Can astronauts killed in space be brought back to Earth? Will the microbes in the body mutate?

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cosmic environment

Actually, the body of a dead astronaut can be transported back to Earth from space. This is because the universe is almost vacuum, with a density of about 1 hydrogen atom per cubic meter. In other words, there is no other substance in the universe, soThe astronaut's body will neither decay nor be infected with other viruses or the like in a vacuum environment.

Not only that, high-energy rays in the universe can also destroy bacteria and viruses carried by astronauts.

In fact, although the vacuum environment is very empty, there are many high-energy rays in the vacuum environment, such as: charged particle flow, ultraviolet rays, and cosmic rays.

The reason why we do n’t feel these high-energy rays on Earth is because the earth has a geomagnetic field and the protection of the ozone layer.Ultraviolet rays can pass through at will.

Ultraviolet rays and charged particle streams are high-energy rays. Once they are irradiated on the surface of the human body, they will destroy the DNA of the human body, as are the microorganisms. When high-energy rays are irradiated on the surface of the microorganisms for a long time, they will destroy the genetic material of the microorganisms.The genetics of microorganisms are greatly mutated. Space fruits use this phenomenon to cultivate space seeds.

If the microorganism is exposed to high-energy rays for a long time, it will cause the genetic material of the microorganism to be completely destroyed and lose its ability to reproduce.

If the astronaut is exposed to space without any protection, the microorganisms on the body may be mutated, but if the exposure time is too long, the microorganisms on the astronaut will be killed by high-energy rays, Loss of fertility.

In fact, astronauts will never enter space without protection when performing space missions. Instead, they will wear spacesuits to walk in space. Furthermore, since humans entered space, no astronaut's body has fallen into space.However, before humans entered space, the astronaut occupation was held by dogs. The Soviet Union once sent a stray dog ​​Lycra into space, but because there was no return capsule, Lycra was left in space forever.

What to do after an astronaut in a space crash?

At present, there are not many cases of astronauts crashing in space. Since humans entered space, a total of 22 astronauts have sacrificed while performing missions, 4 of them have died on Earth and Earth due to training accidents, and 1 has returned due toParachute failure during Earth sacrifice, 3 people sacrificed due to leaks in the return capsule, 7 people sacrificed when taking off, 7 people died when returning to Earth. Because they sacrificed in the atmosphere of the earth, so far they have not sacrificed in outer spaceof.

But if astronauts sacrifice in outer space in the future, what will happen to their bodies?

In fact, there are two cases. One case is that they died on the space station or the spacecraft. At this time, if the main structure of the spacecraft and the space station has not been damaged, then the scientists on the ground can operate the spacecraft remotely and let them return.Earth.

If they sacrifice while performing a mission outside the cabin, and the astronauts and existing technology on the spacecraft cannot bring them back to the spacecraft, then they will likely float in the universe.

If they float close to the earth and the speed is not fast, then they are likely to move around the earth like a satellite and become a special satellite of the earth.

If they float fast enough to reach Earth's second universe speed, then they will escape from the gravitational constraints of the earth and head towards the vast universe, until one day they are broken and disintegrated by cosmic rays, or captured by another planet.Of course, this is unlikely to happen.

As for whether they can become the origin of life on another planet, we will not discuss it here.

What will happen to the remains of astronauts after a space crash?

If astronauts crash in space, the country will definitely find their remains as much as possible and take them back to Earth to host a grand funeral for them. For example: the first stray dog ​​into the space, Lycra,People erected a stele in memory of him

Because their bodies are of great research value, there may be the remains of some astronauts. After the family members sign the agreement, they will start a series of anatomical activities. In fact, astronauts are a respected group of people in each country.It is because of them that we understand the mystery of the universe, so even if they sacrifice in space, we will still be willing to bring them back to Earth at a high price.

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