What controls the universe as it is today? Without it, our lives would be messy

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"Everyone has a key to the gate of heaven, and this key can also open the gate of hell." So what's the value of the key to the gate of heaven?-RichardFeynman

We have already told too many universe stories, each one is full of mysterious colors, but everyone has the most amazing and most incredible real event in the universe that everyone thinks. Today we will say the most amazingA cosmic phenomenon, if the universe is not like this, then our physics and even life will be completely chaotic.

Cosmic Story in Neil De Grasse Tyson's Heart

In 2008, Time magazine interviewed Neil De Grasse Tyson and asked him: "What is the most shocking fact you can share with you about the universe?" His answer was indeedIt goes like this: The complex atoms that make up everything we know have their roots in ancient stars that exploded billions of years ago. This is indeed an astonishingly true story.

The birth, existence, and demise of stars are indeed the greatest facts in the universe and the most magnificent chapter in the evolution of the universe. In a once hot and dense plasma thick soup, protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutronsThe neutrinos are bathed in the high temperature radiation of the universe. At this time, the cosmic energy is so high that even atomic nuclei cannot form. But this is only temporary. With the rapid expansion and cooling of the universe, neutrons and protons can be happily combined together.This process is called Big Bang nuclear synthesis. At this time, the universe was full of hydrogen single proton, helium, and a small amount of lithium.

As the universe continues to cool, the nucleus finds electrons and joins them together, and the universe moves from the ionized state to the age of neutral atoms. The space is filled with a slightly unevenly distributed neutral gas cloud, and areas with higher density are gravitationalUnder the effect of absorbing more and more material, and finally ignited nuclear fusion in its core, the first stars were born in this way. It created conditions for later generations of stars, planets, and even the existence of life.ready.

But if I choose the most shocking facts in the universe, I want to consider other things.

Why does the universe become what it is today

Today ’s universe contains everything we can recognize, rich elements, and various material forms. It is even more dazzling on earth, among which the diversity of species and the diversity of life. But the universe does not have to be like thisTo evolve, there are many ways to go, not even close to the current universe.

We could have a universe without trees, mountains, sky, ocean, and life.

We can also have a universe without planets like Earth, or no planets at all. We might even have a universe where there is nothing we know, no particles, no forces or interactions.

Although there are infinite possibilities, our real universe is what we see now.

There is no doubt that all of this appears very subtle. It is here, in a small corner of our universe, that we find ourselves in a forgotten, characteristic little galaxy.Any one of the billion galaxies is not much different.

Fact of the Universe: From birth to now, it follows the same rules whenever and wherever

In this universe we live in, there are some very, very special "things" that are important and determine the direction and evolution of everything! Because they are rules and laws, they are in every we can think ofIt is expressed on a scale.

In life, in addition to the macroscopic matter we can see, we can always see the smallest scale, the internal structure of matter, molecules, atoms, and the most basic subatomic particles found so far.

We can see not only stars and galaxies, but also the entire universe, quasars, gas clouds between galaxies, and even the microwave background of the universe and the first neutral atom in the universe.

We can look at all of them, and everything in between.

However, for everything we see, there is one fact that is most shocking. For the entire universe :

on all scales

in all places

at any time,

All follow the same basic laws of nature.

From the weakest and lowest-frequency photons to the largest galaxy ever, from the decaying unstable uranium atom in the earth's core to the neutral hydrogen atom first formed 46 billion light-years ago, the rules of everything in the universe follow.

Universal gravity, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force are the same. The particles that exist and may exist and their characteristics are the same. The rules that control the entire system are the same. Everything, in all energy, inAll time, everywhere, is governed by the same laws of nature.

This is what I think is the most compelling and shocking universe fact.

Imagine what the universe would look like if it weren't true. Imagine such an existence: Nature's behavior is completely random and unpredictable, and gravitational forces will rise and fall with a moment of interest, The sun will stop nuclear fusion for no reason, and the atoms that make up our body will spontaneously stop polymerizing. All chemical reactions in life will occur for no reason at all, and it will be completely irregular.

A universe like this is really scary, because it can never be understood by people. What you learn today may not be correct tomorrow. The phenomenon or regularity you see here is even 5 meters away.It doesn't work anymore. But our universe is not like this at all.

Summary: the laws of nature govern the universe, and it can be understood by people

The universe is a place where the form occupied by matter and energy can be changed. It is a place where the time and space of our existence can change itself, but the basic laws followed by all things are constant.

So this means we can observe the universe, experiment with the universe, assemble and disassemble what we find in the universe, and then learn the laws in it. To summarize, no matter when and where we can repeat the rulesAnd simulate the universe.

Only when the basic laws of the universe are the same at all times and everywhere, can we know exactly what the universe looks like today. Only when these laws are applicable at any time and everywhere can we use these knowledge to understandThe universe, and everything in it, what happened in the past and where it will go in the future.

In other words, it is this fact, this most shocking fact, that enables us to engage in scientific research and learn some meaningful rules. This is why any form of science exists and why scienceIs actually the most useful tool for understanding the universe.

When we put everything together, this means that the most shocking fact about the universe is that it exists in an understandable way. This is also a sentence that Einstein once said.

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