In the movie, do not let the seriously injured person fall asleep and stay awake at all times. Is there really a scientific basis?

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Recently, nothing has happened, and the editor has revisited the 1998 film "Saving Soldier Ryan", which has a scene that has been freshly remembered.

A soldier was hit, a lot of blood lay on the ground, his comrades around him helped him, talked to him all the time, persuaded him to stay awake, and comforted him: you will be taken to the hospital soon, it will be fine.

Such a scene has been seen in many movies.

When a person is seriously injured, it is generally believed that it is important to keep him awake, and even if a seriously injured person closes his eyes and falls asleep, he may never wake up.

You should rest more when you are injured. Why do people often want the injured to stay awake in movies? Does this have scientific basis?

First of all, the method of keeping people who are seriously ill is not a medical concept to a large extent.

In other words, there is no specific scientific basis for this method. We just think so subconsciously. The magic is that people all over the world will do this when they are so acquainted with this situation. This is whyWhere?

Xiao Bian believes that the main reason for this collective impact is the spread of various movies and popular culture, which shows people such rescue and first aid measures.

In the movie, in order to add tension and rich emotion to the scene, it will always be exaggerated. Use "You don't die", "You wake up, don't sleep" and other words to express that you don't want the injured to die.feeling.

But in reality, it ’s not up to him to be awake if he is really injured.

There are many types of injuries. In some cases, the coma is not controlled by the injured.

Imagine that if an injured person loses too much blood, he cannot always stay awake.

So, sometimes keeping patients awake without dozing off does not help, at least from a strict medical point of view.

However, this operation continues to this day, which also shows that it is not completely unhelpful.

The first and most obvious benefit is to eliminate doubts.

When an injured person speaks to you awake, you can be 100% sure that he is alive.

This may sound a little weird, but for the average person, before the arrival of the ambulance, they do n’t know how to help the patient, so keeping the injured awake is the best way to ensure that the injured person ’s respiratory tract and vital organs work properlyThe method is also the only thing that can be done when the onlooker is at a loss.

Second, stay awake and get more information about injuries.

In addition, a completely awake patient can provide important information for medical professionals, such as how they were hurt, where they hurt, etc., which can greatly help medical staff save time and use the best treatment planTo help the patient.

Simply put, a conscious injured person, telling the doctor how they were injured especially internal injuries is always better than the doctor does not have "ready-made information", it is better to judge the injuries themselves, to get the best rescue time.

Third, keep the conversation, indicating that breathing is not affected.

In the emergency room, the first thing for medical staff is to confirm whether the injured person's breathing is smooth.

If the injured person is conscious and can even maintain a conversation, then the doctor can be 100% sure that the injured person is breathing normally and can focus on other injured areas.

Fourth, staying awake is a good sign of mental functioning.

Especially in the case of head injuries, over time, people often show signs of cognitive deterioration before receiving special treatment for the injured.

In this case, the person next to the injured person can ask some basic questions to confirm changes in brain function.

For example, what's your name? What day is it today? Who is in the family?

Fifth, staying awake may keep your body producing heat.

This situation often occurs in cold environments.

If an injured person is trapped in a cold place, staying awake may be the difference between life and death.

Keeping awake allows the victim to continue to move the body and generate heat. If they have been trapped for a long time, their chances of survival will become increasingly slim once they are unconscious or lethargic.


Keep awake after injury. Although there is no rigorous scientific basis in medicine, it is also crucial in the treatment.

In film and television works, this process is often exaggerated. Some exaggerated movies, in order to wake up the injured, may even slap or shake violently. Obviously, this is unscientific, and Xiaobian does not recommend it.

If you really encounter such an emergency situation, it is the only thing you can do to keep the injured person awake when you are not completely sure of treating the injured person. Dial 120 at the same time, but remember not to operate blindly.

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