Is it strange that cannibalism in nature? You may not know that some animals eat their own bodies

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Human being the top of nature's food chain rarely feels the cruelty of nature firsthand. Other creatures often take their own lives in order to survive and reproduce. In the animal kingdom, many species even cannibalize and eatGaining food or dominance is actually no surprise.

But there is also a behavior that is more extreme than simple cannibalism, which is certainly not a tendency of nature to evolve. Some animals sometimes eat part of their bodies. This weird behavior is called "self-phaseFood. "Of course, you usually like to bite your nails, this is not counted!

Most animals are just for "self-rescue"

Ursus thibetanus in the picture above lost a leg in the trap.

Researchers believe that no animal will deliberately eat its own body or hurt itself for food, because any animal has a sense of self-protection, and it also eats to survive. This kind of "self-phasing" behavior and natureThe evolution of animals is contrary to the animal's subconscious mind to protect itself. However, many animals will bite off their legs or tail to escape the trap, just to save themselves.

There is a lot of evidence that dogs, bears, and apes can bite skin, muscles, tendons, and bones, and actively remove limbs or tails trapped by traps. Geckos common in life are a typical example.

In 2007, in Tesso Nilo National Park in central Sumatra, a tiger bit his own front paw in order to escape the trap.

Thus, these are not cases of cannibalism. These animals just give up part of their bodies. The purpose is to survive. One leg is better than losing their name. They don't eat any part of their body.

Although the behavior of biting their limbs is extreme, they have clear logic. After all, losing a leg is better than losing a life. However, some animals sometimes eat a part of their body, but they are not out ofReasonable behavior.

Ascidians will eat their brains during their life cycle

Ascidians, also known as capsids, are relatively simple animals that live in the ocean. Their larvae will swim at first, just like tadpoles. Each larva will then attach to the surface of a rock or other objectGo up and settle there afterwards, and never go anywhere like a plant.

Like the caterpillars we often see, the appearance of sea squirts also undergoes huge metamorphosis. Adults are just like plants, which look like small, bulky bags and survive by filtering the food in the surrounding water.

Different lifestyles mean that the structure of ascidian larvae and adults is very different.

adult cysts that have lost their "spine"

The body of the larva has a basic layout, with a very simple nerve string on the back, a bit like the spine of a complex animal. There is a ganglion in the front of this nerve string, which is the 'brain bubble',Gravity organs, which help the ascidians find a place to settle when they are larvae.

Once ascidians mature, most organs will disappear. Once attached to other objects, adults no longer need sensory organs, nerve strings or even tails, so these organs will be reabsorbed. Brain vesicles are converted into simpler brain nervesIt only helps stationary adults to feed. In evolution, ascidians move forward rather than forward, and they change from chordal to nonchordal creatures. This "retrograde metamorphosis" phenomenon is rare in the animal kingdom.

So the behavior of ascidians does not sound so bloody. It is not really the brain that "eats" or "digests" them. On the contrary, just to save energy, ascidians recycle these organs that are useless to them to make them.Other more useful organs in adulthood.

However, there are other animals known for eating their own tails.

Although the snake sometimes eats its own tail and suffocates, it is not intentional

This male King Cobra is eating a female. But will the snake eat its own tail?

Researchers have found that snakes that eat other snakes sometimes mistake their tails for another snake and eventually eat themselves. There is a Greek word called ouroboros, a snake biting its tail, which symbolizes life andThe eternal cycle of death. The snake eats half of its body, and the end result is suffocation and death. Are some snakes really stupid enough to treat themselves as a plate of food?

Most snakes use heat to find their prey, so their own tails will not normally attract their attention. But some snakes will also attract their prey by quickly swinging their tails. Some snakes even when excited.The snake's brain is small, and their conditioned response is stronger than the initiative, so this action can attract their eyeballs and make them think that their tails are 'prey'.

Thus snakes sometimes eat themselves, but this is not intentional.

What about the animals around us? In particular, do mammals eat parts of their bodies?

A domestic cat is eating its placenta.

Mammals often eat a part of their body for various reasons, including females such as cats eating their placenta after giving birth.

This behavior is very common. Most mammals eat placenta and amniotic fluid during childbirth. The placenta eating placenta may play an analgesic role for animals that have just given birth. In fact, there is a more complicatedMammals also occasionally eat placenta.

In a 2015 study, researchers surveyed human placental behavior and found that this situation is quite rare. This is also a relatively modern phenomenon, but some medical practitioners and health experts advertise it asNature and tradition.

In different cultures, we have not found any human mothers to have a historical record of doing so. This behavior seems to be a relatively new phenomenon, which first occurred in Western cultures. At present, there is also no conclusive evidence that the placenta is eaten.Good for human health.

Advocates of placenta often cite animal research as beneficial support for humans, but these benefits, including prevention of postpartum depression, increased lactation and energy, have not been studied or supported in animal research.

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