Laughter goes away: The screen age of Uncle Benshan, Fan Wei and Chen Pez ends

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Laughter boils, laughter goes away.


A few years ago, the local TV stations in the three provinces of East China, once the New Year's bells passed, they would neatly play the collection of sketches.

This tradition has persisted for more than 20 years, and the old laughter has spread from the TV, and it can always withstand the snow and wind outside the window.

The sketches are accumulated from the 90's, each time is quenched, and the actors are familiar like family members.

Pan Changjiang is short, Gong Hanlin is tall and thin, Zhu Shimao has thick eyebrows, Chen Peisi has a bald head, Cai Mingai issued a middle-aged and old man, and Guo Da always has a "Shaah ~"

Applause and laughter in the distant era, like waves, make New Year's Eve no longer lonely.

When the sketches were born, life outside the TV was simple, every sentence was ridiculous and relieved the year-round stress.

The hitting county magistrate is "I do n’t want the cat to be a companion to make money for you." I look down on the working people. "You are not good without food and clothing." The most dreary life is "The money has not been spent, and the people are gone."".

At the end of the 1995 sketch "Uncle Niu Tigan", Zhao Benshan pulled a string of turtle eggs from the pile of dishes, "I didn't learn anything, I learned to pull eggs."

During the previous round of review, this paragraph was not available. Zhao Benshan only took it out during the live broadcast. The leader was furious and helpless. And it is rumored that the sketches worked well, and the behavior of cadres going to the countryside to ask for food and drink decreased sharply.

After filming "Uncle Niu Tigan" and "Red Sorghum Model Team", Fan Wei went to Guizhou on a business trip.

He didn't have a fire that year, the airport checked the documents, and he proudly said, "I played a sketch with Zhao Benshan," prompting people to "pucker the egg", and perform live steps.

In the days when Mr. Fan was still just jumping, people's hearts were as simple as white paper, and a paragraph could lead a year.

In the beginning of the 1990s, Huang Hong named the child Shaolin Temple Turpan. At the end of the 1990s, Zhao Benshan told Song Dandan whether my old ticket can still board your broken ship.

Every sentence is like a lighthouse in time.

In 2010, the Spring Festival Gala language chief planned Shilin and went to the south for a business trip. The restaurant is still singing "Palace Jade Liquor, one hundred and eight glasses." At this time, Zhao Lirong has died for ten years.

After the millennium, Zhao's class started to control the laughs throughout the year, laughing on New Year's Eve, and shaking off the dust of the year.

Fan Wei finally became popular as he wished after walking with a cane, sitting in a wheelchair, and lying on a stretcher.

The underground dance hall in Northeast China, the most popular dance music in those years is not hip-hop, not Korean wave, but an adapted version of "Abduction, Absconding."

After the abduction, CCTV started the new year's TV series "Liu Laogen", a serious medicine box printed with a business card :

Li Baoku, Manager of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, Dongxing County, Liaoning Provincial Committee, Longquan Villa Medicinal Diet Department

A few years later, he accompanied Zhao Benshan to play "Ma Shuai". No matter how difficult the world is, Brother Biao will also have to follow the routine.

One time I was angry when someone called his mobile phone and he broke the statue to answer the call. Biao picked up the mobile phone and said angrily, "The owner is angry, please dial again later."

At that time, mobile phones were nothing but optional items.

This year's New Year's Eve comedy box office champion, called "Calling Crazy", urban men and women playing crazy games, the core laughing point is also around mobile phones: phone free mention, WeChat public reading.

Laughter in the theater is like a tide. Laughter is so complicated in this era, that is a world that Brother Biao cannot understand.


In the New Year of 1993, Feng Gong, a herd of cattle, performed a cross talk "Auction", bidding for the white hair of Slapner and the donkey that Gong Li rode.

The key lot on the spot is Zhao Benshan's hat. According to legend, half of Zhao Benshan's laughing fruit depends on this hat.

The legend is true. When he went to a place to perform, Zhao Benshan came out wearing a hat, and the audience leaned forward without talking.

Sometimes it is difficult to stop the laughter and the tsunami, Zhao Benshan will helplessly advise, "Almost on the line."

In the past, people's desires were simple and their smiles were cute.

Ma Ji squeezes a cosmic brand cigarette, which can be stubborn for more than ten minutes. No one gets bored; Chen Peisi eats a noodle with a braised stem, which can make people laugh for a few years. Zhao Lirong learned Duan Tango, and half of the Chinese children are laughingimitate.

Father Ma Sanli said "Fun to play with you" in the Qutan miscellaneous altar. The baggage looks mediocre today, but that year it made the audience laugh.

At that time, the family would still be in front of the TV together, they would not swipe their phones down, they wouldn't make a paragraph of speech, they wouldn't get stuck in complicated social quagmire, and they wouldn't be disturbed by anger-like information.

If you have less worries, you will ask less, if you ask less, happiness will be simpler.

In January 1995, singer Sun Yue released a new album, the title song "Good mood" swept the country.

Singing in the song: There have been many happy things this year, good health, good work, and good mood.

Happy standards are just "good, good", people on the street are easy to walk, everyone has a simple identity, no complicated people set.

The next story is well known, the phone replaced the greeting card, the text message replaced the phone, the WeChat replaced the text message, the laughter on the TV tried to support the taste of the year, and the fireworks outside the TV gradually stopped.

Ten years later, Ning Caishen's "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan" ended the simple years. The Tongfu Inn on TV is the last Utopia, and there is pure joy.

In the world outside TV, desire is magnified by hundreds or thousands of times. Everyone clenches their mobile phones and, under the spur of information, is busy in a new era.

Seven years after the broadcast of "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan", Ning Caishen wrote the sequel. He explained that the information explosion brought hundreds of thousands of slayers, and the audience's requirements were too complicated.

He said, this is the last age of laughter.


In 2013, the 64-year-old cow went to the ten-meter platform and performed diving in the draft show. He laughed at himself, looked like the national team before the jump, and looked like a cow when he fell into the water.

When he fell, he hit the water almost horizontally, and the audience couldn't laugh.

Those who made laughter have left the scene.

Gong Hanlin disappeared in the sea of ​​people, Pan Changjiang became an old artist, Zhu Shimao occasionally stood up for his son, and Chen Peisi was drunk to say goodbye to the sketch.

Fan Wei is already a film emperor, but people are still missing Brother Biao. He Qingkui, who wrote many lines for him, loves New Year's Eve and draws a piece of erhu to Gao Xiumin in the sky.

In the manor outside Shenyang Taoyuan Airport, Zhao Benshan guarded the iron pot and waited for his disciples to return. His two wives were long white.

The only one who insisted on the New Year stage was Feng Gong.

People are tired of that sentence, I want to die for you, but later I found out that if this sentence is gone, the taste of that year will be gone.

Mobile phone replaced TV, Duanzi cut the New Year, a few seconds of short video can make people smile, but there is no trace after the smile.

Founded on the New Year's Day Party in 1990, it gradually disappeared after the beginning of the new century, and now there are more than a dozen satellite TV songs and dances.

Those on the stage are extravagant. People under the stage are crazy holding up their phones, shooting all kinds of pictures, and venting them to countless social channels. However, happiness is often like a bubble.

Small pieces of the old days are rarely seen, even if you look at them, you still miss them. The laughter on TV has not changed, and we are in front of TV.

Our desires are getting more and more complicated, more and more secrets are being carried, and less and less happiness can comfort us.

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