Why Sun Wukong's troubles in the sky are a conspiracy of the Emperor Jade Emperor from beginning to end?

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About Sun Wukong's different performances in the troubled Tiangong Temple and Bible study, benevolent sees benevolence and wise sees wisdom.

Some analysts say that Sun Wukong's force is not enough, and some people say that Sun Wukong realizes that the monster has a background and deliberately releases water.

But in my opinion, Sun Wukong is still Sun Wukong, "Zhan Yanliang's literary ugliness" and Guan Yu who walked the Maicheng are the same person, and the Monkey King and Sun Wukong who learned the scripture are also the same monkey.

The key is that Sun Wukong already understands that force is only a solution to the problem, not the only one. In some cases, brainpower is more important than force.

What's the value of Sun Wukong's force?

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, when Guan Mai was eliminated, Guan Yu ’s physical strength dropped and the peak period had passed. Judging from Guan Gong ’s early battle, there were also many unreasonable places.

He can cut off Yan Liang and Wen Chou with his own power, but Xu Cang and Zhang Liao can not take advantage of them; however, Guan Gong was unable to do so in the face of Yuan Shu, General Ji LingSpikes, anyway, Ji Ling is definitely not a general of the level of Yan Liang and Wen Chou.

This only shows that the strength of Guan Yu already represents the limit of force and can be infinitely approached, but it can never be surpassed.

Yan Liang, Wen Chou, and Guan Yu may be in a big fight when they confront each other, so it is reasonable for Guan Yu to kill them. If Ji Ling and Guan Yu are mainly defensive in the course of the battle, then Guan Yu cannot take it down.It is also normal.

Sun Wukong is still on the way to learn the scriptures, although he often suffers from monster magic or tricks, but with pure force, no monster can take advantage of him.

Sun Wukong's force is a limit, but different monsters choose different fighting strategies based on their strengths, which will give the illusion that Sun Wukong's level has dropped.

Sun Wukong took the blue lion essence of Shituoling in the 20th round, but Yutu Jing, Sun Wukong had not taken it down in the 20th round. I ca n’t say that the jade rabbit ’s power is higher than the blue lion essence, right?

People who say that Sun Wukong's hard power is not good, often take the 28-year-old Kuiwu wolf the yellow robe monster as an example. When Sun Wukong was in the sky, he chased all the way, and when he learned the path, the yellow robe monster could tie with Sun Wukong., To show that the heavenly generals are releasing water.

In fact, it is not that Sun Wukong can't do it, but that the Huangpao Monster has improved, and this progress comes from external pressure.

Note: Force is not mana, Lu Junyi is force, Gongsun Sheng is mana

Nao Tian Gong: Jade Emperor's Bureau

We already know that Jade Emperor can become the master of the Three Realms, relying on Tao Tao and strength, and the art of his rule cannot be ignored.

After Tian Tian recruited Wuwu from An'an and gave him the "Qi Tian Da Sheng" vacancy, Xu Tianshi said to the Jade Emperor that this Qi Tian Da Sheng is idle all day long, and has a large number of friends.

This means that Sun Wukong is not good at work, and he is always at work, pulling other people to drink the landlord.

Then Xu Tianshi said again, it would be better to give him a half job.

Jade Emperor listened to Xu Tianshi's words and asked Sun Wukong to take care of Tao Taoyuan.

Note that Xu Wukong ’s actual post was requested by Xu Tianshi, but letting Sun Wukong take care of Tao Taoyuan is the dictatorship of the Jade Emperor, that is, the idea of ​​the Jade Emperor alone.

Jade Emperor is the Lord of the Three Realms, but he does n’t know. Monkeys like to eat peaches. This is the same as letting a thief keep the key to the vault. If the emperor of the heavens is really the IQ of Jin Hui Emperor Sima, how can he be a god?Boss?

Sure enough, Sun Wukong made a big mistake in the future, because the Tao Taohui did not invite him. He created the best quality of the "Nine Thousand Years" series of Tao Tao, but after the Buddha succeeded in suppressing Sun Wukong, the emperor entertained you.The fairy is still the "Nine Thousand Years" series, which shows that all of this is under the control of the Jade Emperor. The high-quality Peach, the Jade Emperor has retained a lot in advance.

