When humans are extinct, what meaning does the existence of the universe have?

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Since ancient Greece, people began to search for the meaning of self-existence. Later, with the improvement of scientific level, people came into contact with the entire universe and then began to search for the meaning of the existence of the universe. So does the existence of the universe really make sense?

Not only the earth has civilization in the universe

First of all, let's break down the rumor: in the universe, not only the earth gave birth to life, or civilization.

At present, astronomers believe that the universe has not only given birth to civilization on the earth, but may have given birth to civilizations as distant as the earth, and even higher-level civilizations than the earth.

This is because: the earth is not special. The materials that make up the earth are not special and can be found on other planets. We take water resources as an example. We know that the birth of human beings cannot be separated from water, especially liquid water.But scientists also found liquid water on other planets, such as Enceladus and Europa, and they also have the natural environment of the early Earth, that is, Europa and Enceladus may have been born.life.

Except for liquid water, other celestial bodies in the universe also have less water content than the earth. The picture below shows the water content of the planets in the solar system. From this we can see that the earth is not the only planet with water resources.Water is not even as high as other planets.

Besides that, the position of the earth in the universe is not special.

We know that the earth is located in the habitable zone of the solar system, and the solar system is in the habitable zone of the galaxy. It seems that the location of the earth is very special, but there are actually 100 billion to 400 billion stars in the galaxy.There are many galaxies in the dwelling zone, and in each star system, there are one or two habitable planets.

Therefore, the earth has no special place in the universe. Since the earth's environment can give birth to life and even civilization, it means that there must be other planets in the universe that have given birth to life, even civilization.

It's just because the probability of birth of civilization is very, very low, and the universe is very large, we don't know each other's existence yet.

The significance of the existence of the universe

For the convenience of discussion, we assume that only the earth has life in the universe, then when the life of the earth is extinct, does the existence of the universe still make sense?

Actually, the universe is there with or without meaning.

In fact, only after the civilization has evolved, will we pursue abstract issues, such as: who am I, where do I come from, and where do I go. But for other creatures, these issues are too abstract, theyUnable to understand, the same is true for the universe, although the universe does not understand what is the Big Bang, what is a vacuum, what is nuclear fusion, and neutron star merger, nebula collapse ...

Although the universe does not understand these, these phenomena do exist.

Further, human beings are pursuing the meaning of existence and the meaning of the existence of the universe is meaningful to human beings. We can use these to guide the improvement of our lives.

For example: After Newton discovered universal gravitation, humans can launch a probe to detect the universe according to Newton's theory. After we know the model of the habitable planet, we will know that humans can be born in the universe, which is a very, very small probability.Things, so we will know more about cherishing the earth ’s environment and protecting the earth ’s ecosystem.

And it ’s meaningless for the universe to pursue these, because they ca n’t change their evolutionary path, or evolutionary path, by understanding the objective laws of the world.

Therefore, it doesn't make sense for them to exist or not in the universe.

Second, the meaning of the existence of the universe is different for different people, for example: the universe in theism and atheism is not the same. For people with religious belief, God is the master of the universe and human beings live inEverything is arranged by God in advance; but for atheists, there is no God in the universe at all, and human beings are the masters of their own destiny.

But for the real and objective universe, whether you have theism or atheism, the universe is there, not changed by anyone's will.

So you see, the meaning of the existence of the universe is different with different observation methods. But for the universe, whether it exists or not, it is there.


First of all, it is certain that not only the earth has produced civilizations in the universe, but civilizations may have also been born on other planets, but we are not yet aware of each other's existence due to observation techniques and distance reasons.

Furthermore, only abstract creatures with abstract thinking have evolved to think about abstract problems. But in fact, no matter how humans think about the meaning of the universe, the universe exists objectively and truly, and it is not transferred by anyone ’s will, so the universeThe meaning of existence is not important to the universe at all.

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