Does the "dragon man" with long horns really exist? The British uncle's 14cm dragon horn is not a good thing

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I have a horn on my head and a tail behind me. No one knows how many secrets I have.

This is a familiar theme song of the mythical drama "Little Dragon Man". It is all the rage. How many children have wished to have horns like Xiao Long on their birthday, but all ended in failure.

Now, a man in Britain has realized the magic of long horns, but his horns are off and on his back.

In December 2019, this case was reported by a British magazine.

A 50-year-old British worker had brownish-yellow hard tissue growing in the middle of the back. After removal and stripping by a surgeon, he found that the tissue was huge and looked like a huge dragon horn, 14cm long and 6cm wide.5.5cm thick.

Does "Dragon Man" really exist?

To be sure, this British uncle is definitely not a dragon, and his horns are not real dragon horns, just a diseased tissue.

Also known as keratoderma, based on dermatosis, the keratinous substance in the damaged area grows abnormally, leading to the formation of keratinized skin lesions that look similar to the horns of animals.

After the doctor removed the British uncle's keratinous tissue and found it to be cancerous, it became clear now.

Three years ago, an uncle from the United Kingdom developed squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, caused by uncontrolled growth of the epidermal cells in the outermost layer of the skin. Generally, these keratinous tissues are relatively small.He will go to the doctor, but this uncle is an exception. For three years, he didn't care about it at all, and allowed the "Dragon Horn" to grow for 3 years before he grew into such a huge shape.

As we all know, the British uncle lives in a developed country where free medical care is available. Under such favorable conditions, how did the British uncle go to the hospital for 3 years and not sleep?

There are still many "Dragon Horn" cases.

One of the famous examples is that the keratinous tissue is about 20cm long. It was taken from a 70-year-old woman and donated to the Matt Museum for exhibition in the 1940s.

The Matt Museum also has a larger "dragon horn", which is now displayed on a wax sculpture carved with a model. The organization is about 25cm in length and belongs to a 19th-century French woman. Her name is DemanMrs.

In our country, a 102-year-old magical old man in Nantong, 84 long teeth, 94 years old also has a curved corner on the left cheek.


Looking at these cases, do you find a fact?

This abnormal growth is more common in older people, most common in patients over 40 years of age. Skin horns can form anywhere on the body, but in the existing cases, they generally appear on the head and ears, Back of hand, forearm, and other places exposed to the sun.

And such crazy growth is often related to skin cancer. According to case reports, nearly 16% of them are malignant tumors.

Skin cancer is a disease that we often easily ignore. It is inherited. Excessive exposure to the sun or exposure to bad substances may cause the disease. Today, doctors believe that smoking may also cause this disease because the former British uncle is good at everythingOnly love smoking, this may be why the British uncle became a high-risk group of malignant tumors.

Generally speaking, the president's horn is not necessarily a good thing. Don't be envious of children.

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