CCTV exposed cheating chain of postgraduate entrance examination: the world has deteriorated, starting from the villain's success

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Please don't let this happen to the sea.

It's really irritating that something happened these days.

It went on a hot search and made a little ripple.

But soon, drowning in the joy of wishing New Year.

I shouldn't be disappointed, but think of the candidates who have more than 3 million cantilever beams.

I realized that someone had to stand up and speak for them.

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Things to start from a few days ago.

CCTV exposed a cheating interest chain for postgraduate entrance examination.

A group of 11 people can make fairness.

They used the gimmick of "Graduate exam package, but a full refund" to attract customers from more than a dozen training institutions.

After that, cheating equipment will be distributed and classes will be taught.

What cheating candidates have to do is simple :

On the day of the exam, bring your device, and easily escape the check and copy the answer on the test question.

The rest of the time, it is Yu Youyou watching other people sweating like sweat, struggling to write on the test questions.

The word fairness was torn apart by these people.

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Finally? Only from 2017 to 2018, there were three or four hundred students who were admitted to graduate school.

This is a cruel number.

means that three or four hundred places that were supposed to belong to hard-working people have been forcibly occupied.

means countless days of getting up and getting hacked, all in vain.

It means that all efforts are trampled underfoot.

Studying in the cold window, not as easy as cheating by others, who can bear it?

What makes me even more uncomfortable is that this is not the first time such a thing.

As early as 2012, the postgraduate English was leaked in advance. Some candidates who reported for the training course received the answer text message half an hour in advance.

In the 2016 postgraduate entrance examination, more than 600 candidates organized cheating.

This cheating case hurts every hard-working candidate.

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But what can they do?

The first time they endured, the second time they endured, and the third time they endured.

It's not that they don't want to do something, because they are really helpless.

The organization cheated and cheated? Hidden among more than 3 million candidates, how can they sting? There is nothing that can be changed by one's own strength.

Can only eat the dumb loss, either World War II or compromise with reality to work.

Within a few years, it will be a horrible situation within a few years.

The cheaters set foot on Kangzhuang Avenue, the hard-working people can only stand by them.

This is the most irritating point.

Gold belt for killing and arson, there is no corpse when repairing the bridge, but this is also true.

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The reason why I am so angry is that I know how difficult the postgraduate entrance examination is.

Compared to the college entrance examination, the entrance examination is thousands of times more difficult.

When this happened, I talked to a friend who had taken the postgraduate entrance examination.

He told me that time was just torture.

You have to get up before dawn. After washing in the fastest time, go to the library to wait in line to open the door. Use the queue time to recite English.

The next full day will be spent in the library.

He has a well-arranged schedule. Except for reading and reviewing, everything needs to be done with stitches. I hope I can use one hour to two hours.

Others are sleeping and resting, he is picking a lantern and fighting at night; others are chasing dramas and watching movies, he is reading and endorsing books; others are having fun on holidays, he is taking notes and making notes.

Mechanical work and rest is nothing, he has to bear great psychological pressure.

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He was often flustered during that time, and he would feel upset every night when he slept. He always felt that there was no place left unnoticed, and the more he thought about it, the harder he fell asleep.

Once you hear the review progress of others, you will worry about being left behind a lot.

The most frightening thing is that after such a while, I ca n’t bear anything, and it ’s hard to see anything.

The whole person is overwhelmed by anxiety, and he is suspicious of himself every day, tired physically and mentally, and once wanted to give up.

He is already working very hard, but there are more hard work, those candidates of World War II and World War III.

Except that they have to face the same difficulties, their pressure will be several times more.

Looking at the surrounding classmates who have made money and used it for their parents, and they are still spending their parents' money, this feeling of disparity is very devastating.

They know what it means to fail again. They can only put more pressure on them, relying on solitude, suffering loneliness, and suffering every day.

They really worked hard.

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However, some people today have a desire to smoke, and by means of despicable means, it may kill more than three hundred or four hundred people's dreams.

This fair contest became unfair from the beginning. The more than 3 million candidates were all victims.

Remember the teacher said to us before the college entrance examination :

"The entrance exam for college entrance examinations is temporary, and the cheating taint is a lifetime, so in any case, just keep it upright."

The four words, Dangzhengzhengzheng, I remember it to the present, and I think that more than three million candidates.

But their dignity is not as bad as others' mean methods, and it is more chilling.

I dare not imagine that one day, bad coins will drive out good coins, what is the world?

It must be bad.

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I have always believed that examinations are the fairest contest in China.

It doesn't look at the face, it doesn't look at the body, it just looks at the strength.

Even the bottom, you can turn your fate in this contest by reading.

Reading changes fate is the hope of countless people.

