How about hygiene in ancient Egypt? Sunscreen moisturizer and deodorant, more refined than you and me

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Ancient Egypt, one of the four ancient civilizations, is also a country of great creativity.

Whether it is a well-designed pyramid, or a mural painted with eye makeup and figures wearing linen costumes, the legend of ancient Egypt reveals a mysterious atmosphere, which makes people imaginative.

The wisdom of ancient Egypt is amazing.

You know, at the time, there were no sanitation facilities and other modern convenience tools. To survive, you had to be creative.

In that era, the ancient Egyptians had created a lot of hygiene habits, even the originator of the makeup industry, and today's smoky makeup and wigs are their masterpieces. Soap, cosmetics and perfume are also closely related to them.

Let's take a look at the exquisite life of the Egyptians.

In order to prevent lice, both men and women are bald and invented a wig

In ancient times, lice were so crazy and miserable that they took a more extreme approach.

In order to limit the living space of lice, people use a knife, razor and tweezers to pull out all their hair;

For the sake of beauty, wear a real person or horse hair wig on your head.

If the wig also has lice, just throw it away.

In hot weather, just remove the wig, it is also a way to keep cool.

There are many styles of wigs, the rich will wear different styles according to different occasions, and those who cannot afford wigs often use headscarves instead of wigs, or grass for wigs.

Unfortunately, in order to avoid lice, the ancient Egyptians did everything they could, but researchers still found mummy swarms of lice, and the results were not ideal.

Body odor? Deodorant plus perfume

The ancient Egyptians attached great importance to smell. Many people have body odor. Therefore, they used plants and other natural substances to cover up, grind herbs, flowers and tree roots into a paste, and add oil to make a paste.On the armpit.

Historians believe that there are many formulas for deodorants. Nuts, tortoise shell fragments, ostrich eggs, porridge and resin may all appear in the formula.

Some women even add perfume to the deodorant to make hair wax, and then apply it on the head. When the sun melts, the hair wax melts, and the smell spreads like a fragrance.

Ancient Egyptians are also very obsessed with good smell, that is, perfume.

Based on oil, add spices and vanilla, cardamom, mint, juniper, etc., and sometimes even add spices imported from the surrounding area.

At the time, a perfume called kyphi was the most precious of many perfumes, and once became a symbol of wealth.

But as people in the lower society, most of them cannot afford the cost of perfume, so they grind and mix rhizomes, herbs and flowers to make cheaper perfumes.

For health and beauty, I use cosmetics every day

Smoky makeup, wigs, and heavy makeup are probably our deepest impressions of the Egyptians.

In ancient Egypt, not only women but also men used cosmetics. The functions of cosmetics are not limited to beauty.

Still with essential oils, mix with honey or aloe vera, and apply eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

Eyeliner was popular not only as a symbol of beauty, but at the time, eyeliner also had the effect of protecting the eyes from the sun and driving out flies.

In order to make these cosmetics, people pulverize natural ore such as malachite into powder, mix it with fat, and store it in a jar.

The rich usually use exquisite clay pot containers, while the lower classes will use simple and cheap materials to make cosmetic containers.

Pay attention to oral hygiene, make "mint candy", or chew vanilla to keep fresh

In the days when there was no green arrow, they could only find ways to keep their breath fresh.

The Egyptians chew plants like parsley during the day or after a meal, and also use things like "mint candy."

"Mint" can be made by yourself or bought off the shelf.

Mint is mixed with spices and vanilla and glued with honey to make candy.

During archeology, a candy dish similar to that used to store "mint candy" was found.

With sugar, you have toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental supplies

Of course, the Egyptians will not worry about sugar eroding their teeth, but in Egypt, the sand is very strong, and they often eat sand and wear their teeth.

In order to clean their teeth, the ancient Egyptians grinded natural materials such as salt, flowers and mint into powder. In the early days, they brushed their teeth with the powder on their teeth. Later they invented a toothbrush. A wooden stick was tied with a thin strip of plants as bristles.

Not only that, "dentistry" even appeared.

History historians have found in some archeological work that some mummy have done dental restorations with other materials, including fillings and fixed loose teeth with splints.

Although it is difficult to judge whether the mummy was completed before or after death, one thing is certain, at that time, dentistry was born.

For cleanliness, men are circumcised

There are some cases of circumcision in ancient Egyptian culture, whether it is sculptures and murals on the wall, or archeological inscriptions.

Historians believe that this custom originated from the desire for cleanliness. Uncircumcised men are considered unclean and are not allowed to enter holy places.

Unconsciously, this custom evolved into a ritual containing religious thought.

Men are circumcised, and women also have their own cleanliness and health habits.

Many women develop the habit of shaving their hair and remove it anywhere on the body. They believe that this practice will not only help drive away lice and fleas, but also improve intimacy.

Exquisite life, apply sunscreen and moisturizer after bath

Egypt is a sunny and hot place. The ancient Egyptians paid great attention to protecting the skin.

After bathing, people will apply animal fat, which is high in fat and can moisturize the skin.

At the same time, they also use plant products such as flaxseed or castor oil, and add honey to help soothe scars and keep skin young.

Many ingredients used by the Egyptians in their creams act as sunscreens, in addition to repelling insects such as sand flies.

The rich can buy off-the-shelf creams in the market, while those who ca n’t afford it can do it themselves at home, and the materials used are simple and convenient.


There are still many advanced and special sanitary habits in ancient Egypt, and the class concept is also very strong, especially between the rich and the ordinary.

The rich can have their own toilets and bathing facilities, and they can also hire people to trim their nails. Life is very delicate.

But for the average person, despite not enjoying the best products and services, the concept of hygiene is still strong. It can be said that using things is simple, but their lives are more refined than many of us now.

Deodorizers, breath cleaners, perfumes, moisturizers, sun creams, eyeliners, and facial masks. As a modern you, how many do you have? Is your life so delicate?

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