Have you been bitten by a mouse? Not only do mice bite sleeping people, but they also like people who have been bitten before

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There are many terrible facts about mice. I wrote an article about mice two days ago, which really aroused the anger of netizens. It can be said that, except for a few mouse pet owners, most peopleI hate mice.

How terrible is a mouse?

Some say they eat everything, some say they can't kill them all, and some say they will bite.

Xiao Bian will give you a popular science today, about the unknown facts about mice.

There are more than 480 mice worldwide, and some are larger than dogs.

If the small house mouse already makes you feel terrible, then the next mouse body may scare you.

African giant rat, up to 1 meter in length, larger than some dogs, and the largest rodent animal, capybara, is even larger than African giant rats, up to 1 meter in length.

According to archeologists, the mice that lived in the past are much larger than these animals, and can be seen from the extinct giant rodent fossils, but thankfully they have become a past tense.

Have you ever seen a rat with a childcare bag?

The mouse family is strange, but like the kangaroo, it is rare to have a childcare bag.

The possums mainly produced in Latin America have a very easy to identify pocket, and their functions are the same as kangaroos.

The most unique feature of the possum is its "pretend dead stunt".

Once it is in danger, it will pretend to die, and it will behave very similarly to the "epilepsy patient". It keeps convulsing. If this does not blind the predator, it will also secrete a foul yellow liquidLet the predator be more certain that he is a rotting corpse to escape.

It ’s helpless to eat constantly. Once you stop chewing, your brain will enter your teeth.

If you observe the mouse carefully, you will find that it never eats enough and always eats. Is it really so hungry?

Obviously not, it has to do with its teeth.

Generally, a mouse can live to 7 years old. In its lifetime, its teeth will continue to grow, that is, it will not stop eating to fill the stomach, but it will do nothing.You must chew whatever they find to grind your teeth.

If they stop chewing, the teeth may grow until they grow into the brain and die.

Diamond-grade teeth can chew almost anything and bite through concrete

Mouse teeth are root-shaped, and their jaw muscles extend all the way to the eye socket.

This unique device allows mice to chew anything, even concrete and wire cages, so ordinary objects such as bricks, wood, plastic, asbestos, etc. are simply pediatrics.

Love small spaces and toilets, when you poop, it may get out of the toilet sewer.

Mice have poor eyesight, but they love small spaces. They can use beards to pass through very small spaces, such as the toilet's sewer.

So if you want to throw a mouse into the toilet and flush it into the sewer, think twice.

This approach is not necessarily effective. Rats do not die in the sewer. Instead, they are excellent swimmers and thrive in the sewer.

For them, urine does not make them appetite, mice usually urinate 80 times a day.

So do n’t be surprised when a mouse swims through the sewer, enters your toilet, and meets you who are pooping.

Super intelligence, know how to remember, become the best choice for scientific experiments.

Mouse is one of the few rodents that can maintain a complex social structure. This social structure includes leaders, leadership assistants, childcare, and rebels. The “Rat King” may have come this way once.

Let's look at a few facts :

Mice have expanded the population to an incredible proportion of the world. At present, except Antarctica, there are mice on every continent on the planet;

Scientists have always used mice as the best choice for experiments because of their super navigation ability and memory. They have even been studying a "super mouse", whose intelligence can rival some humans;

Mice instinctively remember the position of the mousetrap and avoid it at all costs. According to one study, mice can remember more maze patterns than humans remember to exchange phone numbers at will.

Sensitive sense, is a detective and a disease diagnosis doctor.

A lot of countries often use African giant rats to detect explosives. One is because they are sensitive to smell, and the other is that they are light and not easy to detonate.

Before starting work, you must undergo strict training to obtain a qualification certificate before you can formally mine clearance. Rats can replace humans, which is not only more efficient, but also protects human safety.

In addition to mine clearance, rats can also identify tuberculosis patients by smell, which is exactly the same as the hospital diagnosis.


Mouse is a tangled animal, and its advantages are exactly what we are afraid of.

It's smart and highly intelligent, and it can help humans do many things that people can't do.

That's why we are more afraid of it.

Afraid that it will harm human health with these, after all, they are too large, and they also carry a variety of viruses and bacteria. Most importantly, they also like to bite people, especially when we are sleeping.

Also, its favorite bite is the person who has been bitten.

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