Does a devil fish weighing more than 3 tons horrible? He has a gentle temperament and is now endangered because of humans

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Fèn is one of the most charming and elegant creatures in the ocean.

If you are lucky enough to observe this creature, you can understand why it is called a devil fish or blanket maggot. It is reported that the largest manta ray spreads over 8 meters, weighs more than 3 tons, and swims overhead.It's like a huge blanket flying over, so scary.

They grow very slowly and do not mature until about 5 years old. Perhaps it is because of slow growth that they grow to such amazing sizes.

The beautiful manta ray can live in all the oceans in the world. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for us to find this creature. The ocean is huge. Even finding a huge manta ray is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

It is also because most of the aquariums cannot fit because of their large size, so it is almost impossible for many people to have a chance to observe them up close.

Manta's brain is the largest of all fish

Manta rays are famous for their curiosity. They are interested in observing divers and often have their own unique personality.

Manta rays are also the smartest fish in the ocean, which may be related to their brains.

Scientists believe that their brains are the largest of all fish and are full of intelligence-related glial cells. And they contain more glial cells than domestic cats, which means they may be larger than some of oursPets are smarter.

In reality, if a manta ray is entangled in a fishing net, it may ask the nearby divers for help, which further proves their amazing wisdom.

they were the first fish to pass the mirror test

One study suggests that they may be as self-conscious as dolphins, primates, and crows.

When two manta rays are exposed in front of the mirror, they will not treat the manta rays in the mirror as real companions. Instead, they do a lot of novel behaviors. One of the manta rays blew into the mirror.Bubbles, they all became interested in their reflections and twisted their bodies into unusual poses.

A lot of people think that the reason for these behaviors is because they know what they see.

Big size, but they are very friendly, most of them feed on plankton.

Although the manta rays are huge, a considerable part of their food is made up of the smallest organisms on the planet. They pass through their large mouths to filter out plankton in seawater and eat them.

Generally speaking, they do not pose a threat to humans and are known for their gentle personality. It is also very curious, which has inspired the imagination of divers around the world. In order to have the opportunity to swim with manta rays, divers do not hesitateCame in mountains and rivers.

Large creatures love to eat small creatures. This trend seems to be very popular in the ocean.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. It also eats a lot of plankton, while the blue whale, which feeds on krill, has a variety of methods to filter food in the water.

being docile, does not mean they are not dangerous, recent research shows that manta rays may be skilled hunters

For many years, it has been widely believed that manta rays feed exclusively on plankton that has been filtered out of seawater, but a study published in 2016 completely changed this view.

The researchers determined their diet by analyzing tissue samples taken from manta rays. After analysis, they found that most of the food of manta rays does not come from zooplankton living near the sea, but small and medium-sized fish. Their foodOnly 27% of these come from zooplankton near the water, and 73% come from a variety of other sources.

Obviously, they are not necessarily safe, they will hunt other animals.

The relationship with sharks is very close, you have to swim constantly to breathe

Like many types of sharks, manta rays need constant movement to breathe normally.

This is unfortunate for them because they cannot stop to sleep or rest, and the only way to get oxygen is from an oxygen-containing stream flowing through the gills.

Therefore, if they are trapped by human fishing nets, there is a very high risk of death.

when looking for a spouse, women run and men chase, and the brave wins.

Manta's "mating train" is both fun and humorous, and is one of the strangest mating behaviors in the animal kingdom.

When a female manta ray prepares to mate, it is usually surrounded by 30 or more male manta rays. These males follow every move of the female and run after her. This is a carefully arranged courtshipceremony.

She swims very fast, and those male fish that can't keep up are left behind. The remaining males usually try their best at the front of the "train", and she uses this to test the perseverance and skills of the mates.

Finally, females will mate with the most tenacious males.

female manta ray does not lay eggs, lays cubs directly

Unlike many fish, manta rays do not lay eggs. Instead, they give birth to cubs.

Like most mammals, a manta ray has a uterus, where it grows and develops into pups. Manta ray's gestation period is between 10 and 14 months, usually giving birth to an only child.

At birth, the cub's wingspan has reached 1.5 meters. To many people, this figure is already a huge creature, but in fact, it is a newborn baby.

Compared with other animals, manta rays do not breed frequently, and there is only one pup every few years.


Like other large marine life, manta rays are endangered species. They not only face the natural predation of large predators such as sharks and orcas, but also need to withstand human interference.

They are often entangled in fishing nets. Because they do not have the ability to swim backwards, they are constantly struggling and will only entangle themselves tighter. Once entangled, unable to exercise, they cannot keep breathing, and they will die of hypoxia.

Excluding the above reasons, they are sometimes arrested. They have a special gill plate, which can be widely used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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