A New Year's gift? A parasitic flower with a foul odor over 1 meter in diameter, set a new record for Guinness

2020-01-13 | Broken Science original |

If the flower is synonymous with fragrant and pleasing to you, then "this flower" may subvert your view of flowers.

Recently, environmentalists in Indonesia have discovered the largest flower ever. Not only is it huge in appearance, but it also exudes the smell of a "corpse". This may be the new year's gift for humanity in 2020.

Dawang flower, the largest flower in the world, is not really a "piranha".

Dawanghua, not just one finger, but a collective name for a variety of plants. The flowers are huge, like lotus leaves, but the smell is unique and the smell is irresistible.

The orange king flower that was discovered this time is 111 cm in diameter, and the previous world record holder is a 107 cm diameter king flower in western Sumatra.

The flowering period of the king flower is very short. It usually lasts for one week and lives in tropical rain forests. The average person has almost no chance to see real flowers. Many people who love games only know about this magic flower through "Plant Vs Zombies 2".

The strange appearance of the king flower has led many people to mistakenly think that it is a cannibal flower. However, contrary to its name and shape, the king flower is actually a parasitic plant, not a real cannibal plant, alsoNot real flowers.

It is usually parasitic on a tropical grape genus. Under the vine's undetected condition, the bud of the king flower takes root on the vine. After 9 months of growth, it gradually stretches into a huge orange flower.It has no leaves, no underground stems, and flowers are all about it.

This flower will continue to open for about a week. During this period, it uses its own stench to attract those buddies with similar odors. The flies take away the pollen and then pass the filamentous buds to other vines to complete the reproduction.

Other plants with a foul smell

Obviously, there are still many plants with great smell.

The most famous is the taro konjac with the name of "corpse flower", which is the legendary corpse konjac. This is a more amazing plant. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest taro konjac is 6 meters high.The flower is 3 meters high and bloomed in Guildford, New Hampshire on June 18, 2010. It is also due to its unique appearance that it was once regarded as a male private part.

This is a plant that has sharpened its sword for ten years. After 10 years of diligent preparation, it only blooms once, and it only blooms for 24-36 hours.

How smelly it is, Xiaobian will analyze it for you :

Isovaleric acid cheese, sweat

Dimethyl Disulfide Garlic

Dimethyl trisulfide decomposed meat

Indole feces, camphor pills

Trimethylamine rotten fish

If it is only one kind, and you can still bear it, then what if these are mixed together?

Nevertheless, the corpse flower is still charming, and the flower always attracts a lot of people.

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