This ancient odd book dated back to more than 2,000 years ago, Wei Shu and Wu tripods stood up?

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When it comes to the classic encyclopedia that covers all Chinese civilization, many people will definitely think of the Book of Changes. In addition to astronomy and geography, they can also understand the principles of dealing with people. Yu Dazhen also learned the art of war through the Book of Changes.

However, when the Book of Changes appeared, after all, there were already words. How did our ancestors explore the world in the obscurity period without words?

This is the ancient and modern first book we are going to say today-"Hetu Luoshu".

It is said that during the Fuxi period, a dragon and horse came up from the Yellow River, and the spine on its body turned into a figure of "one six down, twenty seven up, thirty eight right, forty nine right, and fifty center."This is the "river map". Fuxi draws gossip according to the "river map."

During the period of Dayu ’s treatment of the water, a god turtle emerged from the Luo River. The turtle's back was covered with patterns, circles, and dots. They were arranged in groups. This is the “Luo Shu”. Dayu responded to “Luo Shu "for explanation, this is the" Hong Fan "in" Shang Shu. "

Hetu Chengshu was on the eve of Cangjie's creation of characters. Luoshu is also a pattern. It is reasonable to call Hetu Luoshu a "wordless heavenly book". Its appearance has gossip, which is exactly the Book of Changes.The core of thought.

The connection between "Hetu Luoshu" and Yijing gossip

Hetu Luoshu, there are philosophers in the elephant, there are numbers in the philosophy, there are philosophers in the number, there are images in the philosophy, and the theory of philosophy, philosophy, and mathematics are one and the other.

For example, there were three examinees who asked for a fortune teller at the beginning. What were the results of the three fortune tellers? The fortune teller had absolute confidence and was not allowed to charge. He only did one action and extended a finger.

This finger is an elephant. This elephant contains the number "one", and this one can be interpreted in multiple ways: no one can be passed, only one can be passed, only one cannot be passed, and no one cannot be passed.on.

This interpretation is philosophical, so it can be seen that this fortune teller is proficient in Hetu Luo, and one finger has already covered everything that will happen.

Hetu white circle with yang, black circle with yin; odd number of white circles, one three five seven nine; black circle number even, two four six eighty.

Because of this, the way of yin and yang odd and even is obvious, and treat it as a tadpole. Qi yiyang also, even yin yin, so Fu Xi has the rule to draw one odd for yang, and one for yin.

If it is, then the yin and yang doctrines stand, and the opposite image becomes maggots.

In real life, there is no opposition, no progress without friction.

Like, for example, Liu Bei was chased by Cao Cao for a lifetime. During the Hanzhong War, Liu Bei ushered in his peak moment.

Cao Cao suddenly realized that although he had always wanted to eliminate Liu Bei in his life, Liu Bei would not have worked hard without his pressure. It can be said that Cao Cao also indirectly achieved Liu Bei.

We can also see from the river chart that when the white spots are the most, that is, when the sun is at its peak, the yin is the weakest, and the image on the opposite side is exactly the opposite, and the white and black points are almost evenly matched on the left and right.

Assuming Cao Cao is yang and Liu Bei is yin, running clockwise, you can almost see this process :

Cao Cao absolutely crushed Liu Bei, Liu Bei abandoned Xinye, and went to the Xiakou; Liu Bei worked hard to catch up with Cao Cao, and he won the battle in the Chibi War, and then won Sichuan; Liu Bei was the most powerful, and in Hanzhong, Liu Bei defeated Cao Cao for the only time, Guan Yu was shocked by HuaxiaThe strength of the two sides was rebalanced, Guan Yu lost Jingzhou, Cao Cao died later, and the battle of Liu Bei and Yiling lost and lost. Before Zhuge Liang's northern expedition, there was no large-scale war between the two sides.

Hetu shows exactly this kind of world trend.

In addition to the opposition of yin and yang, there is also a unified, most intuitive example, with odd numbers being yang and even numbers being yin.

We all have two legs yin, but we always walk one leg yang first. We have two hands, but each hand has five fingers.

Although Cao Cao and Liu Bei are enemies, but the two of them talk about heroes with young plums cooking, Cao Cao said, "The heroes in the world, only Wu and Shijun."

Because Cao Cao is just a hard-hearted Liu Bei, and Liu Bei is a thicker Cao Cao.

