anti-Japanese War in 2014? Look at the combat power of the Japanese divisions, each of them is a sniper

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The War of Resistance Against Japan is an arduous war. From Northeast to South China, each battle has to pay several times the price of the enemy. To know how difficult the War of Resistance against Japan is, look at how strong the Japanese Army ’s A Division division is.There are even more technical arms such as the Grenadier and Tanker than conventional soldiers, and each is a "sniper."

When it comes to the Japanese divisions, they refer to the Japanese standing division before the war. The Japanese "guard divisions" and 16 standing divisions. These divisions are well-equipped and all are combat experienceRich veterans with excellent traditions. Unlike the anti-Japanese dramas, these divisions can destroy a group of Japanese soldiers. Often, a Japanese division can destroy a group of Japanese troops.Elite division. Let us see how elite these divisions are, and we will know how great our anti-Japanese war is.

First of all is the powerful individual combat capability. In the Chinese battlefield, the conventional infantry combat weapon of the Japanese army is a rifle such as the "three or eight big cover". The Japanese army's bullet supply is relatively lacking, so the firing accuracy is quite high. Of course, here we areCompared with industrial powers such as the United States and Europe, the supply of bullets is much higher than that of China, a country with extremely weak industrial capabilities. How high is the shooting accuracy of the Japanese army? At that time, the firing standard of the Division A regiment was: "300 metersThe outside target must be five rounds and five hits, and the impact point must be distributed over the large area of ​​the fist. "This is basically the standard of the sharpshooter. Therefore, during the War of Resistance, a large number of officers of our army were killed by the Japanese..

This kind of individual combat capability surprised Chinese officers. At that time, Li Zongren commented: "The strength of training is rare in the world." In addition to combat capabilities, the will to fight is also very strong. This is also our country'sIn the early days of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Japanese soldiers were rarely caught. In the Battle of Nomenkan before the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Soviet Union's powerful firepower crushed the Japanese. However, the 7th Division of the Japanese Army was stubborn and the Soviet Army suffered heavy losses.Called by the Soviets "we are fighting against the dead." That's why the Japanese army, who has clearly lost, still claims to win.

The Japanese Division A not only has strong individual ability, but also its weaponry is much higher than the National Army. At the beginning of the Anti-Japanese War, a Japanese Division A division had four infantry wing, oneEngineering wing, a heavy artillery wing, a heavy artillery wing. A division with 650 machine guns, 108 artillery, 24 chariots, 20 tanks, and a large number of vehicles for transportation. A divisionEach company has six machine guns and grenades. Such equipment is invincible in front of the national army.

The most exaggerated of these is the "Itagaki Division" of the Japanese Army. This division has a total of 22,000 people, and the regular soldiers are less than 1/4, most of them are like "machine gunners", "armored soldiers", and "grenadiers."This kind of technical arms. This is why this division is called the "flower of the imperial army." In the face of such a powerful opponent, we won very hard. At the time, Li Zongren said: "Deaths per hour are thousands.The heroic sacrifice has few precedents in the history of the Chinese nation's resistance to foreign humiliation. "If it were not for our resistance to the Japanese martyrs, the high-level leaders of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party would firmly resist the war, as the Qing government would have lost the war.

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