By Sun Wukong's disturbance of the heavenly court, the heavenly court exposed the problem of lack of motivation as a stable organization.

When Tianguo encircled Huaguo Mountain, a round of fighting came down, and many of the 72 demon kings were caught and killed. Sun Wukong ’s monkey monkey Sun did n’t lose any money. Think of Xu Tianshi ’s saying that Wu Wukong ’s “broad friendship”, theseThe civil servants in Tianting might not be Sun Wukong's good friends. Everyone is a friend. What are they playing?

Sun Wukong later went all the way to the Ling Xiao Bao Temple, but there was no decent resistance. Wang Lingguan may be on duty that day, so there is nothing he can do, only he and Sun Wukong are fighting together.

This is why the Jade Emperor invited Ru Ru to surrender Sun Wukong. The Celestial Celestial Masters are all respected and superior, "not working hard."

Under the bad influence of Sun Wukong's incident, the Jade Emperor began to rectify the heavens. For example, Marshal Tianpeng was degraded to the lower world, and Zhu Bajie later scolded Sun Wukong in front of Yunzhandong: I will wait for everyone to be affected by you.

The poor pig Bajie is regarded as a typical example of a chicken and tamarin monkey, and it has become a chess piece for the Jade Emperor to "disorder anyway."

So, what is the effect of Jade Emperor's rectification?

Let's watch the Tianting congregation will help Sun Wukong capture the ox demon king. Each spirit is shaking. The three princes of Nezha are particularly brave. Although the ox demon king's ability is indistinguishable from that of Sun Wukong, but with the help of Li Tianwang's mirror of the demon, Nezha is surrendered.Ox Demon King.

This kind of cooperation is infinite, this kind of courage to move forward, and Sun Wukong's troubled sky are completely different.

Looking at Sun Wukong's repeated visits to the heaven court to rescue soldiers, the heaven court is in good order and contrasts with the past laziness and procrastination.

This proves that the emperor relied on Sun Wukong to realize the impulse to heaven, and this organization has renewed its vitality.

The growth of Kui Timberwolves should also be at this time. There is pressure to be motivated. For humans and immortals, this principle is generally applicable.

By the way: Sun Wukong's growth path

Sun Wukong has just escaped from the bottom of the Five Elements Mountain. He is sincere in assisting Tang monks to go to Xitian to learn the scriptures. It is done as a cause. However, as the study of the scriptures goes deeper, Sun Wukong finds out that all these are bureaus.Backstage background, so Sun Wukong also learned "to be convenient to others, and convenient to myself."

In other words, Sun Wukong learned to use his brain, and he found that Rulai is better than the Jade Emperor. There is no doubt that the Jade Emperor is the biggest boss. He also discovered the essence of Buddhism's strength and strength.

For example, when you came to the mouth, saying that the folk customs of Eastern Tang Dynasty were not good, and Confucius's ritual and teaching effect was not enough, so we had to preach to Eastern soil.The wisest of the world ’s emperors, Rulai ’s own Xiu Niu Hezhou is full of tigers, leopards, wolves, demon ghosts, almost disasters, and difficulties everywhere.

And the closer to Lingshan, the fewer people believe in Buddhism.

So, Sun Wukong will have difficulties in the future. He often goes to heaven for help first, instead of going to the South China Sea to find the Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Don't go to Guanyin, Guanyin took the initiative to show up. He was destroying France. The king of the country wanted to kill 10,000 monks, and there were exactly four missing. Guanyin Bodhisattva came to remind.

The king of France did not have the three great immortals around the king of Che Chiguo, and the others rejected Buddhism for unknown reasons. He had killed 9,996 monks, and it did not indicate that at all.

It can be seen that certain choices of the emperors on earth can hardly shake the gods, let alone the general public.

Because things in the world can only be solved by humans. If France does n’t believe in Buddhism, people can believe in others. Assuming they believe in Taoism, if they come to do something, would n’t they be against the old monarch?

Although the gods are high, they have to fight for more believers, otherwise how can they be called "Buddha fight for a joss stick."

Guanyin reminded me at this festival that I told Sun Wukong: Come up with a plan, this is also part of the KPI.