Cao Cao always wanted to replace Han, but stopped abruptly in the last step. Cao Cao, who opposed his teaching throughout his life, became a slave of famous religion; Liu Bei shouted at the revival of the Han room, and showed it to the world in the image of self-denial and retribution.But he could not wait to be named emperor while Han Xian was still alive.

That is to say, Yin and Yang are unified and can be transformed. Two people are clearly opponents, but they are the most sympathetic to each other; the same person, even from one extreme to the other, is his own choice, in the slightestNot surprisingly.

Hetu's yin and yang opposition and unified thoughts can also be found in the Book of Changes.

The Yijing's "Composition" said: "One yin and one yang means Tao." The hexagrams in "Yijing" are based on the two symbols of Yin and Yang, which are based on Yin and Yang.The law of growth and decline of two qi, which gossip after permutation and combination.

Take the most important Qian-Kun divination: dry as heaven and Kun as earth; dry as father and earth as mother; heaven and earth are opposite, but without heaven and earth, there is no environment in which we live; father and mother sexIt ’s different. Only in this way will the family and grandchildren appear.

The Book of River Turo hides the secrets of the galaxy universe?

Hetu Luoshu can show the general law of all things in the world, including people ’s hearts, and it is not the most amazing. What surprised us is that our ancestors did not have any advanced astronomical instruments, but successfully outlined the shape of the Milky Way.

After the development of modern science, we know that the Milky Way is a flat disk with thick middle and thin edges.

Its main part is called a silver disk, which is a vortex structure with a diameter of about 100,000 light years, a center thickness of about 10,000 light years, and an edge thickness of about 3 to 4,000 light years. Outside the silver disk are sparse starsA spheroid composed of interstellar matter, called a silver halo, has a diameter of about 30,000 light years.

The Milky Way also has rotation. If you look closely at the Milky Way, you can see that the Milky Way has four spiral arms, namely the Sagittarius arm, the Orion arm, the Perseus arm, and the three thousand second gap arm.

The Milky Way has two companion galaxies, the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud. Galaxies other than the Milky Way are called extragalactic galaxies.

The solar system is located about 27,700 light-years from the inside of the Orion spiral arm and the center of the Milky Way. The solar system rotates around the center of the Milky Way at a speed of 250 km / s, and rotates about 250 million years.

When the observation angles of the ancients and ours are adjusted to the same, we will find that the contrast between the river map and the Milky Way is too similar :

If readers who are more careful readers may find that the Milky Way has four Xuan arms, but the river map in ancient times had only two "rotating arms". What is going on?

Please do n’t worry. At this time, we will also take Luo Shu and take a look at it. We will find that from Hetu to Luo Shu, the spiral arms have become four. Please count the four sides of the word “就”.Already.

It can be seen that the river map is a static map of the Milky Way, and the dynamic map is Luoshu.

The four spiral arms are considered to correspond to the four major continents mentioned in Buddhism.

The four major continents, also known as the four continents, the four continents, and the four worlds, are the four continents considered by Chinese Buddhism in the Aral Sea around the Mount Sumi, which are Dongsheng Shenzhou; West Niuhezhou; Nanbeizhou; NorthJuluzhou, and our solar system is in the south-looking continent.

It seems that "Hetu Luoshu" is like an infinitely invisible big pocket, which has filled everything in the universe.

Chinese people's digital worship and space-time view

Chinese civilization has a long history.

Our ancestors worked hard on the ground and worked hard on this land; at the same time, they looked at the stars and were curious about the vast universe and mysterious nature.

In the process of knowing nature and discovering the laws of nature for my use, I still record something from time to time, which constitutes the source of Chinese civilization.

Before the advent of text, our ancestors relied on numbers and images to record civilization. Although this is the common development process of all nations around the world, it is only our Huaxia family that can create such a brilliant civilization.

Chinese ancient ancestors worshipped numbers, worshipped the basic numbers of "1"-"10", and the superposition and multiplication of the resulting numbers, which resulted in hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, etc., which gave them auspiciousness and aesthetics, Worldview, etc.

Hetu and Luoshu share the same source, which expresses a mathematical idea of ​​the ancient people in ancient times. The most direct and basic expression is digitality and symmetry. Adding "and" orThe mathematical relationship between the "difference" of subtraction constitutes its basic connotation.

Hetu Luoshu not only reflects the time and space concept of ancient Chinese ancestors, but also has been creatively used in social humanities. At present, the interpretation of Hetu Luoshu is still not exhaustive, which needs to be investigated and explored in depth.There are still many places.

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