When the postgraduate cheating case came out, it really made me feel bad, because it wiped out many hopes of changing fate.

It's like telling people that reading can't change fate, cheating can be.

You don't believe it, but reality once made you into doubt :

Your head is overhanging with beams and tapered thorns, under tremendous pressure, and you are paying all the effort for the postgraduate entrance exam.

Others sit back and relax, holding on to cheating equipment, waiting for the answers to be copied on the exam, step by step.

This is not to provoke you, to devalue all your efforts is worthless, tell you that hard work is no more than a cheating device.

Who will believe the word fair in the future? I am afraid no one will believe that reading can change your destiny.

I'm really too scared that such a thing would happen.

Think of an old photo called "I want to read."

This is the second year of the Hope Project. The little girl in the photo is Su Mingjuan, who is studying first grade in an elementary school in Anhui.

Her parents depend on farming and fishing for a living, and the family is very poor.

Even so, she did not give up the idea of ​​reading, even if the classroom was old and the wind was cold, she persisted.

Later she really changed her destiny.

Out of the mountains, admitted to university, worked in a bank, and also became the deputy secretary of the provincial and provincial party committee.

She is a true portrayal of Hope Engineering for more than 30 years.

How many children, as poor as her, change their lives by reading books.

I know that there are countless other children who are just like them, and are working hard for this.

If cheating happens again and again, you can imagine how bad their mood is :

Someone cheats, no matter how hard you try, it won't help.

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When their remaining belief in reading and changing their lives is exhausted little by little, the uselessness of reading will take root.

Finally, I'll take it.

The mountains in front of you will imprison the fate of generations and become insurmountable.

I came out of the countryside. I have seen so many people in my own eyes. Poverty is passed on to the next generation. I ca n’t help living a poor life from beginning to end, and some are on the road to breaking the law.

Not only these rural children, but also urban children.

They should be sitting in the school or find shortcuts to cheat, or drop out of school early to work.

Life can be seen at a glance, and it may not be a good life.

Youth is weak, but the country is weak. How can such a group of teenagers become the mainstay of society?

The scene at that time was horrible just by thinking about it.

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Perhaps, you will feel that it has nothing to do with you.

In fact, the opposite is true, and it is closely related to each of us.

Today's group of people can cheat without any means. Tomorrow, if they go to society, they can cheat for their own selfish desires.

It is the most terrifying when they enter various industries, penetrate our clothing, food, housing and living, and seek benefits through various counterfeiting.

You eat a meal, you eat all kinds of unhygienic food; you buy something, and find that it is fake at hand; you buy milk for the child, but the child's health is damaged ...

In the end, we still suffer.

Reviewing the number of candidates for the postgraduate entrance examination this year, I feel very touched.

According to the "National Graduate Admissions Survey Report 2020", 3.41 million people.

There are my friends here, and I think your family, relatives, and friends may also be among them.

If this happens, it will be the greatest injustice for them.

I really don't want to see their efforts trampled by a few rat feces.

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The meanness of cheating in the postgraduate entrance examination is not limited to the postgraduate entrance examination itself. If you think about it, cheating in the postgraduate entrance examination can cheat. What about the middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination?

Going further, in the future, your child will take the entrance examination, college entrance examination, entrance examination, etc., and experience such things, and be very chilled.

They will have nowhere to complain, like the three million students who suffered from injustice today.

This is also why the postgraduate cheating case is so angry.

I have been uncomfortable for a few days, because few people paid much attention to this matter.

I asked a few friends around me who knew nothing about it.

It is conceivable that this incident did not make much waves, and millions of students are still suffering from dumb losses.

Only the friend in the postgraduate study is still watching this.

I asked him that day, how do you feel about this.

He said, only helpless, there are three or four hundred cheating admitted to graduate students, what can we people do?

Pale text can't tell the disappointment, I don't know how to comfort.

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But I know, this world should not be like this.

The cheaters should get the punishment they deserve, and those who really work hard will get the reward they deserve.

Ordinary people like us cannot do nothing.

Keep watching, speak for them, don't let this thing sink to the sea.

A little bit of public opinion will surely converge into a force to promote this matter in a good direction.

I have always admired the candidates for postgraduate entrance examination. The ground is full of six pence, but they choose to look up at the moon.

For this reason, they are in a state of despair, they have put in more effort than ordinary people, endured great pressure and endured hardships, and just look forward to going to higher institutions to realize their ideals and do something for this land.

So here, I would like to ask you to do something for them, actually for our own present and future life.

Even if it's just a little attention, a little sound.

Three million students please rest assured that the cheaters will be taken out, and you will concentrate on preparing for the exams, and leave the rest to us.

Please ask Chinese teenagers to be firm: Reading will definitely change your destiny.

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