I found it was very cold when I was young, but it is not cold now, why? For example, 7 years

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Why do many people who are 7 years old find it very cold when they are young, and then they feel that the winter is not so cold now? Such a seemingly simple question cannot be explained in one sentence or two because it actually involves many aspects.These include not only the importance of profound childhood memories in people's lives, the improvement of living standards and changes in lifestyles, but also the progress of human social civilization and even changes in global climate.

memory as a child may be too vague to be accurate

Although the memory function of the human brain is very powerful, it will still be forgotten a lot over time, especially those memories at a young age. After decades, things that still remain in everyone's memory are oftenNot so colossus, but an abstract sensory message. For example, the post-70s people here experienced a colder winter.

We must know that the detection technology involved in modern weather forecasting requires not only high-speed computers, but also data feedback from meteorological radars and meteorological satellites, and such technologies and forecasting methods did not begin to be applied until around the 1950s.To put it simply, there was no such accurate weather forecast as a child after 70s, that is to say, people at that time did not know what the exact temperature of the day was.

In other words, the post-70s were very cold as a kid, but it was a feeling left in childhood memory, without accurate data as a reference. Although memories themselves have forgotten attributes, someThe part that the individual has a deep perception will be buried deep in the memory. This is why the impact of childhood on a person's life is significant. We may not remember the detailed process of many things, but the profound experience in those experiences isBranded down.

Improved living standards have changed everyone's lifestyle

About dressing, when the post-70s were a relatively scarce era, the clothing material category was not as diverse as it is now, and cotton was synonymous with people's warmth at the time. It seemed easy to eat, eat and wear warmlyAt that time, it should have been something that was not so easy to achieve, and when eating saturated and warming faced with "one of two choices", it seemed that turning all the land into food became a more urgent matter..

Now, almost everyone ’s life has undergone drastic changes. Whether you live in a big city or a relatively remote rural area, everyone ’s living conditions have been greatly improved. I believe that where you live now will notThe picture of “House leaks meet the night rain again” is appearing more and more in the countryside are multi-storey buildings and large villas, and the high-rise buildings in the city are insulated when they are constructed.

At the same time, everyone ’s quality of life has passed the stage of eating and wearing, and clothes in the mall are made of various materials, and in the new season each year, there will be various styles filled with display windows. Thickness is no longer clothesThe only measure of whether or not to keep warm, even the effect of keeping warm is not our main need to choose a piece of clothing. And the installation of indoor air conditioning and heating, let us live a day wearing short sleeves in the house to see the snow outside the window.

On the other hand, from the perspective of calories, everyone ’s daily diet is now covered with various animal meats, such as foods with higher calories such as pork. Our body is consuming calories at any time, andIt also needs enough heat to resist the cold outside. Artificial farming was not common in the 1970s, and people rarely had the opportunity to replenish animal fat. Hunger makes people less able to resist the cold.

The progress of social civilization has iteratively updated the heating method

Unlike the creatures that once dominated the earth, humans did behave more intelligently and creatively, especially the invention of artificial fire. At that time, the human ancestors were not content to save the kind of fire from lightning strikes.Because in this way, once it encounters continuous light rain, it will be extinguished because there is no dry firewood. In the 1970s, when science and technology were not yet developed, firewood was the best means of heating, which is why many people remember in childhood, There are a group of people warming around a brazier.

Now the well-known air conditioner, its essence is an air conditioner, which mainly adjusts and controls parameters such as temperature, speed and flow rate in a specific space by means of artificial technology. Although as early as about one thousand AD, oneThis ancient-style air conditioning system was invented by the Persians, but it mainly blows natural wind passing through cold water into the room to cool it down, and cannot solve the problem of heating up in low temperature environments.

The reason why the later air conditioners had a heating function was actually to convert the sucked low-temperature gas into high-temperature and high-pressure gas through the compressor. The high-temperature gas condensed into liquids while increasing the temperature of the water, and these liquids were inEvaporation occurs after entering the evaporator. It is this cyclic process that keeps the side circulating water of the air conditioner at about 45 to 55 degrees, and achieves the fundamental purpose of heating through the heat exchange of air in a fixed area.

But in fact, it was not until 1974 that China had the first manufacturer to develop air conditioners. That is to say, in the early 70s, there was basically no opportunity to use air conditioners. Today, decades later, air conditionersIt is almost one of the daily household appliances that every household must have. Of course, at this time, some people may say that many areas in the north are using heating, but it essentially reflects the iterative update of heating methods. The reason why it is not separately described, justBecause the use of air conditioning is more extensive.

Global warming promotes an overall upward trend in temperature

From the perspective of the rise in global temperature and temperature, its absolute value is not enough to bring much difference to the degree of cold we feel. For example, from the temperature data from 1981 to 1990, it is only 100%Years ago not to mention the 1970s, because it can only be smaller was about 0.48 ℃ higher. It is difficult for our bodies to intuitively feel the temperature difference of about 0.5 ℃, which is why we have used so much content to present otherfactor.

However, although we truly experience the convenience brought to life by scientific progress every day, we also bear the environmental problems behind these advances. With the increasing accumulation of the greenhouse effect, the earth ’s landThe gas system has also experienced imbalances in the emission and absorption of energy, and the year-by-year increase in temperature has led to a global warming trend in the Earth's climate.

Especially in recent years, extreme weather phenomena have appeared more and more frequently around the world, which has brought great inconvenience to our production and life. Especially after 2000, more and moreRegional high-temperature records have been broken, and many people die from extreme high-temperature weather every year. The area of ​​the world's glaciers has started to decline year by year, and sea levels have been rising because of the global warming.

The reason why the earth will find drastic changes in these millions of years of human existence is mainly in the course of human society's progress, and also accompanied by the burning of fossil fuels. It is the greenhouse gases generated during the combustion that caused theGreenhouse effect. In short, technology has promoted the progress of human society, and it has also caused the earth ’s climate to become more and more uninhabitable. This is why climate change has become one of the topics that people around the world are most concerned about.It is also an important area where scientists are working to improve.

In short, the reason why our somatosensory temperature is not as cold as when we were young is not because the temperature of the earth ’s climate itself has increased significantly. In essence, it is because the cold memories left when we were young are too profound, and nowWe are eating better, getting warmer, and using more air-conditioning and other heating tools in our homes, offices, and public transport. This also illustrates the basic fact that we should be lessUse feelings to judge one thing, but use real data to find answers to questions.

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