Because the study of the scriptures was unanimously approved by Rulai, the Jade Emperor, and the Laojun, Guanyin's calculation is that if France was converted to Buddhism through the four masters and apprentices, everyone would say nothing.

But Sun Wukong is not a simple chess piece.

He flew into the city as a worm, stole several people's clothes, and flew out of the city. Tang monks and apprentices changed to lay people and mixed into the city.

According to the plan of Tang Seng and Bajie, find a place to stay quietly for one night, and then mix out of the city the next day. As for the destruction of France, what does it matter to me?

Tang Seng and Bajie's stupid are here, Sun Wukong promised, but he did an unusual move :

Sun Wukong's store happened to be the place where he stole his clothes, and Sun Wukong spent a lot of money to attract the eyes of the robbers. The robbers carried them to the city gate, and they were found by the chief soldier, and then arrested.

Here is a small detail: Except for Tang Seng, how much are the three Wu Sun people? Especially the pig Bajie, even if the weight is a little bit heavier than ordinary people, how many weapons are these three people? The gangsters can even move?

The robbers should be the mass actors who cooperate with Sun Wukong—Liu Ding Liu Jia and Escort Eighteen Galan. Their purpose is to hand Sun Wu Kong to the government.

That night, Sun Wukong showed his mighty power, and by pulling out of his hair, he turned his hair into thousands of young Sun Wukong, turned the golden hoop stick into a thousand razor, and pulled his hair into a thousand sleepy insects.The land leads the way. Overnight, all the grand masters, madams, and kings and harems in France are shaved.

After the king found out, the first reaction was to shave my head and move my head. It seems that the king's psychology is not strong enough. He immediately reflected on his behavior of killing the monk and quickly decided to stop destroying the Buddha.Just at this time, the four monks and apprentices of the Tang monk arrived before him. The king was not a fool. Upon deliberation, it was determined that it was the means of the Tang monk and others to rush to worship the monk as a teacher.

However, Sun Wukong said: "Your Majesty's name in France is very good, but the word is irrelevant. Since I have passed it, I can change the name to" Qin France ", and discipline you to the victory of the Haiyan River and the Qing Dynasty. The weather is smooth and smooth."

The name changed by Sun Wukong is still very appropriate. Throughout the journey, Sun Wukong has repeatedly emphasized his attitude towards the two Taoism: neither Taoism nor Buddhism, and Buddhism and Confucianism are the best.Therefore, Sun Wukong did not change the country name to Qin Buddha.

This way, you ca n’t blame Heavenly Court or Laojun, Buddhism is also standing still in France. Sun Wukong ’s answer sheet is very satisfactory to all factions.

This also proves through facts that Sun Wukong not only has great magical powers, but also has improved his power and wisdom, and is fully capable of acting on his own.

After this assessment, Guanyin never went out again, until finally meeting with the monks and apprentices in Lingshan.

At Jinping Mansion, which is closer to Lingshan, Sun Wukong captured three rhinoceros by relying on 28 places. In Lingshan's sphere of influence, he relied on the help of the Jade Emperor. Sun Wukong gave the rhino horns to the Jade Emperor without giving it to Rulai.In Sun Wukong, he has already made a choice: Jade Emperor cannot be offended; Rulai respects but does not absolutely obey.

Rulai also understands that along the way, Sun Wukong is no longer "Wu Xia Ameng", and there is a jade emperor behind him, so after the Tang monk, Sun Wukong was also enshrined as a Buddha, and his status leapt, still above Guanyin.

Sun Wukong is not ignorant and ignorant. He only cares about the reckless monkey who comes from his temper. He has gradually faded from innocence and become smooth and intelligent. This is particularly similar to our transition from a teenager to a middle age.

Don't mention us, even people like Zeng Guofan, who once suffered a big loss because of their youth and madness. Before "Yuelongmen", they all bowed down before the scoffing hidden rules. Zeng Guofan was trying to save his friend Zuo Zongtang.At any rate of condescension and laughter with the official language that looks down on.

And Zuo Zongtang happened to be in trouble because he didn't understand the hidden rules.

In reality, we must respect our insistence on being our “clear stream”; but we also ca n’t be too harsh on those who give up their personalities for the sake of humanity.

Of course, if you are "clear stream" and want to do something big, then you better weigh whether you have the strength of Zuo Zongtang.

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