Have you experienced the weather of rain, snow, hail, frogs and seafood?

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Four-year-old niece: "Dad, why can't I go out and play because it rains every day."

Her dad: ...

Niece: "If only ice cream can be served every day, I will have ice cream every day."

This is a conversation that makes people laugh and cry. Since the niece is too small, her father can only tell her helplessly. It can only rain, snow, hail in the sky, and ice cream is not a consideration.

The editor who secretly listened to the conversation, then thought: Is it really possible to only do this in the sky? Is it true that the pie dropped in the sky?

The facts tell us that it rains more than rain.

If you are a seafood enthusiast, then you are likely to miss a feast.

In 2018, Qingdao had a seafood rain, shrimp, starfish and even octopus fell from the sky and fell on the windshield of the traffic.

Animal rain is not a myth, it really exists.

Xiao Bian is a film enthusiast. In movies, especially catastrophe movies, if a large area of ​​birds dies, they will have a "bird rain". Many people think that this is just a myth and cannot exist in reality.

However, in real life, any animal may fall from the sky, frogs, fish, dead birds, bugs, and even spiders, but the most common are fish and amphibians.

In June 2009, there was a "rain rain" in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

A 55-year-old man was trapped in the pouring rain. He heard a strange sound in the parking lot, so he looked closely and found that more than 100 dead crickets were lying in the area of ​​10 square meters.On the windshield. After 48 hours, the local government also reported heavy downpours containing dead crickets.

"fish rain" up and down in northern Australia on February 24 and 25, 2010

According to the description of local residents, hundreds of small white fish fell on this remote Australian town like raindrops, and this situation also appeared in 1974 and 2004.

Why does this happen?

Although there are many reports and witnesses of animal rain, the public still thinks that this strange phenomenon is very rare.

Most of the reported cases are untrue. For example, when a large-scale animal death occurs, it is likely to be mistaken as falling from the sky, but it may actually be a large-scale natural disaster, and manyAnimals are different from humans, so many people do n’t even know how many animals are around them, so it ’s easy to think that these animals came from the sky.

Scientists also do not have the most direct evidence to explain this phenomenon, thinking that it is most likely due to a natural phenomenon-tornadoes, also known as dragons absorbing water.

Usually, when water evaporates from the earth's surface, water vapor cools and condenses in the atmosphere, and it falls back, it rains. Rainwater is not completely pure because those water vapors trap other particles.

But for any kind of animal such as fish and frog, it is too heavy. They cannot be lifted into the sky by ordinary methods, only more extreme weather, such as tornadoes.

Tornado is a natural disaster with extremely strong destructive power. The wind speed can reach 150-450 km / h. The tornado forms a huge spiral wind column on the water surface. The vortex at the center of the storm is strong enough to "suck away" the surroundingAir, water, and any small objects, including water animals, of course.

Even some researchers believe that sometimes a water column is not needed, and any sufficiently strong updraft has the ability to collect uninformed marine life and deposit them along with stormy weather.

Take the “Qingdao Seafood Rain” at the beginning as an example. At that time, the wind speed reached 125 km / h, almost reaching a hurricane-level speed. Scientists believe that the most reasonable explanation is that strong winds scattered the seafood on a street market., And scattered it on the street, there is a spectacular seafood rain.


Many people are still skeptical about the tornado hypothesis.

Question 1: Why does it rain only one type of animal each time? Why doesn't it happen with fish and frog?

Mystery # 2: There are too few real witnesses. Generally, all the witnesses see the dead animal lying on the ground without witnessing the entire process.

Question 3: Many reports of animal rain are not true. For example, "bird rain" in the sky, most of them are caused by the flock of birds or other disturbances, colliding with each other or crashing into buildings, which eventually leads toDeath whereabouts.

Well, the world is so wonderful, for various reasons, we can only wait for scientists to give us answers.

Have you ever encountered wonderful weather, share your message with us!

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